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Grin And Bear It.

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Gerard attempts to deal with what he knows he can't handle.

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A/N: I'm going somewhere with this, I swear lol.

Chapter Three: Grin And Bear It.

Gerard had just finished laying down some vocals for SING. He was sitting in the studio by himself, sipping at some coffee, taking a break when he heard the door open. Mikey walked in. Followed by James. This was awkward. They hadn't spoken at all since last night. Gerard decided to be the big man and step forward, taking into consideration the things he had decided the night before. He stood up, and Mikey eyed him apprehensively.

"Hey," Gerard said rather awkwardly, avoiding eye contact with either of them, his head slightly bowed, "Sorry about last night. I really just... I wasn't feeling very good..."

"Oh, its nothing." James was the first to say, "I understand you must be under a lot of stress lately, you poor thing." James ruffled Gerard's hair a bit, and Gerard tensed but didn't dare say anything.

"I was just showing James the studio, Gee.", Mikey chimed in, now seeming more comfortable to talk now that James seemed to have accepted his apology. But then he spoke the next part with hesitation."…As our manager it is really important for him see how we work."

"Oh, is he already?" Gerard placed a hand on his own hip and raised an eyebrow. Mikey raised an eyebrow back at him.

"Well not officially nooo... but I mean, we're kinda just waiting for your say - so dude. Everyone else already --- "

"Mikey," James interrupted him, "You probably shouldn't do this now...."

"No,'s fine." Gerard sighed. He gave a small smile and extended a hand out to James. "Welcome aboard."

"Yes!", Mikey fist pumped as James took Gee's hand and shook it. James laughed and pulled Gerard into a very tense hug that Gerard tried to pull away from immediately. Gerard's heart was racing. This was the wrong choice, and deep down inside, he knew it.

But maybe things had changed?


"I'm having dinner with James."


Gerard looked at his younger brother with astonishment. It felt like the tenth time they had gone out in the same week. Really, it was just the third, but it felt like the tenth to Gerard. They were in Gee's bedroom and Mikey was already getting ready to go.

"Um, yeah, he invited me to some Red Lobster.", Mikey said as he combed through his hair.

"You're seeing that guy way too much.", Gerard huffed.

"And since when was there a limit to how much I can see someone?", Mikey retorted. Gerard fell silent. Assuming the discussion was over, Mikey got up to leave.

"Mikey, wait.", Gerard's voice stopped him before he was about to walk out the door.

"Yes, Gerard?" Mikey turned to look at his older brother, who was sitting on the bed, looking distressed.

"Please don't go."

"Give me a reason.", Mikey was getting frustrated.

Gerard hesitated, "I don't... I don't think you're safe with him."

Mikey sighed, agitated. "I meant a good reason. Why don't you think I'm safe with him?"

“I have a bad feeling about him.”

“Well, you’re wrong. I know him a lot better than you do, Gee.”

"…Please. Just stay?", Gerard pleaded. Mikey didn't know what to do. Gerard was staring at him with desperate eyes. Yet, he gave no valid reason as to why Mikey shouldn't go out with James tonight, and Mikey had been particularly excited about tonight. Well, truth be told, he had been excited about every night he had spent with James. Making up his mind, he decided he'd just deal with Gerard later.

"No, sorry." Mikey said before turning and leaving.


“I want to come with you.”


Mikey turned around to look at his brother, confused. It was another day and another date with James. Mikey had had a stressful day at the studio trying to do touch ups on the song Party Poison, and he really needed to unwind. The last thing he needed was Gerard looking over his shoulder the whole time, especially the way he’d been acting lately.

“I wanna come with you tonight.”


“There’s nothing to do tonight, Frank and Ray are both going out tonight. I don’t wanna be alone.”, Gerard pouted.

“Are you going to act civilized this time?”, Mikey asked scathingly.

Gerard gave a small smile, “I’ll do my best.”

Mikey rolled his eyes, but knowing that was the best answer he was going to get out of Gee, he agreed, “Alright, come on.”, and they left to go meet James together.

They were going to an Italian place this time. Dinner was going well, although Gerard couldn’t help but notice all the flirting James was doing with Mikey. It made him sick. They had all had a few to drink but it wasn't helping at all. He tried to concentrate on the ravioli dish he had in front of him, but that too was to no avail. He could still hear Mikey laughing at all of James’ jokes abnormally loud, or James complementing aspects of Mikey’s outfit.

