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The Only One For Me(?)-the 4th chapter

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Please don't hate me for this. It's not the end, just a painful twist. Hope you enjoy it!

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I finished with ten minutes to spare. I had no idea what to do. Frank was still busily painting on his canvas, he seemed really concentrated too, so I didn't want to bother him. Someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw a cute red head nervously twirling her hair. She smiled shyly at me.
"Um, I was wondering, how did you do that? I mean, it looks just like him. It's amazing."
"Shhh, it's a birthday present for him." I said in a whisper.
"Well, I'm sure he'll like it. It looks great!" She replied in a hushed tone.
"Thanks. I hope so."
"How did you get the colors so perfect?"
"You just have to get the mix right. I could show you sometime."
"Cool, thanks! Tomorrow, after school?"
"Great! It's a date!" The bell rang. "Gotta run, see ya!"
"'Kay bye." What the hell just happened? Did that Kimberly chick just ask me out? Did I just say yes? I turned and saw Frank staring at me.
"When were you going to tell me you had a thing for her?" Oh God, now what do I do?
"Um, I didn't have a thing for her. That was completely random. Sure, I mean, I didn't NOT like her, but did that look planned to you?"
"Okay." I could tell he was p!$$ed. But why? Why is he soo upset? I couldn't help but think, what if... No. There's no way. He would have told me after all this time. He would have known I liked him. "Bye Gee." With that he hung his work to dry, and left. I hung mine in the place where Mrs. Marak always kept reserved for me. I left, getting a concerned look fron my teacher, but I acted as if I hadn't seen.
I went to my next class, math, and didn't hear a word. Some girl chucked a balled up note at me. I opened it up
Kimberly told me you to have a date tomorrow. Are you guys boyfriend girlfriend now?
Yes or No?

Oh God! Seriously?? Some girl I didn't even know is passing me notes?
Ask Kimberly. I jotted back. Then I chucked the note back at her. Do girls always act like this? Maybe I should call the whole thing off... no, I can handle it. I told her I'd show her how to mix the colors. Maybe I'll like her. I mean, she was hot, with her slender build and pretty face. Her eyes were great too. Big and bright but not comically huge. I could easily picture kissing her light pink lips. Her hair was glossy with a natural red tone, she wpre it long with the bangs just sweeping over her left brow. Definitally attractive, plus she was interested in art. What could go wrong? Except for the whole Frank thing.
Maybe...maybe it's time to let him go. I mean, we could just be friends right? I'm gonna have to try because things are justt to confusing this way. The bell rang and I gathered up my stuff, heading towards the locker room and my least favorite class: gym.
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