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The Only One For Me(?)-The 3rd

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I'd like to thank xxKilljoysxx, CosmicZombie, and GreenDaySavedMyLife for the reviews. I'm glad you guys like the story and I'm sorry the last chapter was short. Please enjoy!

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I caught up with him and we pushed our way through the crowd together. We headed towards art, one of the only subjects I look forward to. Frank always seemed impressed with my art. He loved it. He would watch me intently as I sketched and always acted as if each one was fame worthy. It was a little crazy, but I have to admit I loved getting his attention.
"So how was first perioid?" I asked.
"Kinda lousy. I was day dreaming about...being well, anywhere but in class; the teacher called on me, and it was all down hill from there. How 'bout you?"
"Ya know, just class." I felt bad that I had a great time and Frank didn't.
"Let me guess, it was great? Do share."
"You really wanna know?"
"Well, I wasn't paying attention and drew Mrs. Flanner as a comic book-ish monster. She grabbed it and said I hadn't signed it, so I did, she taped it to the board and gave me an A."
"What the hell? Mrs. Flanner? No way."
"I know." I felt a dull ache in my stomache and winced.
"What happened?" Frank's face fell and the careless look left his eyes.
"Nothing, just a disagreement."
"You really expect me to believe that?" Frank said in disbelief, "Dude, you know I know you better than that."
"Just Henry. The big idiot thought he'd mess with me before class. It's just a bruise." I shrugged.
Luckily, we stepped into the art room then, so I avoided further questioning.
"Hello Gerard!" Mrs. Marak said happily. For some reason she was crazy about me and my work.
"Hey. What are we doin' to day?"
"Anything. You know where to find the supllies. Oh, and I got you and Frank some canvas."
"Thanks! I'll get working. And much do I owe you?" I said when Frank was out of ear shot, prepared to learn I'd be working it off the rest of the year. I wasn't about to let Frank pay.
"Nope, it's a gift. Now get cracking." I think she knew I liked Frank. We never talked about it, but I could tell she thought I was gay. I'm not. Frank is the only guy I ever... well ya know. I might be bi, but I'm not gay.
I went to get some art supplies. I wanted to draw Frank, I REALLY wanted to draw Frank, but if I do he might get weirded out. Do you know what, I'll do it anyway. I'm gonna draw Frank. So I got the right materials, the right colors.
I started with the outline, then started trying to capture his perfect features. I was going to only draw him from the middle of his neck up, but decided why not go for from just below the shoulders up. I smiled as I started working on his grin.
"What're you drawing?" Frank asked curiously.
"Hey, I'm not done yet. I'll tell you when I am." I said jokingly. This is perfect! Frank's birthday is right around the corner. I'll have a good excuse to give it to him! An early gift!
"Come on Gee! Give me a hint. Please?" I really hated not giving in to him. I could hardly stand it.
"God Frankie, are ya gonna die if I don't tell you or somethin'?" I joked. "It's hard to concentrate with all the talking. I love you-" (the truth) "-like a brother-" (the lie) "- but you talk more than a cheerleader with a new phone." He laughed, then slapped a hand over his mouth.
On the canvas he was starting to take form, and of course he was beautiful on canvas, but in real life...he was just breath-takingly sexy. There wasn't really another way to put it. I felt ashamed as soon as I thought it. Frank didn't like me, Frank didn't love me. I had no right to think of him that way. None at all.

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