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Shockwave Current

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After an attempt to terrorize Battery City goes horribly wrong, 14 year old Shockwave Current finds herself alone and wandering the Wastelands. The Sadman wants her dead and it seems there is no wh...

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Shit, shit, shit! I thought as I ran, my friend Snakebite beside me. I was panting like crazy as my heavy footfalls slammed the tarmac. The others were dead, ghosted by the Dracs, their dead, cold corpses long gone by now. We had got caught, their were cars behind us and people running. I was terrified. My heart was slamming against my ribs as we turned the corner and ran for Snakebite's motorbike.

I hopped on whilst she fumbled with the key,
"Come on!" I shouted, "Hurry, they're right behind us!"
I spoke too late. There was a lazer blast from behind and it hit Snakebite in the back, she slumped forward, her corpse crumpling and the key clattered out of her limp hand. I'd have to mourn later, there was only escape now. I snatched up the key and rammed it into the ignition. The bike roared into life, growling and snarling. Sirens were blaring around me, tears of fustration prickled my eyes and I kicked the bikestand up, flooring it down the street.

There were lights everywhere, all different colours as the Dracs fired their laser pistols and rifles. One blast hit the right side mirror, narrowly missing my head. I was doing pretty well, almost at the turnpike gates when a shot caught me full on in the shoulder. I nearly lost control of the bike but I managed to pull it back onto its course. The burn stung like crazy, my flesh was smoking and torn, blood slowly trickling from the wound.

I raced past the gates and out into the desert, I couldn't celebrate my lucky escape just yet; I had to get as far away as possible.

The bike ran out of gas as soon as I got to Zone 4. I more or less fell off the saddle and onto the dusty ground. The sun started to rise and I could already fell the heat. It was great to be back out in the Zones once more. However, I had no map, no food, a small amount of whisky left in my flask and a few medical supplies. I wasn't gonna last long out here. I sat up, whimpering at the pain in my shoulder, I pulled down my jacket sleeve revealing melted skin, blood and some sort of stick substance. Great, fucking fantastic! As if my life couldn't get any worse! The burn was infected, if that didn't kill me first then starvation would.

I ditched the bike, I no longer needed it and I sure didn't have the cash to top it up with fuel again. I staggered on my feet slightly, coughing and wincing in pain. I popped a few painkillers in my mouth and dug around in my messenger bag, my hand clasping round my small radio. I clicked the broadcasting button,

"Shockwave to Doc...or to anyone else that could give. Please. Anyone? Doc?"

There was a long pause so I gave up and started walking again, I was miles out into Zone 5 by now. The sun was at its highest and I was sweltering. I had to stop.
I shuffled over to the shade of a rocky out crop and collapsed onto my front. Suddenly, the radio crackled into life,
"Doc to Shockwave, are you okay? What happened? Where are the others?"

I downed some of the whiskey, trying to drink away my troubles. Yeah, I'm fourteen and I drink, so what? It's the only thing to take away the pain nowadays.

"They're dead, Doc. All of them ghosted. I only just managed to get away myself..." I started to cry at long last, the dam that held them back crumbled and the tears gushed down my face uncontrollably. I drank some more alchol to numb the pain, sniffling slightly,

"Hey, come on now Shockers, don't cry. I'm sending someone for help okay?"

"Thankyou..." I whimpered. Doctor D was replaced by another voice.

"This is Party P, readin' ya loud an' clear Doc." The strangers voice was smooth, like each word was sewn into a sentence by a fine silk thread. Him and Doctor D talked for a while but I couldn't make out the words anymore. My arm and head throbbed and I started to feel faint. I forced myself to stay awake, scared that if I gave in to sleep I'd die. Party's voice cut through the radio,

"Hang on tight lil' girl, Im comming to get you okay?" I mumbled my thanks and ended the transmission ruefully, his voice was comforting and gave me hope somehow, turning off the radio brought me back to the reality of my situation.

I shivered, even thought the sun was blaring and the whole surface of the Wasteland was in a mid-heatwave, but that just could of been the booze. Speaking of drinks, I brought the bottle back to my lips, to my dismay it was empty. I cursed and flung the canteen far away from me, it was no use to me anymore if it couldn't help numb the pain.

