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!The Seventh Chapter! Duh duh duh!

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So Frankie was kissing a nihlist, Gerard has a girlfriend, now what? What's going on with our man Gerard? Lets check it out...

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I came out of gym feeling like I'd just been in a bar fight. How I know what a barfight is like is well...a long story. Anyway I had a bad feeling in my gut. Frankie kept coming to mind. Why? Did I feel guilty about it? I thought for a moment. No. It was like...concern. Concern? Why would I be concerned for Frankie? I just had a feeling that something might happen to him. Why? Why the hell would something happen to Feankie? Art class flashed through my head. I don't know.
I headed towards lunch. We could talk there. But when I got there, no Frankie. Where was he? Even when he gets p!$$ed he's still at our table. How am I gonna fall outta love with him? It seems impossible. No matter how great Kimmy might be, how can I get Frankie out of my head? He's amazing and sexy and funny and perfect! So Kimberly, or Frank? I have to tell Kimberly that I'm bi. But what if she freaks? NO ONE KNOWS! NOBODY! I'll tell Frank. I have to! Right? I mean he's the one, right? But what do I do about Kimberly??? Speaking of...
"Hiya handsome! What's up?" she said casually.
"Nothing much, umm... can I talk to you?" I said awkardly.
"Um, sure." she said smiling at me, but I could tell she knew something was up. I led her out of the cafitteria, into the vacant gym, then under the bleachers. I think she got the wrong idea, she pushed her lips against mine. I was soo surprised at first I just stood there, then I started to kiss back. It was-wow. Her tongue licked the inside of my mouth sending shivers down my spine. Oh my God, I lost myself. My arm circled around her waist, we pulled each other in and the kiss deepened, bringing a new level of pleasure. A hot, I-want-more kind of pleasure. Her hand was making it's way to my hair, her fingers gripped it on the back of my head. My hand subconciously slide down her back, over her butt, on to the back of her smooth leg. What the hell are you doing?!? My mind was screaming at me. Another wave of pleasure washed my concerns away. She moved her mouth to my ear and nibbled, ohhh...I moaned a little. When she stopped I left a trail of kisses down her neck, then I nibbled her ear she made a little gasp and squeezed my butt. I suddenly thought: Frankie.
I stopped so suddenly, she was shocked. She blushed, embarassed.
"I'm sorry, I-I umm, got uh, c-carried aw-way." she stuttered.
"No, no, it wasn't that. I liked it." I said shyly and awkardly. "It's not you at all, it's... umm...wellI'mbi." I rushed out all at once. I blushed and looked up to see her reaction.
"Are you sure?" she asked suprised.
"Yeah..." I said, turning my face down, embarassed.
"Hey, it's okay. There's nothing wrong with that." She said tilting my face back up. She kissed me a slow, sweet kiss. It calmed me a little. I felt better, more calm.
"There's more though, I really like you, but I came back here to tell you that I this guy. I'm really sorry, I really don't want to hurt you, and I feel really bad especially after what just happened." It was true too. I was really sorry.
"It's okay. I understand, if you really care about someone, it's hard to have someone else feeling you up. That's why I broke up with my last boyfriend." she said sadly looking down at the floor. Oh my...she likes me the way I like Frankie.
"I am so sorry, I do like you, it's just I'd feel like I was cheating if I still liked Frankie. I know how this will sound, but you are really cool, we could be friends unless it would be hard for you, seeing me and Frankie..."
"No, as long as your happy, that's what matters, even if it's not with me." I gave her a big hug. A thank you hug. "Have you told him yet? That your bi? Or that you like him?"
"No, I didn't want to say something to him before I told you."
"Thanks for waiting. I like that you didn't just race over to him and start making out with him." And with that we walked back to the lunch room, hand in hand.
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