It was just like before.

“So, Gerard, loving the lyrics for Summertime.”, James said out of nowhere.

“How did you even see those?”, Gerard looked up in surprise.

“Mikey showed them to me.” James said with what Gerard could swear was a smirk. Gerard glared at Mikey, and Mikey looked slightly abashed.

“They’re about your wife, Lindsey…was that her name?”, James continued on.

“Yeah, they are.” Gerard confirmed, wondering where James was going with this.

“Aww well that’s real sweet, I bet she’s a doll. She’s real pretty…”

Gerard raised an eyebrow at him.

“….but I don’t know Gee, I always thought you kinda rushed into marriage with her, so soon after you broke up with that Eliza chick.”

“Mmm, pretty opinionated on the relationships of people you don’t know, aren’t you James?”, Gerard argued. Mikey shot him a warning glance. The tension at the table had just gotten ten times worse.

James laughed, “You have a point there, GeeGee but I think I know your type pretty well.”

Gerard was getting pissed off, “Oh really? Tell me, James, what sort of fucked up delusion do you think is my type?”

“Gerard!”, Mikey tried to silence his brother, but James was just as catty.

“You rush into things way too quick. Makes you easy to trap in a bad situation, kind of like a dumb animal. September 11 happens, bam, you wanna start a band. Got into a bad fall out with Bert, bam, you’re dating Eliza, that doesn’t work out and BAM, you’re with Lindsey. And that’s only naming a few incidents…”, James grinned at Gerard with an almost challenging expression.

“And what the fuck are you?” Gerard hissed, “Taking Mikey out every single fucking night, don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.”

“Mikey has good time with me, don’t you Mikey?”, James turned to Mikey who was at this point unsure of what to say. “Sounds like someone’s just jealous that they don’t have someone shadowing them anymore.”

“What the fuck does that even mean?”

“It means I actually know how to treat Mikey like the fucking awesome dude he is, not like some sidekick who can’t even talk during interviews because his diva of a brother can’t shut up about himself!”

“Fuck you!” Gerard growled, “You’re a fucking asshole. Let’s get out of here, Mikey.”

Gerard looked at Mikey expectedly and James looked at him curiously, both waiting for a reaction. Mikey crossed his arms and didn’t move.

“Gerard… you said you’d behave….”

Gerard’s jaw nearly dropped. He seemed to be trying to think of something to say, but instead just muttered a “Whatever.”, said he was walking home, and left.


James was sitting in the kitchen of his quaint little home in Santa Monica. It was the morning after his night with Mikey and he was drinking some coffee in an attempt to cure his probing hangover. They had gotten quite tipsy the night before, and James was just contemplating on the fun they had when there was a knock at the door. James begrudgingly got up to get it, wonder who the fuck was visiting him at 8 AM. He opened the door and was surprised to see who was standing on his front porch.

“Gerard.”, he said with alarm. “To what do I owe the pleasant surprise?”

“Cut the crap James. We need to talk.”, Gerard mumbled before brushing past James, letting himself in. James sighed and closed the door behind them. He was going to need more coffee --- this was going to be a difficult conversation.


Frank, Mikey, and Ray were having lunch. None of them knew where Gerard had gone to, which was no good as they had an interview at about 3 o’ clock that day. It was already 1.
As they were digging through their sandwiches, Frank decided now was a good time as any to bring up something that had been bothering him in the past days.

“So, um, I think something’s wrong with Gerard.”

Ray nodded, “Yeah I think we’ve all kind of noticed that.”

“Mmmm.”, Mikey nodded and spoke with a mouth full of food, “Didn’t he haff the flu or somefink like that?”

“The flu doesn’t come on and off like that. There’s like moments where he’s perfectly fine and then he’ll start freaking out of a sudden. It’s kinda starting to freak me out.”

Mikey, actually having swallowed his food before speaking this time, then asked, “Well Frank, what do you think it is then?”

“I don’t know..”, Frank picked at his food uncomfortably. “…but I don’t have a good feeling about it.”

Speak of the devil, Gerard arrived home from his visit to James at that moment, making sure to pull down his shirt as to hide the bruises already beginning to form.

Next chapter: Deceiving discoveries are made.
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