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Chapter three

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Make a saint of me

 Chapter three

Mikey was the first to come in my room, everyone else had knocked on the door and tried talking but Mikey just came on in. "you okay?, we guessed what happened, Gerard does stuff like that alot dont worry your not the first" i did find comfort in knowing i wasnt the only girl to kiss Gerard when he had a girlfriend. "thanks Mikey" he had brought me some pizza so we just sat eating and talking and i told him about my brother. "i couldnt live without Gerard, he may be depressed sometimes but i know i'll always be here for him" i thought that was really sweet of Mikey to talk about his brother like that, he looked at my wrist. "how long you been doing that for?" i cringed and tried to hide it. "when my brother died so about a year" he took my hand and started playing with my fingers "you know theres a park a few streets down i noticed it yesterday, wanna go on the swings?" i offered, we both needed some cheering up. "yeah that would be so cool" he grabbed another beer and we were off. 

it was the shittest park ever, the slide was covered in graffiti and the swings were some old tyres and chains some kids had obviously fixed themselves. but they were swings and we didnt care, Mikey held my hand the whole way there and didnt let it go once we got there. we started to talk about comics and how much the classics will always be the best. "i think if i could be anyone it would be batman!" i said and he laughed as we swang back and forth. "id be superwoman just so i could mess with supermans junk!" he smiled at his own joke as my laugh echoed the playground. i started to stare at clouds in the sky it looked like it was about to rain. "do you want to head back? its starting to getting dark" he asked looking slightly anxious. "yeah come on, ill race you to the gate!" i beat him to the gate and stuck my tongue out this was the most fun id had in ages and all it was was me and Mikey having fun. when he caught up he picked me up, i squeeled and giggled until he put me down. it had already started to rain. "i win!" i laughed. he smiled, our faces almost touching as the rain started to get heavy. we both leaned in to kiss eachother when my phone rang. "hello!" i answered, Mikey turnt away biting his lip. "Jasey, Jasey where are you? why arent yo-" uh oh! it was my mom. i hung up i felt bad for doing it but i couldnt talk to her not now. i grabbed mikeys hand and we started to walk back to Bobs apartement. 

when we got back everyone was drinking still but there was a fresh supply of beer. Mikey got himself a beer and i headed towards the bathroom, we were both wet through. as i got out the shower i forgot about the clothing situation and had to creep past the guys back to my room they were all laughing at some tv programme so i didnt think they saw me. i threw on my leggings and a baggy iron maiden tshirt and walked out to the sitting room where we spent the rest of the night talking about their band and who inspired them it was quite nice. when it got to about 1:00 the next morning it was time for me to sleep everyone had sort of just passed out on the sofa only me and Bob were awake. i gave Mikey a kiss on the forehead and headed to my room it had been a confusing night first it was great, then it had gone down hill but it ended with me being happier than ive been in a long time i just hoped it would stay like this. "psst!, is it okay if you make breakfast tomorrow its just toast?" whispered Bob as he walked past me to his room. "yeah i hope you like it burnt" we both laughed quietly and went to bed. 
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