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The New Manager.

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Gerard feels ill. Frank is worried.

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A/N: I’m going back into darkfic mode again. Be warned. :p But yeah, here’s that similar fanfic I promised. Also came to me during a song. God, I have the weirdest daydreams.

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream

Chapter One: The New Manager.

Gerard Way was 17. He was wounded. He wasn't sure where to go. He couldn't go back home. He wandered the streets aimlessly instead, trying to think of anywhere he could take refuge. He was dizzy and afraid if he didn't find help soon, he would collapse. Mentally, he kicked himself.

Fuck him and his stupid ideas.


They were in the process of recording Danger Days. Things were in havoc because they had recently let go of their manager and were on the search for a new one, and with this album's release fast approaching, they needed to find one fast. The band was exasperated. They had been through countless offers, interviews, and meetings, but no one seemed to fit the bill. Either they would come off as a total asshole, or overly nervous, or knew nothing about running a band.... there was always something. Until one very fine summer's day.

Mikey and Frank were meeting this one at a Starbucks at The Grove in Los Angeles. Gerard and Ray had gone off for an interview. A very handsome, built man sat in front of them with a very charming smile. He had long blonde locks that were tied back into a neat pony tail. They matched the slight amount of stubble on his chin. His skin was pale, and his eyes a very striking blue. A man of Finnish decent. He also smelled very nicely, Frank took a mental note. They were getting along famously. This guy was awesome. He knew about comics, video games, all their favorite things. He got their humor great, laughed at all their jokes and they found him hilarious as well. And he knew about the business too. He had managed three different bands before, all of which he was still on good terms with. He knew about music, and he knew about My Chem. He claimed to have had been following their music ever since Three Cheers.

It would seem they had found their man.


Mikey and Frank were both incredibly excited to show Gerard their new friend and potential new manager. They weren't about to make it official without his say so, of course. Mikey had let himself, Frank, and their new friend James into Gerard's house to play some Fallout 3 and wait for Gee and Ray to get home. Lindsey was away on an MSI tour and had taken Bandit with her. The more they got to know James the better he got. He scrolled through Gerard's library of DVD's and it became clear he loved all the movies they did. Gerard was going to love this guy.

Finally, a few hours and beer cans later, they heard the door unlock, and Gerard and Ray stepped in. They greeted them, and Mikey was the first to shove James in Gerard's face.

"Gee! This is our new friend James Holopainen! We think we found our new manager!"

Then came a very odd 10 or so seconds.

Gerard's grin was instantly wiped off his face, his eyes were wide, and for a moment it looked as though he was going to be sick.

"Gerard Way." James held out a hand for him to shake. Gerard ignored it.

"I have to go to the bathroom.", Gerard squeaked out before practically running to the loo.

"What was that about?", Frank stared after him, quite perplexed.

"Rock stars, they're so erratic these days.", James laughed as he placed an arm around Mikey and asked him to show him more of his own favorite comic book collection.

Frank frowned as he heard Gerard retching in the bathroom. Ray saw it and shrugged, "Maybe it was just something he ate?"

Frank nodded and tried to shrug it off, but something was bothering him about it. Gerard hadn't come out of the bathroom for 3 hours when he finally gave in and knocked on the door.

"Gerard? You okay in there?"

The door opened and Gerard came out looking shaken.

"Whats wrong with you?", Frank eyed him.

"Nothing.", Gerard replied with an unconvincing smile. "Might have the flu. I'm just gonna..."

And he brushed past Frank before even completing the sentence, heading towards the bedroom. Frank watched Gerard collapse on his bed and pull the sheets over himself immediately.

"He okay?"

Frank jumped as he suddenly realized James had been standing right behind him.

"Wha--? Oh yeah, I think he's just a little sick.", Frank replied before turning to leave elsewhere. James nodded and peered inside a bit before taking the liberty of closing Gerard's bedroom door.

Next chapter: That flu starts getting weirder.
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