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The Only One For Me(?)-#6 fresh and hot off the press!

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Big thanks to GreenDaySavedMyLife and dollypin! Thank you for the reviews! So now I'm gonna get down to buisness. Okay, Frankie is really, really p!$$ed. How do you think he'll take out this rage? ...

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I just kept walking, down the halls, then the stairs, then right out the emergency exit that was broken. He's mad at me. Gerard Pompous Way is p!$$ed at me. I walked right off campus into the woods muttering every profanity in the book. Stupid, ignorant, horrible Way. If I had a single cent for every mean thing I'd seen him do, I'd be a millionaire. Yet for some reason I bow down to him like he's some kinda king. Stupid Gerard Way.
I kept walking. Right into town. Into the dark alley were you could almost always find junkees. It was empty. I leaned up against the wall in total agony. I slowly slide down until I was sitting in the filth where the wall met the cement. Hate. Hate coursed and pounded through my veins, burning my flesh. I wanted to let it all out. Let this burning agony out of my body. To watch it flow out. Red and magnificent.
It had been a very lond time. So long since I had had to pour out my pain, that the idea was almost seemingly wrong and bad. I had some scares on my arms from it. Being friends with Gerard had stopped it. I had promised I wouldn't do it again. Gerard had held me to it to. He checked my arms everyday for five monthes. Sometimes I'd catch him looking still. But he obviously doesn't care.
I had a pocket knife. A little one in my backpack. Huh, the time I normally would have wanted Gerard more than ever, I don't. I flipped the blade out and raised it to my arm-
"Don't do it." A voice said sounding completely indifferent. I turned around, knife still above my wrist. The dude lit up a cigarette. "Whatever reason your doing it for, probablly isn't worth the time. Jake,bi nihlist." He said sticking his hand out for me to shake. "And you?" I had to put away the knife so I could shake his hand. I shoke it. He had a firm grip.
"Frank, bi. What's a nihlist?"
"Means I believe nothing matters. None of it. Well it's nice to meet you Frank. So what is so upseting that you wanna dice up your wrist?" He asked plainly, breathing out a large plume of smoke. I spilled my guts out to him, by the end I was sniffling with craploads of silent tears streaming down my face. "Well if you think about it, this Gerard doesn't matter. And if he's causing you grief, then stop hangin' with him. Hey, your always welcome here." He shrugged. Then he gave me a long deep nicotine kiss. I have to admit I liked it. He tasted like smoke and like chocolate. I was kissing him back soon.
"Why'd you kiss me?" I asked when we'd finished.
"Because it doesn't mean anything so it doesn't matter." he replied without even the slightest smile.
"I think I might be okay." I said, which shocked me, mostly because I meant it.

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