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Drawing Conclusions.

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Ray, Mikey, and Frank speculate.

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Chapter Four: Drawing Conclusions.

Mikey played restlessly with his phone. James hadn't texted him at all lately -- what was happening? They had been in contact non stop for the past couple of weeks, and all of a sudden, nothing? He had sent James' a few texts but he had gotten nothing back. God, this was unnerving. Mikey had been starting to get worried. He was at Gerard's house with nothing else to occupy his mind either, it was Ray's turn to be in the studio today. He tried watching a couple of movies. But they failed to distract him. Frank was busy catching up on some reading and didn't seem to want to be bothered. Gerard was barely talking to him, and the tension between him and his brother made him desperate to get out of the house even more. He wasn't really that upset at Gerard. He could admit James really had been a bit rude at dinner the other night, although he still believed Gee overreacted, he also felt a pang of guilt for not defending his brother. But Gerard would get over it eventually, right?

Finally, Mikey felt his phone vibrate. He looked down excitedly, and saw that it was a text from Alicia. He felt horrible at the fact that his heart dropped a little. Lately, he and Alicia had just been sort of growing apart. He wasn't sure who was becoming more distant --- her or him. The girl he used to think of every other waking moment had now only crossed his mind twice a day at best, but it was nothing compared to how Alicia was acting. Mutual friends of theirs had constantly been telling him that she had been quite the social bee whenever he was away, flirting with other men at bars, and occasionally going home with them, to THEIR apartment. It had put him into a slight depression for a while, and he still felt his heart break a little every time he thought about it. It may have been partly why he was so attached to James. James made him forget. James was loving, kind, and relatable. Charming and funny. James made him feel special.


Around 10 pm that same night, there was a knock on the door. Mikey instantly went to go get it. He didn't really care who it was, he just was ready to jump at the first distraction on this, indeed, very uneventful day. To his shock, the door opened to reveal a very darkly clothed James.

"Dude where have you been?", Mikey asked.

"Around." James smiled at him.

"Why haven't you answered any of my texts?"

"I've been busy.", James said shortly.

"Oh...well come in." Mikey stepped aside to allow his friend entrance. James shook his head and fidgeted with something in his pocket.

"Actually, I just came for Gerard."

"Gerard?" Mikey was confused. Just then it seemed as though Gerard had suddenly materialized behind him. Mikey looked back and forth between him and James. Gerard looked somber.

"...Where are you guys going?", Mikey inquired.

"Just got to do some business stuff, real boring.", James nodded.

"At ten at night?"

"Was too busy during the day.", James had a hint of annoyance in his voice at this point.

"Well why don't I come with you?" Mikey ask, hopeful.

"Its not really any of your business, Mikes.", Gerard interjected this time.

"I'm part of the band too.", Mikey scowled. "I should know what's going on with it!"

"Dude, just leave it, it should go real quick anyway.", James said with a firm tone that said this conversation was over. He inclined his head to indicate for Gerard to follow him and Gerard brushed past a very bitter Mikey without another word. Mikey stood there for quite a while, confused and dumbfounded as to what had just happened. He didn't even notice Frank had been watching the exchange from the shadows as well.


Gerard didn't come home until 4 AM. When he walked in he was surprised to see everyone was awake huddled in the kitchen and talking in rather low, glum voices. They seem to be having a very intense conversation, as they hadn't even noticed him walking in at first. Gerard tried to creep quietly past them, just wanting to get to bed, but to his dismay, Frank finally noticed his arrival.

"Hey, you're home.", he said, and Mikey and Ray turned to look at him too.

Gerard nodded, trying to leave again, but this time Mikey was the one who stopped him. "Whats wrong with you?", he asked.

"What?" Gerard said rather snappily.

"You're limping." Mikey pointed out.

"Oh.... nothing... I tripped.", Gerard tried sound non chalant.

"Why are you wearing sunglasses?" Ray asked this time.

"What is with all the fucking questions?" Gerard hissed.

