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Rain Prism

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Tsuzuki and Anna get cuddly before Hisoka brings the storm with him. The action starts here.

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Chapter Forty-Two: Rain Prism:

-On the same Saturday-

"You sure this will be worth my while?" Anna asked. They headed back to their room. Tsuzuki nuzzled her neck.

"Are you questioning me?" he murmured.

"No, I'm just trying to take a guess," she answered. Tsuzuki playfully grabbed her by the waist. Anna giggled aloud as her boyfriend licked her ear.

"Come along and you shall see!" he whispered. He added in little nibbles to heighten the effect. Anna giggled aloud.

"Okay, okay," she admitted defeat with a smile.

"Good girl," the shinigami whispered in her ear, patting her head. Tsuzuki unlocked the door when they made it back to their room.

"After you," he said. Anna gave him a little smile, but she did not move. The shinigami smiled back at her.

"What?" he asked. The woman leaned forward and kissed him. Tsuzuki happily kissed back as Anna took him into the room with her. The shinigami playfully pushed her back onto the bed. She gazed at him with flirty eyes and a smirk. Tsuzuki sat over her grinning.

"What do you want from me?" he asked. His girlfriend reached up and lightly stroked his cheek.

"You," she whispered. "I want only you." Tsuzuki kissed her finger.

"Good choice," he whispered. The shinigami leaned down and kissed her again. His girl happily welcomed the romantic gesture. His hands slowly inched toward her breasts. Anna's tongue parted Tsuzuki's lips as his fingertips slipped under her dark blue t-shirt. Once past the teeth, her tongue began to play with his.

Tsuzuki grabbed onto her right breast with his right hand. Anna tried to in his mouth, but let out a small whimper. Her tongue nearly rammed itself down his throat. That shot up more fire between them. The shinigami paused and took off his jacket. Anna reached up and undid his tie.


Outside, Hisoka roamed the hall. 516. 516. 516. 516. 516. His pounding heart pushed him to keep walking. Blood invaded his thoughts. It showed with the red in his eyes.

Kohaku watched from behind. Just a few more steps until the real show began. Today's feast already filled his mouth.


Tsuzuki's kisses trailed down to Anna's neck. The woman softly whimpered in pleasure.

"More," she whispered. "More, please! I'm begging you!"

"Shhh," Tsuzuki whispered at her throat. "It's coming. Just be patient, okay?" Anna panted as she nodded, her chest heaving up and down. He gave her a little smile. Something was different between them in their intimate state. He couldn't describe it yet, but he could sense her in a distant way. The sensation came through weak, but she leaked into him somehow. It all aroused him in ways that he couldn’t comprehend. Is this what Hisoka feels around other people?

Anna swallowed as she gave him a little nod. Tsuzuki leaned in closer to her throat.

"Very good," he whispered. He gave her another lick to the throat as an additional response. Anna moaned before Tsuzuki kissed her again to keep her quiet. His beloved kissed back as the shinigami slid his hands back under her shirt. Anna moaned as her tongue found his once more.


Hisoka made it to room 516. His pounding heart made him pause. Once he opened that door, what would happen next? Why am I here?


Tsuzuki's mind tried to focus on the senses of his girlfriend. This glow affected him in a different way. The hazy heat from Anna's soul flirted with his libido. He felt as if he had tried a line of coke for the first time.


Do it!


But what?

Hisoka's throat tightened as his knuckles went pale. What would I do?

Just go in and deal with it!

Hisoka lowered his head. Okay…


Tsuzuki's hands slowly traveled down to the hem of Anna's shirt as Hisoka teleported inside. The older shinigami and the woman looked up when they felt someone watching them. Green eyes blackened with no soul stared back at them. Tsuzuki looked puzzled.

"Hisoka?" he asked.

Kohaku shut its eyes as a black screen covered its targets.
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