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Car ride

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Mikey’s POV

I should have known. If not for the fact that it was completely obvious, the fact that Gerard was my brother! I knew him better than almost anyone; Frank being the only exception of course. Oh look, another reason it should have been obvious to the oblivious. I should of seen this coming. All of the onstage kisses that were becoming more and more realistic. All of the big smiles and giggles they shared. All of the ‘friendly’ I love you. All of the cuddles and nicknames. The way Gee would smile when he saw Frank. The way his whole face would start to practically glow when Frank would be close. The way his eyes sparkled whenever he talked about Frank… It was so fucking obvious! But Gee was afraid. Afraid of rejection. Afraid Frank would, not only turn him down in the worst of ways, but hate him for how he felt. Gee was angry with himself for not having the guts to tell Frank how he felt. So he lashed out, hurting the one he loved and hating himself more for it. That’s why I’m here right now, speeding down the highway in Gee’s beloved Trans am, behind Frank’s ambulance. Gerard was curled up in the seat next to me, a big crying mess who was clawing and pulling at his hair. Gee explained everything to me in broken sobs and it made me feel worse about the flood of relief that washed over me when I found out that the blood seeping into the hallway carpet from the bathroom was Frank’s and not Gerard’s. Although looking at the state he was in now I could practically hear his thoughts screaming ‘why couldn’t it be me and not Frankie?!’

“I… I never meant it Mikes.. I swear, I loved him. I do love him. I didn’t mean it. I want him better. I don’t care if he hates me Mikey. I want Frank. I NEED him! I’m sorry! I’m so, so fucking sorry!” Gerard sobbed out, repeating the same thing over and over again. “Gerard Arthur Way! Will you stop apologizing and shut up for two god damn minutes!” I didn’t mean to shout at him but I knew that he’d just keep blaming himself until he started drinking again. “What am I gonna do Mikey? I can’t live without him. I won’t.” He sobbed and I sighed heavily. “Gee, calm down. Frank is small but he’s strong.” Gee didn’t even laugh. I sighed as I pulled up at the hospital and I looked at him. “Gerard. Listen. Frank won’t hate you. If he was going to he would; he wouldn’t of done this and he is going to be okay. I know he is because he’s Frankie. Frankie Iero. Our Frankie Iero. The crazy little guitarist who throws himself around stage, who crosses roads without looking. Hell, he’s even got the balls to jump on Bob when he sleeps and he survived that!” Gee smiled slightly and I knew he was reliving the moment in his head. “You know why Gee? After Bob kicked him off he came to you and you hugged him better. When he hurt his knees on stage you put your arm around him and helped him stand. Whenever he was upset you’d comfort him. He’ll be okay because he has you. I know Frank loves us all to death but it wouldn’t matter if the whole world was there for him if you weren’t. He’ll be okay because he’s YOUR Frankie.” I gave Gerard a moment to let the words sink in before we got out of the car and made our way to Frank. I knew Frank would be okay as long as Gerard was there because they loved each other. They’d be okay because they had each other to hold and comfort. I just hoped Gerard would be okay without Frank until he recovered. One thing was for certain; if Gerard went back to his old habits because of this… I’d kill Frank myself.
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