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The Broken, The Beaten, And The Damned

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Gerard comforts Frankie

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Gerard’s P.O.V.
We were all sitting in the dressing room, well minus Frankie, and Ray and Bob were about to tell me something apparently really important. The door opened and Frankie walked in. I regretted telling him I didn’t feel the same way about him because the truth was that I did. Only Ray knew that though. I want him to be mine but I couldn’t let that happen for the bands sake. I mean we might loose a lot of fans and also Mikey and Bob might flip out and leave. Maybe I was overreacting but both of those things could happen.
I looked at Frankie as he grabbed his sweatshirt and was about to walk out. Bob stood up and stood in front of him.
““Frankie, please tell me what’s wrong. We can help you through whatever
it is. We miss the old Frankie.” He said. Frankie frowned and looked me in the eyes looking like he was about to cry. It broke my heart to see him like this. And I knew it was my fault.
“What’s the point of trying to win a battle that you have already lost.” Frankie said looking him straight in the eyes. Everyone turned to look at Frankie now. Bob started to say something and I got up. I needed to talk to him. But before I could reach him and ran away. Why couldn’t he see that he didn’t lose. I felt tears threaten to fall from my eyes but held them back.
“What just happened?” Mikey asked confused. I ignored him and walked over to the couch sitting with my feet up.
“Is something wrong Gee?” Alicia asked looking at me and handing me the black nail polish. I shrugged and started to paint my nails black. Alicia came over and sat next to me.
“I don’t know. I just think Frankie is hiding something bad from us and that we shouldn’t just abandon him for break. Something bad could happen.” I said. Everyone looked at me. They all knew I was gay. “I don’t want to loose my best friend.” I said not wanting everyone to know my love for him. They weren’t falling for it.
“Yeah right. Come on Gee, we all know your madly in love with Frankie.” Mikey said. Whoa, was Mikey actually okay with me being in love with Frankie. Maybe I was wrong when I told Frankie it would be bad for the band…
“I…I…uh…” I said not knowing what to say.
“Whoa, are you actually blushing Gee?” Bob asked smirking. I ran a hand through my hair and it all just like burst out.
“Fine! I’m in love with Frank Iero! I love him to pieces and I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. Happy now?” I said to them. They all smiled and the guys laughed while Alicia and Christa hugged me.
“Aw!” They both said. I blushed like a lovesick teenage girl again.
“And I, uh, might have bought cruise tickets for the band cause I, uh, wanted to keep a close eye on him.” I said. Everyone stared at me in shock. “S-surprise?” I said hoping they would be okay with it. Mikey was the first to smile.
“Awesome! What cruise?” He asked. I took out the cruise information thingy and handed it to him.
“Well, I thought since I wanted to make Frank happy we would go on the Disney cruise.” I said smiling hoping that this would make him happy. They all smiled and stood up.
“Lets go back to the bunk and make sure Gerard’s future lover is okay.” Brian said as we all walked out. I blushed and we all joked around about the cruise and what we would do on it. And who would share rooms. There were two beds in each room. We walked onto the bus and Brian dropped the plastic cup he was holding and ran over to Frankie. I couldn’t hear what they were saying and Frankie’s back was to me but I could tell something was wrong. Then I realized something that I should have realized a long time ago. Was he doing self harm? He had been wearing sweatshirts for the past month and when he wasn’t he was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt. He almost always wore a short sleeved band t-shirt or something. I frowned as Brian walked back. Everyone else was sitting on the couch and deciding what to get for dinner but I just stood looking at Frankie’s bunk in shock. I picked up the cup that Brian had dropped and put it on the counter. Brian walked over to me and I sniffled back tears.
“You okay?” He asked cleaning up the spilled soda. I frowned and turned to him.
“Listen Brian, can you convince them to go out to dinner? I need to talk to Frank alone.” I said. Brian smiled and nodded a little bit.
“Yeah. You sure you okay?” He asked again. I nodded.
“Yeah, just have a bit of a headache. That’s all.” I said lying. I was a pretty good liar. He nodded and walked towards everyone else as I sat at the table and put my feet up.
“Guys, lets go out to this really good Italian restaurant that I heard was amazing.” He said. They all nodded.
“Sounds good. But will Frank want to go out?” Ray asked. I lifted my head. I was actually starting to feel sick over thinking about Frankie hurting himself.
