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Chapter four

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How the misery begins!

Chapter four 
"whats you problem? if you slept with Frank so what you got laid be happy about it!" i didnt want to hear James' excuses i had a reputation back home for sleeping around back when i was doing drugs, i didnt want that here. "you know why Jim and i do like him, he's cute but i dont want him to like me 'cause im easy. " Frank seemed nice but any guy would take an easy girl. we continued to walk towards the club the band was playing in, Gerard was outside smoking a cigarette. "hey Gee!" i faked a smile. "hi, Frankies inside waiting for you!" i needed to ask Gerard what happened before i made myself look like an ass. "Gerard did me and Frank err-" he started to laugh "no dont worry, you got close to it but no." great i felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders now i could concentrate on just getting to know him. i walked inside and Frank was tuning his guiatar backstage, i stroked my finger across the top of his guitar. "so this is Pansy?" i smiled at him he looked up and put the guitar down. "you worried me earlier, not replying to my texts" he kissed my forehead. "sorry i was sleeping" i giggled as he ran his hand up my back. "i was wondering after the show do you wanna come back to the hotel room and watch a film? Josh said you were a fan of Edward Scissorhands!" his hands were round my waist i couldnt help but look at his eyes. "yeah ofcourse it'll be fun" every bone in my body was telling me no!, NO! but every other part of me was saying it doesnt matter, you like him! and i did i officially had a crush on Frank but he'd be gone soon, back to Jersey and i'll be here going to college. when Frank let go and went to finsish tuning his guitar i found James and quizzed him on what i should do, do i enjoy the time i have with Frank? or do i be a good girl? his response was "we're young who cares and you dont even know if he wants to sleep with you yet" he was right for all i knew he just wanted to have some fun. 

The show was amazing Gerard could really sing and Ray was a legend on the guitar. i waved to Frank whenever he looked over at me and the other kids in the audience went mental, girls were screaming for them and guys were just having fun.  it was awesome, as promised at the end of the show i met Frank backstage and we got a cab to their hotel. James had picked up some guy from the bar so i didnt panic about leaving him stranded.  finally we were just stood alone in Franks hotel room, he put the video he had rented of Edward Scissor hands into the cassette player, there was beer in the fridge and hell alot of chocolate. i tried to just think of it as just hanging out, its not a date or anything just two people hanging out. in my head i wanted to kiss him and i wanted to let him know i had a crush on him but he was a guitarist in a band who would be going home in a few days crushes werent part of that attire. "come on, im not gonna have this sofa all to myself am i?!" i smiled and sat next to him, he looked so cute in the dark. 
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