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Heaven Help Us.

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Gerard's POV

Tours were cancelled. Family visited from everywhere. The press tried to get information but I didn't care. I didn't care about any of that stuff. I didn't care about the doctor that came to check up on him every twenty minutes. I didn't care about his family, sobbing to themselves for most of the day beside his bed before going home. I didn't care about his wife who would just stand there and stare at him. I didn't care about Ray who visited and brought him flowers. I didn't care about Mikey who said he'd watch Frank whilst I went home and slept. I didn't care about the crying mess, huddled in a chair next to his bed, formally known as Gerard Way. I just didn't care. I didn't want to sleep, or to go home, or to eat. I didn't want to see anyone or be seen or be bothered. I didn't want anything except for Frank to wake up. He's been in a comatose state for over 3 weeks now and the hospital even longer. I knew this because Mikey had told me; I lost track of time, days and dates after two days of being here because none of that mattered.

I waited for Mikey to give up and leave before I put my feet on the floor again, leaning close to Frank. "Come on Frankie baby... Please wake up. I need you." I love you. The three words I never had the guts to say. Those three words caused this mess and I was never going to say them again to anyone. I kept a tight hold on his hand and listened to the beat of his heart through a life support machine. I kicked off majorly when they tried to shut him down. Shut him down; as if he was some computer. Some robot that didn't matter. I wouldn't let them treat my Frankie like that. I told them that I'd pay, I'd fund the hospital to keep the machine going; to keep his heart going. I had the money and Mikey demanded he was paying half because the night I broke down I told him everything; from our fight to the detail of what every onstage kiss meant to me. He didn't tell anyone because they didn't have a right to know but he was helping me fund the hospital because he knew how much it meant to me. I'd have to thank him if Frank woke up.

When Frank woke up; there is no if. Frank's a fighter and he wouldn't give up, not now, because of the simple fact he knew I'd follow him and kick his ass in hell for eternity. He wouldn't give up because I haven't; just like Mikey said. I wouldn't let him. I'd keep fighting for the both of us until the day I'd die; that was a fact. I stood up slightly when my legs went numb; not like I cared if my legs fell off or anything but if Frank woke up anytime soon I'd need them to jump on him and smother him with hugs. I stepped lightly on the spot and kept a tight hold of Franks hand. I was staring at the clinical white floor as my black socks lightly pressed against it with my average height frame bent over slightly. My feet moved in time with the constant beep coming from Frank's machine; it was keeping us both alive. I stopped immediately when a groggy voice mumbled. "You know you look like a total prick from this angle, right?" I looked up, towards the door ready to tell Mikey where to shove his bass when I saw no one stood there. Great. I was hearing things. Another thing I'd have to bitchslap Frank for when he woke up. I shook my head and kept going until the feeling returned and I sat down again, huddled into the seat before looking at the smirking angel in the hospital bed. Wait. Smirking? "Frank!" I half screamed his name at him, worried when I didn't recognise my own voice. He slowly opened his pale hazel eyes and weakly smiled at me. "Hey sexy.." I burst into tears; shocked, happy, hurt, confused and completely overwhelmed at what was happening.

Franks POV

Nothing. Nothing but darkness and loneliness. Fuck knows what was going on but I hated it. I was scared to death and god knows how long it's been. An hour? A day? A year? All I could think was I wanted to wake up. You know the feeling that your in a rush to get somewhere because your needed? That's the feeling I had all the time. Somebody needed me but I was useless in this state. Wake the fuck up!!

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

What was that? Fuck it was annoying. This whole situation was annoying never mind that beep that was slowly increasing in volume. The darkness started to fade very slowly into grey and noises became louder and clearer. Thank god; I was waking in someway or another. I could hear everything now and I mean everything. The sounds that was clearest to me was soft fabric stepping repeatedly on the floor and jeans rubbing against itself. When I finally managed to open my eyes I almost choked on my own saliva at what I saw. Not that I minded waking up to a view of Gerard, bent over and walking on the spot. I bit back my laughter and spoke weakly. "You know you look like a total prick from this angle, right?" He stopped and looked up at the door in confusion and I couldn't help but smirk at him. I closed my eyes after he continued then finished and I heard him sit down again.

"Frank!" He screamed slightly. He sounded awful, nothing like my Gerard normally sounded. I opened my eyes again and smiled at him the best I could. "Hey sexy.." I gave my simple reply before he burst into tears. Great, what did I do THIS time. Maybe he was still mad at me and he didn't want me to wake up. "Gee? What's wrong?" I frowned and stroked his hand with my thumb when I realized he was holding mine. "How the fuck could you?!" He screamed at me. " could I wh..what?" I stumbled on my words. He really DID want me to have not woken up. "Yo.. You.... I hate you!!" He spat the words at me. Why was I happy that I woke up again? I wanted to close my eyes and go back into my deep sleep but not wake up this time. "You promised me you'd never cut again!! I almost lost you Frankie!! They said... They said you might never wake up..." He screamed at me, now obviously distraught and he buried his face into my chest after he said 'They said' the first time. After that he whispered the rest of his sentence. He hated me; why would he care if I never woke up? "Gee... Calm down.. I'm awake. I'm fine. I'm.." I paused and he looked up at me with his beautiful tearstained face. "Hungry as hell." I continued and he gave a half laugh before hugging me tightly again. "Now I know your okay." He said and forced a smile; he was unconvinced but he didn't want to make me upset, probably because he didn't want me to do anything stupid again.

I took a proper look at him and he looked a mess. His clothes were messy and so was his greasy hair. He looked like he hadn't shaved in weeks and his eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep. "Gee.. What happened to you?" I was very concerned and it was clearly shown in my voice and this just made him laugh. "What happened to me was that my best friend broke his promise and stupidly tried to kill himself for god knows whatever reason." He looked at me sadly and my heart broke again in guilt. "Why did you do it Frankie?" Fuck. How was I supposed to reply to that? 'Oh, sorry Gee it's just you hated me and I couldn't give a fuck about anything else and I love you but you told me to stay out of your life and they only way that would happen is if I died.' I somehow don't think that would of worked. Instead I let out a heavy sigh. "Frank tell me. What upset you so badly that you tried to.... That you.. Did what you did." I looked down; there was no way I could answer that or look him in the eye again. "Bored I guess."
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