“I’ll stay here with him. I don’t feel that great.” I said. They all nodded a bit and soon they were gone. I stood up and slowly walked over to Frankie’s bunk. I pulled the curtain open a little and tapped him.
“Frankie, we need to talk.” I said in a calm voice. He turned to me and rubbed his eyes. He looked down and frowned.
“No we don’t.” He said being stubborn. I frowned and put my hand under his chin and moving it up so he was looking at me.
“Frankie, show me your arms.” I said surprising him. He shook his head. I frowned. “Please Frankie. I need you to show me them.” I said. He frowned.
“I-I can’t. If I show you them you’ll h-hate me even more then you do already.” He said. His words stung my heart so bad.
“Frank Anthony Iero. Where the did you get the idea that I hated you from?” I asked hurt. He looked me in the eyes.
“When you broke my heart.” He said. I frowned and climbed up onto his bunk and lay down next to him. I took his hand in mine and he shivered a little at my touch.
“I could never hate you. No matter what. You are my best friend in the whole entire world. And to be honest, when I said that I didn’t feel the same way, that was all just bullshit coming out of my mouth. You are the most important thing to me. And without you I know I would just go back to being an alcoholic and druggie. I need you.” I said softly. Frank stared me in the eyes.
“R-really?” He asked quietly. I smiled and kissed him softly.
“Really.” I said. He burst out in tears and clung onto me tightly. I was shocked but held him tightly in my arms. “Sugar, what’s wrong? What happened?” I asked worried. I couldn’t really make out what he was saying. I only got a few words.
“I’m…stupid…hurt…bathroom…blood…gross…you.” He was crying so hard and then he pulled away from my grasp and showed me his arm. I almost threw up at the sight. I reached out and took his arm in my hand and he whimpered slightly and I threw my arms around him pulling him onto my lap. He snuggled into me and cried in my arms as I held him. I kissed his cheek and closed my eyes.
“Shh…its okay sugar. I’m here now.” I said as he slowly started to calm down. When he finally stopped crying he looked me in the eyes.
“I’m so so sorry GeeGee.” He said using my new nickname. I smiled at my new nickname and kissed him lightly.
“You shouldn’t be the one apologizing. I should have been there for you sugar. Just promise me you wont do it anymore.” I said. Frankie smirked a bit. Gosh, he is so hot.
“Only if you kiss me right now.” He said. I smiled and leaned in.
“I love you Frankie.” I said before putting my lips on his and putting my arms around him. He pulled away for a second as I lay down and he straddled my waist.
“I love you too GeeGee.” He said before kissing me again but much much much more passionately. And with more force. I smirked as our hips grinded together and he bit my lower lip a little asking for entrance. I gladly accepted it and let him enter my mouth. Soon he was tugging on my shirt before he pulled away and took it off. Soon we were only in our boxers. I smiled at his batman boxers. Gosh, I loved him so much. And he was back kissing me again. I slowly moved down to his neck and kissed it. I bit down on it and he let out a moan. I smirked and moved back up to his lips and our lips crashed together. He moaned at the sudden impact and kissed back. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. His tongue flicked out of his mouth and ran along my bottom lip begging for entrance. I instantly opened my mouth and his tongue slipped into my mouth soon starting a battle for dominance. he soon one and started to explore every inch of my mouth.
He stopped and I whimpered causing a smirk to play on his lips. I flipped us around so I was against the on top and he started trailing kiss down my neck biting softly every once in a while emitting a moan from my throat. I felt him smirk against my skin as he ran his hands up and down my naked torso. his hands stopped at the elastic of my boxers and ran his fingers lightly along my abdomen making my slight hard-on to become a little harder making me moan again. I could barely say anything.
“Frankie…ah…not right now…uhh…Frankie.” I said wanting to make him mine but knowing that the others would be back soon and we would have plenty of time on the cruise. He stopped and looked at me kissing my lips softly.
“Fine.” He said pouting. I rolled off of him and he yawned a bit.
“I’m not that boring am I?” I joked. He smiled and pulled the covers over us and snuggled closer to me. Apparently I was having a sleepover in his bunk tonight. Not that I minded. He was fast asleep in my arms and I slowly drifted of to sleep with him closing the curtain hoping the guys wouldn’t open it when they came back. Mikey did not need to be scarred for life.
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