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Troubles Ahead

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The awakening of some future troubles for the group.

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"Mikey!" I squealed, reminding myself of a little girl. I jumped off the couch and ran over to

Mikey, giving him a huge hug.

"You're alive!" I exclaimed, still holding onto him.

"I could say the same for you," Mikey replied quitely.

I set him down. "I'm sorry. Ray wouldn't let me-"

"It's okay," Mikey said. "I missed you. You have no idea how messed up I was after they told

me... about your disappearnence," he said slowly, tearing up the tiniest bit.

I hugged him once more. "You don't have to worry about that anymore. I'm not leaving you behind

ever again, little bro."

Mikey smiled. "Thanks, Gee."

"You feel alright?" I asked him. He followed me into the kitchen, as I searched the cabinet.

"What? Oh, yeah, just a-"

"Headache?" I asked, tossing him the painkillers. He nodded and took them.

"So..." he asked, "What exactly is going on? I mean... I'm obviously not dead..."

Ray opened the door and walked in, shutting it. He faced us. His face lit up when he saw

Mikey. "Good, you're awake."

Mikey nodded his head slowly. "Oh," I said, "Mikey, this is Ray. Ray, Mikey."

"Nice to meet you," Ray said.

"Ray?" I asked. "Would you mind filling him in? I think you're better at explaining this than


Ray nodded.

15 Minutes Later...*]

"This is freaking wicked. It's like a movie!" Mikey laughed. So did I. Yeah, it seems cool at

first, but just wait.

"What about Frank?" Mikey asked.

"Who?" Ray asked.

"Oh," Mikey said, "My friend. His name's Frank." Then his memory dawned on him, as his face

twisted ito terror. "He got shot too. He's not dead, is he?!? You saved him too, right?" Mikey

asked me frantically.

I could do nothing but slightly nod, not wanting to upset him by informing him that his friend

might not make it. "I tried..."

Mikey nodded. "He'll make it," Mikey said to himself. "He'll pull through... I know it."

I patted his back lightly.

A door in the hallway opened, and footsteps gently pattered down the hall to us, finally

revealing Frank.

Now, I've never quite considered becoming gay before, but for Frank, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

He was purely gorgeous. His green eyes lit up, his dark hair framed his face in the perfect

way. I mentally slapped myself when I realized I'd bee staring. Frank merely smiled.

"Frank!" Mikey gasped, hugging him.

Ray laughed. "Mikey, if you want to explain everything to your friend, may I have a moment

alone with your brother?"

Mikey nodded. "Sure thing," he said, dragging Frank's arm down the hall, back into the bedroom,

before shutting the door, leaving it cracked the tinyest bit.

I turned to Ray. "What's up?"

Ray sighed. "We may be in trouble."

I gulped. "What about?"

"Do you remember the local coven I told you about?" Ray asked.

I racked my brain. It had been at least a year. "Yes, barely."

"It's quite large number wise- at least twenty vampires," Ray explained. "They inquire all

roamers in the area, vampires that don't belong to that coven but still live here, to inform

them of any new transformations," he said. "They think it's important to know exactly how many

vampires lurk this area."

"And why's that?"

Ray sighed. "They are very paranoid, easily troubled. The suspect even the tiniest group of our

kind sticking together in the New York area may be a new coven, plotting to over take them and

take control of the area. I personally do not like how they control things, so when I

transformed you, I kept it a secret. Do I plan to overtake them? Not at this time," he

said. "But, let's face the truth- it was easier hiding you from them, than all three of you. If

they are to find out, it's a real possibility they may try to eliminate us."

I sighed as well. "What should we do?"

"We've got to be extremely careful," Ray cautioned. "Hunting only when nessecary, and not

making scenes with local vampires. After all, if the numbers of dissappearences get too high,

they think I'm the only vampire responsible, so they'll naturally come here, and discover the

three of you."

"Alright," I agreed.

"Don't worry- I'm calling in a friend of mine that will help us out," Ray said. "As for them,

he gestured towards the hallway, "I'd go check and make sure they're okay." He laughed and

picked up the phone before dialing a number.

I walked down the hallway slowly. I paused when I reached the door, leaning my head closer to

make out what they were saying.

"Aren't you excited Frank?" Mikey asked.

"I-I... I guess so," the boys voice said worriedly. "I have a bad feeling."

"I'm sure that's normal- I mean, this is an unrealistic concept, it's gonna feel weird," Mikey

comforted him.

I pityed the boy. I was afraid this might happen.

"I guess you're right," Frank agreed.

"Hey, would I ever lie to you?" Mikey asked sarcastically. "Now, let's go see what they're up

too out there."

I heard footsteps approach the door, but my feet wouldn't move. The door opened, and I was face-

to-face with Mikey.

I smiled sweetly. "Um... Hi."


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