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2 Running

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Fire Crotch turns into Party Poison.

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God I loved running.

I felt so light and free when I was running. With the sand I was kicking up floating behind me, I felt no better feeling in the world. I even started to dance while running, but suddenly jerked back to reality and stopped myself. I put my head down and gained more speed.

I start to feel the ground pulse beneath me in an offset manner, and turned around. Sure enough, my guess was right: Fire Crotch was eight feet behind me, with the others struggling to keep up twenty feet behind him. I cackled and waved, grinning my sarcastic, idiotic full-mouth smile, and turned back around. I heard the footsteps grow louder behind me, but I couldn't run any faster than I was. Soon enough, I heard heavy panting, felt somebody grab my back, and then I was falling. Everything went in slow motion. The ground crawled to my face as my hair whipped away from my head. I slowly stuck my arm out, releasing Fire Crotch's ray gun from my hand, but it was too late. The ground connected to my face and arm and I felt pain and blood. After falling, I didn't even bother to get up or grab for Fire Crotch's gun. My arm that I stuck out to break my fall I feared was broken. My nose also felt broken. Somebody else had their arm over my back, and I turned to my right to see Fire Crotch. I don't care how badly my arm is broken, he’s dead. As soon as the pain went down a little, I sprang to my feet with a winch and started kicking Fire Crotch with all the strength I could muster. He winched at each blow, but he didn’t cry out in pain, which made me more determined to make him cower in fear or something along the lines of that. The guys were closer now, though, and I tossed in my head on whether to run or stay. Instincts told me to stay, but I did so reluctantly. I kept kicking Fire Crotch when Boy Wonder came over and grabbed my stomach and lifted me off the ground, thrashing around like the drunk, angry idiot I sometimes become.

Fire Crotch slowly stood up, blood on his face, snatching his gun as he got up, but nothing appearing to be broken on him. He rubbed his neck and muttered, “Damn,” as I tried to elbow Boy Wonder, but Blondie and Midget came over and grabbed my legs. I was stuck squirming around while they toted me back to my love, dead body style. Boy Wonder still held onto my stomach, so I was able to grab my arm and examine it. Yep, broken. Mom always said, ‘Break a fall, not an arm.’ I sighed and sat still while the queers put me in the back seat of my love and set me down, wrapping my wrists and feet with duck tape to keep me from moving my arms or legs. Fuck, no quick escapes here.

“You seriously need to learn to control your anger,” Blondie said as he climbed into my love on my left and Gigantor on my right. Midget and Boy wonder had to share the front seat, probably ruining the cushion with the extra weight, with Midget sitting on Boy Wonder. Fire Crotch hopped in the driver’s seat and started up my love to a nice roar. She sounded in good condition, but could use a very good tune-up back at my place.

I turned to face Blondie, anger painting my face. “Fuck. You,” I said deathly quiet but loud enough for him to hear. “I don’t need a fucking blond pansy telling me what to do. I’ve killed other people for looking at me funny. You’re so fucking lucky to be alive right now.” I thought of my blue, green, and yellow ray gun I left in my messy tree. I seriously need to start carrying a knife or something on a strap around my leg or something like that. These guys coulda already been gone, but I’m just too kind hearted to kill them with my hands.

Fire Crotch laughed, his super fucking human hearing really pissing me off to the point where Gigantor and Blondie gave me some room to seethe. “He’s right, you know. You have a flame head temper that you need to control. It may help in a fight, but in times like this it doesn’t help at all.”

The fuck did he just say? ‘In times like THIS’? Fuck, I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dea--

“We’re not going to kill you, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Midget said with a small smile facing me, after he saw my face and heard how quiet and still I had gotten. “We just need you in the crew.”

I let out a sigh of relief when I heard I wasn’t going to die by these guys. I know I’ll die, but thank god not by queers.

After what seemed like an hour, we passed a cactus. I narroweded my eyes at the sight as we drove past it. How the fuck did these guys know where I hung around? That cactus marked the beginning of my place, and the only reason why I could tell it was my cactus was because it stood like an erect penis with a knife stuck in it three feet above the ground. My favorite knife. I called it Ricky, and normally left Ricky alone, but I knew I would need to start carrying Ricky with me at all times. Gigantor and Midget both got what my cactus looked like too, ‘cause they busted out laughing. Damn teenagers. I know these guys weren’t teens, but they sure had the perversity of a teen.

I glared at the two, who promptly shut up. “How the fuck do you know where I sleep?” I asked Fire Crotch, who seemed to be getting tense. I looked out the front windshield. Man what the fuck is this, a house party?

