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Chapter two

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Fanfic 2 

chapter 2 

That night i was in a building with a tv for the first time in six months so planned on taking advantage of having it all to myself. i hadnt had a shower in a while either so that was my first move. it was nice to feel clean and i mean clean with soap and everything, business had been slow for mom lately. the next morning i was woken with a text from my mom "where are u baby?" i read it and knew she'd have a client soon so i ignored it and rolled over onto my back looking up at the ceiling. my phone beeped again this time it was Bob "hey some friends of mine are coming back with me, is that ok? x" it would actually be nice to have some human contact for once. "yeah sure when u getting back? x" it took a while for him to reply but turnt out he was an hour away so i quickly got dressed and did my makeup, i guess theyd want beer so i checked the fridge and there was enough for an army. i got a glass of water i was nervous a little. then finally i heard a key turning in the door i ran straight from the sofa there. "BOB!!!" i squeeled and jumped onto him trapping him in a bear hug. "hey Jay 'sup?" he returned my hug and we walked into the sitting room. "i want you to meet some friends of mine this is Frank, Ray, Mikey and Gerard there in a band their drummer didnt want to come back here so its just us." i couldnt help but smile most girls would wish there was another girl there but i seemed to get along with guys better. "hiya, theres beer in the fridge if anyone wants some." they all nodded and went straight to the fridge except Bob who hugged me again. "ive missed you, have you spoken to your mom, how do you like the place?, did you get my note?,-" he was talking so fast and asking too many questions. "Bob slow down, everything is fine and yes i loved the photo" we both laughed and went to join the others. "can we watch a film Bob? please!" pleaded Mikey he seemed really sweet almost like a child but a cute child. " yeah what one?" Bob showed four video tapes to us all. everyone was sat down but me Ray, Bob  and Gerard on the sofa and Mikey and Frank on the floor i stood in my bedroom door way watching them. "hey what happened to your porn collection?" laughed Ray. i almost fell to the floor laughing i had found them the night before and they were the most cheesiest named pornos ever. "do you mind theres a lady here now!" i felt bad for him. it took Mikey about ten minutes to choose a film in the end it was Gremlins one of my favourites. i went to go sit on the floor next to Mikey he was cute, he was excited about the film anyone could tell. when the film was over Gerard walked over to Bobs stereo and started to blare out misfits. i stole his seat on the sofa as they all got up, "can we go get some pizza im hungry!" said Frank. "okay who wants to come get it?" Mikey, Ray, Bob and Frank decided to go Gerard and i were to stay and tidy up the empty beer cans. 

the pizza place was twenty minutes away so it was gonna take an hour for the pizza to get home. after we tidied up me and Gerard sat listening to misfits and discussing our favourite songs, he was pretty wasted already and i was still on my third can,  Bob had one can so took it upon himself to drive. Gerard was slurring his words and didnt really realise what he was saying. "your hot you know!" this remark shocked me noone had ever said i was pretty or good looking in any way ever, he wasnt too bad either he had really nice eyes and he wasnt fat or two skinny. we both sat up, "have you seen me? i am not hot" he stared at me for a while. "you are too, if my girlfriend looked like you my labido would be as high as my alcohol level!" he laughed at his own little crack at being funny and it did kinda make me laugh. as we were laughing we both fell off the sofa Gerard landing on top of me. he wasnt heavy and he lifted him self up but still leaned on me. his face was coming closer to mine and i felt my heart beat faster, i had only known the guy for three hours what was i doing?  and then he kissed me and i kissed him back it was a drunk kiss and you could tell. i could hear voices at the door and i pushed him off me, Gerards face in shock but he continued to smirk like he had just achieved something. i was so confused and drunk a combination which didnt end well so i ran into my room and drowned them all out with my mp3 i had jusg kissed a guy who had a girlfriend, i really didnt want to turn into my mom.   
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