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The Only One For Me(?)-2nd Chapter

by annabel-lee 3 reviews

So Gerard got beat up and is off to class, I bet you it won't be a boring class. I'm sure you know me better than that. :) Hopefully you'll like it!

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Class was boring and I ended up drawing the teacher as a monster with a #2 pancil in it's mouth like a cigar. It came out great! Great enough that I wished that I had drawn it on a clean sheet of paper instead of on my homework. I was just finishing up the details when the teacher snatched it off my desk. Appearently it bore enough resmblence to her that she realized it was her on the spot. I had never seen Mrs. Flanner's face more red. Then she cracked a smile and her face went back to normal.
"What? You really should have been paying more attention," she sternly remarked, "you forgot to sign this." She grinned and handed it back. WTF! Was she serious? I took my pencil and signed with a flourish as I felt 23 pairs of eyes burning into my back, sides, and face. I handed it to her and she tped it to the board, then went to her computer and typed.
"What the hell! Gerard gets an effin' A? That's bull!" someone yelled from behind me.
"Calm down. If anyone can make a better picture of me, I'll give you an A." They sighed collectively. They knew it wasn't gonna happen.
The bell rang and I picked up my stuff and left. I made a point of not looking at anybody as I walked the hall. Some girl did a flirty little wave. I pretended not to notice and kept walking. I could hear her friends giggling. Frank had said some of the girls take notice. Some of them were cute, some hot even, but not as much as Frankie. It's not that I didn't find the girls attractive, it's just knowing that Frankie set the bar soo much higher. Speak of the devil...
Salvation! I saw Frank's jet black hair and gorgeous face coming towards me. I sped up a little, hoping to catch up. The hallway both Frank and I needed for his next class was closer to him than me, and I wanted to talk to him anyway. He was almost there when he saw me. He grinned and leaned up against the wall to wait for me.
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