Fire Crotch and Midget opened my love’s doors and stepped out, with Boy Wonder, Gigantor, and Blondie picking me up out of the car without a problem. Okay, so as a “Killjoy,” I don’t exactly eat a normal schedule, meaning I don't exactly weigh a lot. They walked over to the party of two standing outside of my tree, me still being dead-bodied over, and stopped to set me down and take off the duck tape.

“Good to see ya, Poison,” Dr. Death Defying said to Fire Crotch, patting him on the back. Fire Crotch grew tenser. Hmm… Fire Crotch no likey the Doctor. “How ya been?”

“I’ve seen better days, D. This hot head won’t stop trying to kill one of us,” Fire Crotch motioned to me rubbing my broken arm. “She tried to behead Ghoul with a chair, and shoot me in between the eyes.”

I snorted sarcastically. “Doctor, you haven’t heard the half of it. These ass holes snatched my ass while I was--“

“Violet, as much as I know you’re in pain and how angry you are, these guys need you. They need you and Valium Syndrome here,” he said, motioning another girl to walk over. Well, at least if I do ever get to liking these guys, I won’t have to worry about looks. This chick looked like dirt, literally. Everything she wore was tan, from the straw hat, the cargo pants at what seemed a too big size, the long sleeved shirt over her flat chest, and even her hair and skin. The only thing different about her was her big eyes, a dark brown, so dark that they looked black. She scared me with her eyes.

“Hey,” she grunted. Damn, she sounded like a man. Even looked like one… Hmm… Maybe “she” is a “he”. My judgement must be off.

“You won’t try to kill anybody, will you, Violet?” Dr. D turned his wheelchair to face me and raised an eyebrow. He suddenly whispered, “You can’t.”

I don’t know what it is about those two little words “You can’t,” but they severely pissed me off. I muttered, “Fine,” and walked over to me tree. My “tree” was really just a big metal thing covered in a sheet or two with my truck parked beside it, but hey, this is what I call home. I ducked below the sheet opening, grabbed my keys, my gun, and all of my batteries before turning around and running broken nose first into Fire Crotch. “Move,” I growled, staring at his height, not showing any pain of the said pain shock-waving through my nose out.

“Listen to me,” Fire Crotch said. I stopped and stared at him, telling him with my eyes to even dare to keep talkin’. God, I hated guys like him. A guy like him was the reason why I was a loner, though…

I gasped. No, this can’t be him… I left him back in Texas. Sure enough it was. I recognized this guy as Gerard Way, best friend of my hermit-maker Tim Baxton. Shit, I thought I left that behind… My eyes started to tear up at the thought of Tim. I loved that son of a bitch and he just dropped me…

“Hey, you remember,” Fire Crotch murmured. I turned away, not letting him see my swelling eyes. There ain’t no fuckin' way anybody is going to see me like this...

“Fire Crotch, go away,” I said with all the sternness I could muster, but apparently it wasn’t enough because I let out a sob at the memory of my ex. All the anger I had pent up for so long had apparently grown into sadness and here it was, threatening to spill over the sides of its jar.

“Don’t call me Fire Crotch. You know I’m not,” Fire Crotch, erm… Party Poison said, pulling me into a hug. Party Poison even smelled like Tim, and I let out a few tears, the dam keeping my sadness at bay near breaking point. “Hey, don’t cry. You’ll get my jacket wet,” Party Poison chuckled half heartedly but I still choked back a sob like he meant it.

I looked at him from out of his neck. “Why do YOU need me?” I asked, sounding off, still trying to stop the sadness and retread back into silence. “I don’t need anybody, and nobody else needs me, so why the fuck should you?”

Party looked in my eyes, searching for something but turning away when he couldn’t find what I know what he was looking for: the fire I normally had in my eyes. Man, this day has not been going well for me. “I need you because you’re the best fighter I know, with a die-hard attitude that helps wherever Dracs are.”

I looked back down at my shirt, already dirty from rubbing up against Party’s dust covered jacket. I can’t stay here. I sighed, and backed out of the hug, sadness back at peace behind a wall in a bigger jar. I turned around and grabbed my backpack, stuffing all the food and water I could into it.

Party knew what I was doing though. He caught my not hurting wrist and looked at me. I didn’t trust myself to look up without tearing up, so I just didn’t. He turned my wrist over. I glanced down, not knowing what he was looking for. Oh hey, little guys. Forgot you existed. Party looked the thin, dark scars I had placed upon myself a week after Tim left, to remind myself to hunt down that bastard and shoot off his fucking head. He sighed. “Tim really did a number on you, didn’t he?” I knew he knew he was talking about emotions, but I still said nothing and jerked my wrist free.

I turned away from Party with one last snide comment I could muster: “Go to hell.” Then I walked out of the tree.
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