"Girls your age shouldn't be drinking." A voice purred behind me and a pair of black boots pervaded my line of sight. I looked up slowly. Black, dusty jeans, a trench coat with a BL/ind ID on it, followed by a ruffled white pirate shirt. I cringed as I looked at his face, his piercing eyes with the evil glint, his lack of hair and the wry smile upon his lips. The pure picture of cruelty and snideness.
I was terrified. He had come back to get me, to claim his favourite 'Test Subject'. I didn't want that life, I didn't want the pain or the drugs again.

"Korse!" I squeaked. I tried to scramble back from him but I was grabbed by the two Dracs either side. Korse laughed bitterly,
"No one will help you. No one can hear you, you stupid brat."

"Let me go!" I wailed, thrashing weakly against the men that held me. "Let me GO!"
Korse sighed wearily,
"I think it is time the poor baby is due a nap." he cooed and flicked out a syringe.

My eyes widened.
"NO! Please!" I began to cry again. I didn't want to go to Battery City. Not ever never again. A Drac grabbed my arm and rolled back the sleeve, displaying my bare flesh. Korse stepped forward and with one fluid movement of his hand, pushed the needle in. I screamed as the blue green liquid coarsed into my veins. He withdrew and I slumped to the floor, the two henchmen pulling me back up again.

"Put her in the van." he ordered. I was dragged off just about to be put in when a pistol was cocked.

"Put the girl down." The velvet voice snarled as a man stepped into the clearing. I gasped, he had bright firey red hair and deep green and hazel eyes. He wore a blue jacket and biege skinnies with black boots. He raised his pistol, a yellow weapon that looked like a child's toy. Pink japanese calligraphy engraved the left side of the nose, the right hand side bore the name Party Poison. Korse snarled at him,
"The girl is my property, Party. Seize him!" He barked. The men dropped me and I hit the floor with a loud thud that rattled my bones, I moaned weakly. Party rounded on the Dracs, firing two quick shots. The Dracs fell to his feet, dead before they hit the ground. Korse bristled, clenching his fists and pulled out a gun of his own.

"You prick." He spat, bearing his teeth. "You will pay for this insolence." He raised his gun, I watched as they prowled around in a circle, both aimed at each others heads. "Give her to me." Party spoke calmly, his face cool and collected. "We don't need this. Nobody needs to get hurt here."
Korse chuckled,
"I beg to differ, Party." He fired the pistol and I screamed. Party didn't fall, he dodged the blast nimbly, the bar of light narrowly missing his head. He shot a beam back, smacking Korse slap bang in the stomach. He fell back and lay there limply, his eyes closed. My body felt like a ton of lead and my vision went blurry, I saw a red and blue smudge sprint over to me. He shouted something, but it was lost to my ears. His face finally came into focus,
"Kid!" He shouted."Kid? Speak to me!...KID?!" He shook me slightly and I nodded my head,
"Y-yeah, I'm fine." He helped me to my feet, supporting me as I nearly fell again. He half carried, half dragged me to an originally white Trans Am that was now covered in graffiti, dust and mud. Seriously, the poor thing was screaming for a decent cleaning. I looked back over my shoulder at Korse's body.

"He's not dead, just rechargin' is all." Party whispered, answering my unasked question. I frowned,
He nodded and opened the door, helping me into the car.
"He's a robot." Party said casually.
"A ROBOT?! How did you figure that out?"
He smiled slightly and lifted his shirt an inch, revealing a long, ugly silver scar.
"I had my scrapes." he shrugged, grinning at my shocked expression. He got into the driver's seat and turned to face me,
"You are Shockwave, right?" He asked. I nodded giggling, he saves me and THEN bothers to check he's got the right kid. He extended a hand out to me and I took it,
"The name's Party Poison, glad to meet you. There's beer in the back if you want it, but you smell like you've drunk enough already." He smirked, his face soon dropping to concern when he saw my shoulder. He let go of my hand and placed his palms on the wheel as he kicked the car into drive. "That looks bad." He stated. "It hurts I bet." It wasn't a question but I nodded sheepishly anyway, my electric blue hair flinging itself in front of my eyes. "It's okay." He said warmly, "You're safe now."

I smiled my thanks and sunk into the soft leather seat, the smell of beer, PoerPup, mixed colognes and wait....was that dog I could smell? It didn't matter, in fact I found the scents soothing and homely. I snuggled into the seat and began to drift off, the car slowed a bit as Party placed his warm jacket over me. I watched the sky start to darken, the moon and stars coming out to play once more as another day ended. I knew I was safe...

...For now.
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