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My sex god of a boyfriend

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just read. of and i need someone to be someone that mikey cheats on alicia with...

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A/N: Here is what i need if you want the part of someone mikey cheats on alicia with, name, age, looks, what disney character you are on the cruise, personality, anything else...

Gerard’s P.O.V.
I woke up and smiled at the sight of Frankie’s head laying on my bare chest. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. I smiled and kissed he forehead trying to get out of his tight grip without waking him up.
“Gee?” I heard his soft voice yawn. I turned and put my hand on his cheek.
“I’m sorry sugar. I didn’t mean to wake you up.” I said frowning. Frankie smirked tracing his finger in a heart shape on my chest. Frankie kissed my cheek.
“Move. I want coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” He said sounding like a mentally insane gerbil. I smirked.
“Make me.” I challenged.
“Get up or so help me Gerard I will drag your cute body out myself. So move you fat ass.” He said sounding actually scary for a moment.
"I'm not fat." I said laughing a little.
"Yes you are," Frank laughed as he pinched my right side and I giggled.
"Stop it." I said playfully.
"See there? I got a whole inch." He said smirking.
"That's just skin." I said defensively.
"That's fat." He said like a know it all.
"Would you rather that I was anorexic and died of starvation?" I shot back.
"No." He said sitting up.
"Then shut up." I shoved his hand away but it came back and he grabbed me again. "Hey that tickles." Frank grinned and pushed his other hand beneath my shirt and pressed his fingers into my skin. "Your hands are cold," came the whine for my throat as I squirmed under his touch.
"I love your baby fat." He said smiling.
"Baby fat?! I'm twenty nine years old!" I said frowning.
"You don't look it." He said climbing over me and hopping out of the bunk.
"Yeah right." I said following after him laughing to myself a little.
"Really you don't." Frank wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. "Not to long after your birthday a fan asked my how old you were so I told her. Wanna know what she said?"
"What did she say." My fingers began to play with his hair.
"She said that she thought that you were closer to twenty five." He chuckled and leaned into my hand. "I guess that's why I like your baby fat and round cheeks so much. It makes you look younger." He pressed his palm to my face and traced my bottom lip with his thumb. Smiling I pulled him into a kiss. He pulled away and I sat on the couch waiting for him to come join me.
“So, should we tell the guys that we are an item?” Frankie asked while making coffee. He came back and sat next to me.
“Nope. Lets let them figure out themselves. Which means no making it obvious.” I said. Frankie smirked and bit my neck making me have the urge to just fuck him right now.
“What if I cant help myself?” Frankie asked. “Besides. We are going home the tour is done. I have you to myself.” He said. I realized I hadn’t told Frankie the news.
“About” I said smirking.
“What…What’s wrong?” Frank asked confused.
“Well, I may have bought tickets for the band to go on a cruise so we aren’t going home.” I said. Frank straddled me and put his hands on my cheeks smiling like Antony Perkins from Psycho.
“What cruise!” He asked jumping up and down on my lap making me go gaga. I put my hands on my shoulders to make him stop.
“Gosh Frank, do you realize how god damn horny you make me. Its like your trying to kill me,” I said as he smirked, “We are going on the disney cruise.” I said. Frank shrieked so loud and I put my hands over my ears. It wasn’t long after that when the others came out and sat around us. Frankie was now jumping around the bus going to get our coffee.
“What the fuck Frankie.” Mikey yawned.
“What happened?” Ray asked.
“Disney cruise! Disney cruise! Disney cruise!” Frankie sang around the bus until he sat next to me and gave me my coffee. Everyone complained to Frank who was really hyper and soon we decided to watch a movie. So we decided on watching Zombies of Mass Destruction. Halfway through the movie I couldn’t take it anymore. Frank looked so fuckin hot sitting next to me smiling at the movie.
“Fuck this! I can’t fucking take it anymore!” I said before I launched myself onto Frank and kissed the fuck out of him. Frankie giggled as I pulled away. Everyone was staring at us in shock.
“Way to let them figure it out themselves.” Frankie giggled sarcastically. I blushed.
“What can I say. I cant help it if my boyfriend is looking like a sex god.” I said smiling and kissing Frankie’s cheek.
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