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So that's what happened

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Im back baby

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hell yeah I'm back baby! Making this live again! Please review , this is my most read story over 1450 views and still growing! So pleased! Oh and me and NeonNightmare are trying to talk to each other across the biology classroom with out making noise. Very hard to say I haven't had coffee today and am listening to the misfits

*Franks POV*

Gerard had gone really pale, he looked like he was about to burst into tears,it scared me. 

He said he knew the girl, I took the remote and flicked it to a music channel.

"Gee, are you okay." I said quietly.

"I-I just need some air." he got up and I heard the front door shut. 

Mikey walked down stairs and came  in "Frank gon-" he stopped mid sentence when he realised it was me.

"mikey, who's Jessica?" I said, getting to the point.

"oh, she erm.... She-" he tripped clumsily over his words "why don't you talk about her with Gerard?" I'd made him uncomfortable, I knew it, he wouldn't look me in the eye, and just walked back upstairs.

I'm guessing he more then just knew her. The way he watched the tv when the report about her was on, it wasn't right, something was up.

I slowly opened the front and Gerard was sat on the front porch, where we had our first proper kiss. He wasn't crying, just sat really still, staring at something in his hands.

He looked behind at me when I shut the door.

I didn't say anything and just sat next to him, we stayed quiet for a few minutes.

I broke the quiet by saying, "talk to me... Please"

"about what?" he said quietly looking at the photo.

It was the same one that they showed on the report,only this time nothing was blurred out.

It was Gerard and Jessica grinning, he had one arm around her waist and his hair was a lot shorter, he looked so happy. A very young looking Mikey was at the very outskirts if the shot, all around them they were surrounded with smiling people with drinks in hand.

"She was your girlfriend." I said, it wasn't a question, I could tell by the way he held her, the smile on his face, that even I couldn't replicate.

He nodded, still staying quiet.

"sorry" I said handing the picture back, I felt really bad for him, she must have been then reason they moved out here.

"it's not your fault" he said resting his head on my shoulder.

"what happened?"

"we.... We went out for about 3 years... I really thought I loved her, I-I got her... Pregnant." he started to choke on his tears so I put a hand on his shoulder holding him closer, " her parents wouldn't let her keep th-... S-so she k-killed herself." he pulled away from me and wrapped his arms around his knees and sobbed into them. 

I couldn't breath, or speak, she'd killed herself because they couldn't be together, he still loved her, I could tell. 

Jesus sorry this is depressing for a come back. NeonNightmare was bugging me to get anything finished, here happy, can I go sleep now?
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