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Mikey has a new best friend.

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Chapter Two: Special.

It was the day after. Frank and Ray were playing with the Xbox in the TV room and Mikey sat watching them, skimming through a magazine that had featured them recently. Gerard stepped in in his flannel pajamas. It was already afternoon, and he looked like he had just gotten out of bed, yet he didn’t look like he had slept at all. His vibrant red hair was messy and matted, his eyes were bloodshot and his eye bags were particularly pronounced. He greeted them wearily.

"Hey.", they all greeted back simultaneously.

"You feeling better?", Frank asked.

"Yeah just had some food poisoning I guess." Gerard said as he sat down next to Mikey. Accepting the answer, they decided to change the subject to what they were all itching to talk about. Mikey went first.

"So what do you think of James, Gee?"

Gerard shifted uncomfortably, "Oh... I don't know. Didn't really get to talk to him. What did you guys think?"

"That guy is fucking awesome dude!", Frank chimed in.

"Yeah, he's fucking hilarious.", Mikey chuckled.

"He's really cool Gee, and he really knows his stuff. I think we're ready to invest in this guy if you're down. Plus the tour starts in like a couple of months, we need a manager like now.", Ray agreed.

Gerard couldn't find a reason to say no. Unless he told them the truth.

No, he couldn't do that.

"Alright. Set up a meeting, I guess."

"Sweet. I'm already seeing him tonight, I'll tell him then.", Mikey grinned.

"Dating him already Mikes?", Frank snickered.

"Shut up.", Mikey said defensively, although he didn't deny it. As Frank and a blushing Mikey continued to have a very immature spat about Mikey's "boner" for James, Ray only momentarily noticed Gerard had left before turning his attention back to the game.


Gerard was pacing back and forth by the front door. It was 1 AM and Mikey still hadn't come back from his hang out with James. He kept running his hand through his hair and he was slightly sweating. He kept peering out the window. Ray and Frank exchanged glances.

"Dude what the hell are you doing?", Frank finally asked.

"Mikey's not back." Gerard muttered.

"So? Its only 1.", Frank checked his watch."We usually stay out till like 4."

Gerard turned to him as though he were going to say something, opened his mouth slightly, only to shut it and continue pacing. Ray decided to step up to the plate, and he approached Gerard and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you feeling okay dude? You seem a little on edge lately."

Before Gerard could answer there was the sound of a door unlocking and Mikey and James stepped inside, both with goony grins on their faces. Gerard's stomach gave a lurch when he saw Mikey was wearing James coat.

"Dude what the hell?", Mikey said with a laugh, "Did I just get like 10 missed calls from you?", he pulled out his iPhone and the screen displayed that he indeed did have 12 missed calls from Gerard.

"Why didn't you answer any of them?", Gerard scowled.

"Um, we got kinda side tracked.", Mikey said, his grin growing wider. "Sorry 'bout that."

James cleared his throat and approached Gerard. "Gerard, we barely got to meet last time I saw you. Are you feeling better kiddo?" He tapped Gerard's arm slightly.

"Don't fucking touch me!", Gerard backed away into the wall, a disgusted expression on his face.

"Gerard!", Mikey scolded, "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Everyone was staring at him. Had the leader of their band gone insane? When it seemed as though Gerard wasn't going to answer, Mikey decided it would be best to take James elsewhere.

"C'mon, lets go to my room.", he nudged at James before throwing a dirty look Gerard's way, "Obviously my brother feels like being a rude asshole tonight."

They watched Mikey and James go silently, before a confused Frank turned on a pale Gerard.

"What the fuck is your problem dude?"

"I --- I ---", Gerard stuttered. "I still feel sick.", he blurted before trying to leave. Frank grabbed him before he could.

"No, you're talking to me. Why are you so sick all of sudden? Cause I'm pretty sure food poisoning can't just come on and off like that."

"Frank! Would you fuck off?", Gerard shoved Frank off him roughly and stormed off. Ray held Frank back from stopping him, muttering "Just leave it.".

Frank stared after him. What was the matter with him? Frank had never seen him so rude. Or, at least, not since the old days, back when he was hopped up on drugs.


Mikey and James were sitting at the desk in Gerard's bedroom. Currently, Mikey was rooming with Gerard during his stay there. Mikey was showing James the notebook he had been drawing sketches on. He wasn't nearly as good as Gerard of course, but he had always thought of himself of at least decent, and he wanted to do some outlines for his ideas for his and Gerard's comic book. He had drawn sketches of characters he had thought of, places he imagined. James was listening with extreme interest.

"These are really great Mikey!" James smiled as he flipped through the pages, taking in all the details. "You draw just like your brother, really."

Mikey was taken aback, "You've seen Gerard's drawings before?"

There was a long pause before James answered.

"Oh yeah... from the back pages of the Umbrella Academy."

"Oh, right.", Mikey laughed, "Forgot about those."

"Good book.", James nodded, "But you know what? From what you've been showing me now, I think you'd have a better hand at being a comic book writer than he is."

Mikey laughed harder, "Are you insane? Gerard's one of the best comic book writers' I've ever seen. I can even think of a few really famous ones that can't top him."

"See, that right there is your problem.", James went on, "Speaking just as an MCR fan, I can say that you underplay yourself way too much and throw way too much praise in Gerard's direction. Gerard's a great guy and all, but look at you! You're talented, you're funny, you've got killer looks, and you're incredibly strong. Gerard said himself in Life On The Murder Scene, you just don't know how special you are." James flicked a finger under Mikey's chin and grinned at him.

Mikey was red in the face. "I don't even know what to say, James."

"Then don't say anything.", James eyed the TV facing the bed. "Come, lets watch some Halloween before I have to leave."

"Sure!" Mikey enthusiastically popped in the movie before seating himself on the bed with James. James put his head on Mikey's shoulder. Mikey raised an eyebrow at that but didn't stop him. It was strange, he knew this boy so little and yet he felt an odd closeness to him. Like he was an old friend he had known all his life. Mikey allowed his head to drop slightly on top of James'. This felt nice. They watched the movie intently and burst out laughing at all the inappropriate times.

The volume was loud enough that it drowned out Gerard's frustrated sobs in the room just next to theirs.

Next chapter: Gerard tries to pull himself together.
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