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Make a Saint of me!

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Fanfic 2 

chapter one

I looked around my dark room, the only light coming from the gap inbetween my blinds. my walls were bare and you couldnt see the floor, thats the way i liked it. as i got out of bed throwing on a pair of ripped jeans and a guns n roses top, my AC/DC back pack full of my clothes in the corner was practically screaming 'RUN!' at me. thats all i wanted to do run. the picture of me, my mom and my brother on my bedside table. i heard a bang and ran downstairs. when i got down there my mom was already passed out on our shitty little sofa, "hey mom, how was work?, shall i make coffee?". she usually slept when she got in after seeing a client she'd only be home for half an hour until the next one but all the high payers came back to ours. i put her coffee on the table in front of her it was a small fold up table, we didnt own much furniture just a sofa, table, a few stools in the kitchen and a couple of beds upstairs. i looked around the room as i sat on the floor beside my mom, it didnt used to be this bad but i guess i was too young to see and my brother made sure i didnt well that was until he joined the army and got shot in an accident when another new recruit went ape shit and shot everyone. thats when i started to see that my mom wasnt a princess and she wasnt working for a king she was a prostitute. I had a plan though, i wasnt needed here in Brooklyn and a few months ago i got in touch with my cousin Bob he had just moved to New Jersey because he had got a job as a tech for a band. i remembered him from when i lived in chicago as a kid but when we moved for moms work we werent aloud to talk to anyone. but know ive got back in touch and hes willing to let me go stay with him for a while until im ready to get a job and stuff. my mom doesnt know and i cant just leave. 

There was a bang at the door. "Tanya, open the door you owe me money!" it was my moms pimp Richie he was an all round ass hole and repeatedly treated my mom like shit. i went to the door and i heard my mom run upstairs. "what do you want? shes not here!" i looked at him in his tatted old suit this guy was your stereotypical scum. "i want my money!" i grabbed the cash we hid behind the door for when he came. "now leave!" i said slamming the door in his face. "you know youd make a fine working girl Jasey!" he shouted through the door. "fuck off!" i yelled looking at the scars on my arms and then the bruises on my arms and hands some from when id fight him off, others when he'd won and my mom hadnt cared. 

i ran up to my moms room, she was doing her makeup. "did you pay him sweetie?" i nodded and looked at her face she'd been doing crack again i could always tell. her blonde hair flowed down her back as she applied her red lipstick. "your a good girl baby!, and i think Richies right you should think about what job you wanna get" was she joking? if i stayed id become her it was time to leave. "ive got a client coming in a minute so do you wanna go to the park or something and give us the house for a while?!" i nodded and went to my room 

i rang Bob the moment i was in my room. I told him what my mom had said and he agreed that it was time i left. He was away at the minute doing some shows with some friends but he had left a key with a neighbour. so at 2:30 when my moms client turnt up i headed for the bus station i walked down my street leaving my home with graffiti on the side saying 'whore house'. it wasnt a nice street alot of the people here were junkies and gang members so their opinion didnt matter to me. when i reached the bus station i paid $20 for a single to New Jersey i sat listening to my shitty mp3 i had a geek at school put all my favourite albums on after i left. I text Bob to tell him i was on my way and he said he would notify the neighbour and should be back tomorrow. maybe life wasnt a bitch after all. 

when i arrived in Bobs town i hopped a cab to his apartement and got the key off a neighbour she was an old woman looked like the type to keep cats, she told me if i need anything i was to  knock on her door. Bob reassured me that was only if i got desperate, his apartement wasnt too bad he had a sofa, tv, kitchen, fridge the basics. i wandered into his room where there was alot of posters, porn mags and drum sticks. then there was a small room kinda like a store room it had a small single bed in and then a little chest of drawers and a note saying "Welcome to Disneyland! love, Bob" i giggled and saw the picture next to it of us when we were little i looked about a year old, Bob was about four and then my brother Tom who looked about six. Memories are all i have of him now well until the end of the world anyways. 
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