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Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid and Jet Star.

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Well the title kinda sums it all really ;) haha xoxo

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When I woke up I was no longer in the Trans Am. I started to panic, frightened that I didn't know where I was. Suddenly a bright light was shone in my eyes, I squinted it was making my eyes ache.

"Shockwave? You okay kid?"
I relaxed, I was safe; it was Doctor D. I tried to speak but my mouth was dry and I couldn't form the words properly,
"I feel like fucking shit...but thanks for asking." I rasped smiling up at him, he returned the grin. I wriggled myself into a sitting position, my arm twinging slightly as I propped myself up. I frowned,
"Where's Party?"
Deathdefying handed me a chipped mug that had obviously seen better days. I drank the cold water greedily, almost choking on it.
"Party's with the boys. He'll be glad to see you awake at last, he has such a soft spot for kids. He always acts so fatherly around them, it's quite sad really. But he's a good man."

"What do ya mean 'awake at last'? How long was I out for?"

The Doc thought, trying to remember.
"I'd say a good two days at least, I kinda lost count to be honest with you."
I almost spat out the water I had just sipped. TWO DAYS?!?! I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and swung my legs round, jumping off the moth-eaten couch. I stood there for a second, regaining my balance. Deathdefying patted me on the back,
"Take it easy kiddo, kay?"
I nodded slowly, my neck stiff from lying down. I padded barefoot to a place I suspected to be the bathroom, I needed a wash desperately. I opened the door tentativly, checking it was the right place. Bingo. Toilet, sink and a small shower. I stepped inside and ran the cold tap, I looked into the cracked and dirty mirror, noticing the thick bandage around my shoulder. I knew I shouldn't have, but curiosity got the better of me, I pulled back the fabric slightly. I gazed at the stitches, the infection had practically vanished, all thanks to the Doc, and Party too. If he hadn't of helped I could be dead by now.

I plunged my hands into the sink, the cool water was pleasant against my sunburns. I picked up a brush from a lopsided shelf, reading the scrawl for a name on the handle. It read 'Jet Star', well that's what it looked like to me. I shrugged and began to tug at my hair, untangling the knots. I was doing pretty well...until it got stuck. I sighed and pulled at it angrily but it wouldn't budge. Oh, this was embarrassing. I ran out of the room, looking for help when I crashed smack bang into a freaky man. For a minute, I thought the Frankenstein mask was really his face and I screamed as we both fell, landing in a heap. He pulled off the mask to reveal a perfectly normal human underneath.
He had a square jaw, pale skin, long, greasy, untamed hair that had fell forward, giving the impression of a wet dog. He pulled his fringe apart to look at me with surprised tawney brown eyes. His hands and arms were heavily tattooed and so was his stomach; his black shirt shoved up a little from where we had collided. I blushed,
"I'm so sorry err...umm..."
He laughed, starting to get up,
"My name's Fun Ghoul and don't worry 'bout it, this isn't the most awkward way I've met a girl before."

I was about to ask him what he meant exactly by that when a dude with an afro came in and looked at me and Fun, practically on top of each other. His eyes widened with shock,
"Dude, I know you ain't had a girl for a while but I didn't think you'd be so desperate as to get a kid!"

"No!" Me and Fun shouted simultaneously, "It's not what it looks like!" The dude with the afro laughed,
"I'm only messing with ya!" He stopped when he looked at my hair and I blushed again, "Ummm, what's my brush doing in your hair?" A slight smile played on his lips as he surpressed to giggles that longed to burst forth. I stuttered trying to explain when a blonde haired bloke walked in accompanied by Party Poison. They were laughing and joking, engaged in deep convosation, that is, until they saw me and Fun. The blondie took one glance and erupted with chortlings and giggles, Party bit his lip to stop him smirking. I stood up and dusted myself down, hot and flustered. Great first impressions Shockwave, I scolded myself and stalked out of the room to avoid making a total dick of myself any further. I stormed off down the hallway, muttering to myself and I went outside, slamming the door shut behind me so hard that it groaned on its hinges. I sat on the roof of the Trans Am with my knees tucked into my chest.

It was night, a dangerous time to be out in the Wastes but I never saw what was so terrifying, if look past the possibilities of being raped, ambushed by Dracs or killed then the night was actually pretty darn beautiful. I always felt safer at night, it was like the whole world turned a blind eye and I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.
A wolf howled in the distance, also another thing to be weary of; the wildlife was mutated after the bombs dropped, it made wolves the size of grizzly bears and bears the size of a small van. Luckily, no one had ever encountered one of these legendery bears but the wolves were real, I had seen them myself.
They were terrifying, animals of pure muscle and teeth. Their mouths were huge and could take off limbs in a single bite. Their eyes were pure yello and bloodshot, their fur is thick in some places but completely non existant in others. Each tooth was the size of a dagger and they could kill you without even trying if you let them...That's what happened to my older brother; he was the first to go, followed shortly by Rocke, she got ghosted. From then on, the ten of us stayed together. Fat lot of good it did; I'm the only one left of the original twelve.
I watched the moon and its clusters of stars for friends, I'd never felt so lonely in my entire life. The breeze blew softly and I shivered, hugging myself tighter, teeth chattering.

I didn't want to be alone anymore, I missed my brother, I missed my friends and it depressed me to know that they were never gonna come back. I sobbed into my knees, oblivious to Party sliding onto the roof next to me,
"Come on, don't cry, please." He pulled me into a comforting hug, he was the only fatherly figure I had to look up to now.
"I'm just so lonely." I sniffled, "You don't know what it's like to be alone."

He looked down to me pitifully,
"Believe me I do." He patted my back, careful not to catch my shoulder.
"Really?" I asked. He nodded, sorrow in his green and hazel eyes.

"I lost my daughter, well a girl I took in and adopted, last year to Korse. I had to watch her die in front of me. I just stood there and watched as my everything, my little girl, was destroyed. It's only me, my brother, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul. I never forgave myself for letting Korse get her and I still haven't forgiven myself now..."
There was an awkward silence,
"Party, I-I had no idea..."
"Don't sweat about it kid." He smiled weakly. His eyes distracted, "Do you need help getting that brush out?"
I laughed, I'd almost forgotten about it! I nodded and after ten minutes of pulling, twisting and cursing, the brush was freed from its hairy prison. He put the brush into his pocket as we hopped down from the car. I smiled at him,
"Thanks da- I mean, Party."
Did I nearly call him DAD?! I hoped he hadn't noticed...
He arched an eyebrow before speaking again,
"You're welcome." With that he left, leaving my to my sorrowful, depressing, yet confused thoughts.
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