"Well I don't know Gee, you randomly go off with James super fucking late, you come back in the wee hours of the morning, limping and wearing sun glasses for no fucking reason, how can we not at least kind of wonder if something is going on?", Mikey argued.

"Well what are you all doing up so late, hmm? Having a conference about me are we? I can't even imagine what you've been saying about me behind my back!", Gerard retorted.

"Remove your glasses, Gerard.", Frank said suddenly.

"What? Why?"

Frank moved from his spot and started walking over to Gerard, "Let's see your eyes, remove your glasses." Frank came closer to Gerard, who had started backing away. Frank reached up to pull Gee's glasses off his face.

"What the fuck? GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!", Gerard screamed and he punched Frank in his face with all his might, sending him flying backwards into the kitchen table. As Frank cradled his now bleeding nose, Gerard watched Mikey run to Frank's side. He turned to Gerard with a look of hatred on his face.

"THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?" His brother roared at him.

"Just fuck off, alright?" Gerard muttered before walking away as quickly as he could.

"FUCK YOU!" Mikey screamed after him.

As Ray helped Frank wiped the blood off his nose, Frank spoke, "Well I think that confirmed it then. Gerard's using again."

"I just don't understand.", Ray said, putting a splint on the bridge of Frank's nose, "Why would he? He has a family now."

"Guess we knew him less then we thought." Both Frank and Ray looked sympathetically at Mikey who was curled into ball in his chair, looking extremely confused and disappointed.


Meanwhile Gerard had run to the bathroom. He had spent a good five minutes vomiting into the toilet, his chest heaving and sweat dripping down his face. He was leaning against the cold basin of the toilet seat, trying to catch his breath. He got up with what little strength he had, his legs were still in an immense amount of pain. He went to the sink and looked at himself in the mirror. His hair was disheveled and his skin was paler than usual. He lifted a shaky hand to his glasses and removed them, revealing the swollen black eye underneath. After washing his face, he got out some of his make up and tried his best to cover it up before he went to bed.

In his room, Gerard laid awake for a couple of hours. He waited until he realized Mikey wasn't coming to their bed before he felt safe enough to cry himself to sleep.


Gerard Way was 17, wounded, but had at last found a place to go. His friend, Will's house. Will had been a good friend of his for many years, and Gerard knew he could trust him. Of course he was also HIS friend, but what other choice did Gerard have? Everyone else he knew lived with nosy parents who would just send Gerard back home. And this was the closest refuge he could find. Stumbling, he knocked on Will's door and he answered. Will was a slightly plump boy, with squished together eyes and a darker complexion.

"What the fuck happened to you?" Will eyed Gerard in alarm.

"Can I please just come inside?", Gerard pleaded, cradling a bleeding arm.

An hour later, Will and Gerard were sitting on Wills bed. Will was cradling Gerard in his arms, while Gerard sobbed into his shirt. Will was still confused as to what was happening, as Gerard really hadn't said anything since he came in. He could put two and two together though. He knew Gerard had hit rocky times with his boyfriend, James from school. He was James' friend as well, but James had turned into somewhat of an asshole as of lately. Since he began drinking, James had started hitting Gerard, had started steadily becoming more and more abusive. James had been calling Gerard fat and ugly, and Gerard's self esteem had plummeted as a result.

Will sighed and stroked his hand through Gerard's long raven hair as Gerard finally unburied himself from Will's chest.

"Did he hit you again?", he asked gently.

Gerard shook his head. That took Will by surprise. If not that, then what? He couldn't possibly think of how James couldn't have gotten any crueler to the boy than he already was.

"Well yes, but, that's not really's just..." Gerard wouldn't make eye contact, and kept looking down. It seemed as though he was trying to hold back bursting into tears again in an effort to talk, but he wasn't doing a very good job at all. "..James...oh can't tell Mikey...."

"I won't tell anyone Gee, I promise.

Gerard finally looked up at him. His heart broke at the anguish he could see in his friend's eyes.

"Gerard, what did he do to you?"

Next chapter: Will his trail of blood lead to the truth, or lead them astray?
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