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Chapter five

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How the misery begins!

chapter five

"so err.... whats with all your tattoos?" i asked Frank i was slightly interested to know. "i never wanted a proper job so i got my scorpion just to piss off my parents" he laughed. the film had finished about ten minutes ago and now we were just sat talking. "look Kerry, James told me youve had it tough back home but im not gonna make you do anything you dont wanna do" i looked up at his brown eyes i felt bad that i didnt have the guts to tell him myself. "Frank im not proud of what ive done but if its not a big deal for you, its not a big deal for me" his hands were gripping on to mine and i read the tattoos on his fingers. at that moment i didnt really care about anything, not about my family, about my reputation, my friends just Frank. i kissed him my arms around his neck as i moved onto his lap, he had his hands on my back as my lip ring scratched his lip. our breathing was getting heavy i knew where this was going.  

the beds were directly behind the sofa so we had flopped down on them within seconds he was on top of me. i took off my top and took his off for him he had a few tattoos on his chest aswell. as he started to un do his belt i stared at his tattoos and started to run my finger along some of them, he fell back down on me my skirt now on the floor. i was starting to moan which made me kind of embarrassed we werent even naked yet, i kept biting my lip or it was Franks. i felt him slide down his boxers and then mine, he started to stroke my face and i was starting to get more nervous and embarrassed my breathing was getting deeper and louder "its okay you know" he whispered i knew it was okay it wasnt my first but he was the first i actually liked and it made it better. "are you ready?" he asked it was almost soothing "yes" i breathed and i wrapped my legs around his. i moaned but and it kept getting louder, i see what people meant when they said wait for that special someone this was better than anyone before. 

i woke up in Franks tshirt in his bed, i could feel his arm around me and i felt safe from everything. i turned over to see Franks eyes wide open staring at me, he moved my hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear. "morning glory!" i  smiled, he smiled back and then kissed my nose, then my lips "so did i live up to your expectations?" he whispered i didnt understand why he was whispering until i looked around the room, the guys were back and poor Ray was on the sofa. "you exceeded expectations" i giggled. we lay for about an hour just cuddling or what he called spooning but either way it was nice. when the rest of the guys started to show some life i got in the shower and started to get ready, just when i was about to go home when my phone rang it was Josh. "hey s'happeening?" i asked i think i must of sounded happy because i was smiling a lot. "Kerez Anna where on earth are you?" shit it was John!
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