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Chapter three

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chapter three

our second day was pretty okay we spent the day with John going to every tattoo shop, boutique and child care centre trying to get a job. it just wasnt happening so we ended up going home and listening to Tula go on about the sins of sex before marriage, i knew the jewish side would start to show. after about an hour of the whole sex, drugs and dangers of california speech we were aloud to go back to the pool house. we werent there for long until Josh came up "hey guys how was the chat?" he smirked "i have a question do your parents know im gay?" laughed James "why?" "well i wanna know if there that up tight what do they think of homos'?" i laughed James loved putting people in awkward positions about sexualitys, "ignore him josh hes just pissed 'cause we wouldnt let him near the body builders down at the beach!" me and josh were practically on the floor giggling as James' face turnt bright red and he stormed into his room. "So why you really here joshua?" my cousin wasnt the type to ask questions so he needed a hand when asking straight up. "erm well the guys really liked meeting you two yesterday and theres a party tonight and it would be cool to have you guys there with me" was my cousin inviting us to a party? i have to admit i was excited. 

i was stupid to let James dress me he picked out a black short mini skirt with my braces that i let hang down then he made me wear a white cut off top i swear he had a strange fetish for them. i didnt look bad it just wasnt me , he atleast let me wear my converse instead of a pair of cheap stilettos. we arrived at some random guys house pretty early there werent  that many people there and after about an hour the place was still kinda empty. for the first hour james and i stood around near the drinks, james constantly checking my hair and makeup. in the end i was desperate and went to find Josh after he left us a while ago. "Hey!" i heard someone shout and when i turnt around i was met with a hard chest in my face "ow..oh my god sorry!" i looked up it was Frank. "god are you okay? sorry i shouldnt have jumped out like that!" he was starting to ramble and it was making me laugh. "Frank its fine seriously..." i looked down at the floor i felt embarrassed talking to him, he was smiling for some reason. "erm..anyways your cousin jusy went upstairs with some girl he told me to look out for you. " what was i a baby? "thanks frank but i can look after myself" i felt bad after i said it " hey wanna highjack the music, the music theyre playing is shit!" i laughed trying to redeem myself. He nodded as i took his hand and lead the way to the stereo. The music collection was lacking it consisted of madonna, elvis and a bit of queen. 
Frank pointed out a Bowie record, that was so going on it wasnt the type of music people probably wanted to listen to but it was something to dance to. We put it on and turnt the volume up, nobody said anything not thay they would half of the people there were making out. i couldnt see any of Franks bandmates so i guessed they were at the drinks with James, Josh had said something about Gerard liking a drink or two. 
we danced for ages occasionaly spilling beer on eachother until the music stopped and some guy put queen on. "wanna go sit down for a bit?" frank asked he was out of breath a little.  "sure" as we walked into the other room there was the rest of the band and James all laughing, there was one seat left on a sofa next to Gerard and Josh. Frank sat down first and the floor didnt look too appealing so i stood for a few seconds until Frank grabbed me by the waist and sat me down on his lap. i giggled and spilt a bit of beer on his lap. "had an accident Frankie?" teased Gerard, Frank just smiled at me. "where've you two been anyway?" i looked at James as he pretended to kiss the air and i put my middle finger up. "just dancing!" frank answered. "naked?" josh laughed as i kicked him. "what would your mother say joshua?, anyway i heard you got lucky was that before or after you found out your old enough to be her dad!" he stuck his tongue out at me as i laughed at my own joke. we all sat talking for a while, drinking, james could just about talk and everyone was becoming slightly narcoleptic. i was starting to fall asleep on frank when he suddenly jumped in his seat. "ah! who died?!"i screamed. "sorry didnt mean to panic you Gerard just tickled me." random. i felt like frank was staring at me and i was drunk so i didnt see any harm in kissing him. it was an awkward moment just a little peck, innocent. But then it wasnt it was weird like one of those movie moments right before the hero runs away to be killed. i liked it though our lips rings kept getting caught on eachother but it didnt hurt. i felt a hand on my face and i could feel another one on my leg  , my hands felt paralysed wherever they were i couldnt feel them. 

The next morning i was a mess, i looked around the brightly sun lit room, it was James' room. good so i hadnt gone home with anyone i was safe, James was on the floor sprawled like a murder victim fully clothed. I on the other hand was in my underwear and in James' bed, not that it hadnt happened before i normally walked him home from parties and then passed out on his bed. i stood up and looked in the mirror all that hairspray on my face had worked, none of my makeup had ran or smudged but my hair was a major catastrophe. I tip toed into my own room to find my clothes thrown on the floor and my phone on the bed, i slumped down as i looked at my little phone. 8 messages shit!, i started to flick through them, all from the same person Frank Iero most of them saying the same thing "did you get home safe?" all that and then one which had been sent five minutes ago. "we still on for tonight?" what was tonight?, i couldnt remember oh yeah the concert, i sent back yeah with a few kisses and started to flick through the pictures on my phone. They were mostly drunk poses with Gerard and Josh and a few of Frank asleep but then there was one of Frank and me in a tattoo shop. No way had i got a tattoo, i ran to the bathroom looked in the mirror and there it was on my neck a skull, a skull is that it! it was cute and i actually liked it but my uncle wouldnt. My lips were wrecked too they had cuts all over and my lip ring was covered in blood stains i ran it under the tap and got into the shower. James came running in my room as i was doing my hair "you know its 2:30 right?" oh god was it? "yeah you better get ready we've gotta meet Josh in a bit for the gig" i said casually although inside i was panicking, what had i done last night? i needed someone to tell me i kissed frank, got a tattoo and that was it i hadnt come to america to become someones booty call again. 
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