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The Only One For Me(?)

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A frerard set in highschool. Picked on, beaten down Gerard likes his friend Frank...a lot. But thinks Frankie is completely oblivious. What ever will he do? :) I know...

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His soft, warm lips met mine in a delicious kiss. It was like floating on a cloud, just me and-
"Gerard? Gerard?"
"Dude, it's me. Your brother? Wake up. School."
"'Kay." Oh God! Not this again. "Man, get a hold of yourself." I told myself after Mikey left. That was the third dream about Frankie this week. Man, I hope I wasn't talking in my sleep.
I got up and brushed my teeth, no time for breakfast. I yanked off my clothes trying not to think about you-know-who, and pulled on a black t-shirt aand black jeans. I looked in the mirror at my kind pale skin and the dark circles under my eyes. I thought about going for a more goth look with some white face powder. I couldn't get a tan without looking ridculous so why not go paler? Nah-no powder. Why give the jocks another reason to make me a punching bag?
I ran out the door, down the hall and the stairs, laced up my high tops and ranout the door and right infront of the bus. The brakes skreeched as the bus stopped and the doors opened with a squeal.
"I'm really starting to get p!$$ed off Way. One more time and I'll run you right over." My bus driver said in a stern voice. I handed him a cookie I had packed yesterday for this reason. Then I walked down the aisle 'til I found Frainkie.
"Hey Gee," he said, "what's up?" He smiled a cute grin. Just sitting next to the hottest guy in the world, I almost said.
"Nothin' much. You?" I said instead.
"Nothing really." He said casually. "Wanna hang after school?"
"Sure!" I said, more than a little too enthusiastically. "Don't have anything better to do." I said casually. Of couse it was the truth though. As sappy as it sounds nothing could be better than hanging out with Frank.
"Cool." I got caught up in his eyes for a moment. Get yourself under control, I commanded myself.
We sat in silence. Waiting for the bus ride to end.
"Stick up for yourself, dude."
"Keep yourself outta trouble." He replied with a sly grin. "See ya around."
"'Kay." I said back, getting off the bus. He disappeared into the crowd, nothing but his jet black hair visible.
As I went to my locker, I could tell that I was being followed. I kept walking anyway, I wasn't aboout to give them any satisfaction. I could hear there was a crowd gathering. I tried to tell my self that I had told Frankie that I'd stay out of trouble, but I knew he knew I'd be waist deep by lunch.
"Hey Gerard." I heard behind me. I turned on my heels and held my head high.
"Yes?" I said in a sickly-sweet tone. You could tell it threw him off. Then his face hardened.
"Where do you think you're going?"
"As far away from your ugly a$$ as possible." I replied in a sugar coated voice hat matched my broad smile.
"I think you need to learn some manners, b!tch." He took a step forward so he was up in my face. I didn't move. "You think you tough?"
"I think I can speak proper English, unlike some of us." I said like I was a five year-old who'd just been given a puppy. Then, like I was speaking with a two year-old "Oh! I'm sorry! I should have used smaller words!" A couple of girls giggled. Lots of people grinned, but I didn't need to look (and I didn't), it was all in his eyes. I could tell he was going to punch me. With this type of crowd he couldn't afford not to.
Holy sh*t! The pain spread through my stomach. The blow knocked the wind out of me, but I stubbornly refused to gasp for air or even flinch. The pain was horrible, it was a good punch, and later I'd probably have a bruise the size of a basketball. Still, I stood proud and tall, the whole time I hadn't moved a muscle. I wouldn't fall, I wouldn't be knocked down. He went to punch me again, but I snapped my knee up into his nose. He stummbled backwards, clutching his face.
I turned, acting completely uninterested and shuffled off to class, thinking: Serves you right. I guess going to my locker would have to wait.

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