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The Only One For Me(?)-Chapter numero 5

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Oh! What is wrong with Gerard?!? How could he choose her over our beloved Frankie? I think it's time for us to see what Frankie-boy is thinking.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2011-03-08 - Updated: 2011-03-08 - 373 words - Complete

I couldn't wait to see what Gee drew! He's amazing with anything the least bit artistic. Then again he was just plain amazing, hands down. What am I going to do, though? Gee means the world to me but he only loves me in one way "like a brother". Why? I mean, is it about me or is he straight? He's probablly straight, which means I don't even have a chance. I like to make sure I remind my self that Gee doesn't normally even act interested in girls, so maybe I,ll be lucky, and someday I'll just get the nerve to kiss him, just to see if he kisses back.
I guess -What the eff? Is that Kimberly?
"Cool, thanks! Tomorrow after school?"
"Great! It's a date!" The bell rang. "Gotta run, see ya." And off she went, with Gerard's sweet heart. The heart I wanted more than anything! I can't believe Gerard would do that to me. Just let some b!tch come and take away my whole effin' world. I felt like I was going to puke. I felt like I'd fall right off the chair. All I ever wanted- He was- I- He wouldn't- $h!t. My head was spinning and my mind was completely incoherent. Then Gee looked at me, his face fell and his eyes sad.
"Why didn't you tell me you had a thing for her?" I could tell my voice sounded as hollow as I felt.
"Um, I didn't have a thing for her." His face went from sad to annoyed and angry. Is he mad at me? Because he tore my heart to pieces? I wanted to cry. I wanted to wallow in my own suffering as my world crashed down around me. And he's angry at me? "That was completely random. Sure, I mean, I didn't not like her, but does that look planned to you?" My whole being became a blazing inferno. He's mad at me? Who does he think he is?! Oh, I'm Gerard Effin' Way, I can do whatever the hell I want. Nuh-uh. Not to me anymore.
"Okay." I said. I hung up my painting and stormed out of the room. "Stupid Gerard Effin' Way." I mumbled.
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