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It Was A Lie When They Smiled And Said You Won't Feel A Thing

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enjoy :3 by the way this fanfic is far from over i'm thinking of going into hundreds of chapters or writing a sequel. Review? :3

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Frank's P.O.V
I woke up and realisation hit me. Gee had said he'd loved me. I could hear the kettle boiling so I assumed either Gee or Mikey was here. I was hoping just Gee but Mikey wouldn't be bad. I was just a selfish short bastard when it came to Gee. Yes I called myself short you have a problem?!

I sat up, my head still ached but it was nothing that I couldn't handle.
"Frankie." It was Gee's voice. My stomach errupted and my heart went into a sprint.
"Yes Gee?" I gulped the fear of what he was about to say tormenting me. Had he actually meant it when he said, he loved me or was it all just one big game. I didn't know. I was used to being picked up and dropped. It wouldn't be a new feeling but, if Gee dropped me I think I might just be destroyed. While I had been in my thoughts Gee had come and sat next to me.
"I ummm." his lips crashed against mine and I closed my eyes. Gerard fucking Way was kissing me. I kissed bac and his tongue licked my lower lip for entrance. I immediately parted my lips and his tongue entered. Our tongues fought for dominance and they kept on colliding with eachother. It was passionate, and I hoped from this kiss he could feel how much I loved him.

Too soon we were both pulling away for breath. I craved for more, but I might be pushing my luck if I try to kiss him again. Gee grabbed my hand and looked at me. He was so beautiful. The way he wasn't skinny but wasn't fat and his eyes. Wow! His eyes.
"Haha Frank I know i'm a sexy motherfucker but take a photo it will last longer." I couldn't help but laugh. He really was amazing.
"Frankie, you know we can't be together." I sighed I knew this but even if he just used me, that would be better then nothing. I just needed him though. His hand cuppend my cheek and he forced me to look in his eyes.
"Sugar this isn't what I want. You mean the world to me." I could feel tears in my eyes. Why the fuck was I so weak. As the tears rolled down my cheeks, Gee rubbed them away with his thumb. I loved him more then words could say.
"How about we can be a couple out of school, but in school were enemies?" a bottle that was suddenly closed fired open inside of me.

"Oh that's fucing right. Just 'cause i'm not perfect like your fucking girlfriend it. I'm not like what you should have as a partner. I'm ugly. I'm full of fucking cuts and scars. I can't live up to everyones expectations. I'm sorry, but this is who I am. I'm Frank Anthony Fucking Iero. I get things wrong and I don't know the right decisions to lead a perfect life. The difference is though, i'm not ashamed to be who I am." I looked over at the clock it was 6:15 am. I would go to school today and tell everyone I was gay. "So today i'll go into school and tell everyone i'm gay. I'll tell everyone I self harm. That my parents abandoned me. 'cause Gerard Way your not worth my tears anymore." I got up and stormed up into my bedroom. My uniform was on my bed and I suddenly realized who had undressed me? I hoped it was Gee, I was close to mIkey but I didn't want him to see me in my boxers.

I got changed into my uniform and stormed downstairs. Gee was crying. Deserves him right. I wasn't going to be played anymore. I had basically given him the ultimatum question. He gives up popularity or he can be with me. I hated myself for that but it had to be done. I walked in the kitchen and re-heated the kettle. I needed coffee and to cut, but I could do that later.

I made myself a coffee and drank it all quickly. It burnt my tongue and the back of my throat but it was worth it. I walked into the lounge, Gee still hadn't moved. Why the fuck did I feel guilty when he was the player in this situation. I looked at the clock again and it was 7:15 an hour had passed? Thinking about it, I did take forever to get changed. I went back upstairs and ut on some red eye shadow. Along with red eyeliner and 'X's over my eyes. I admit it does look pretty cool. I ran downstairs and Gee was holding my bag. I gave him the coldest glare I could and took the bag without saying thank you or anything. I grabbed my house keys and went outside. It wasn't cold but it wasn't particually hot either.

"Gerard hurry up." I heard him run downstairs and he darted out of the door. What was he doing upstairs? I couldn't worry about that now. I slammed the door and expected Gee to have walked off by now, but he was still there.
"Hurry up Frankie, I better walk to school with my new best friend right?" he looked sad, what was going to happen? We started walking to school in scilence. It wasn't awkward but it wasn't exactly comfortable. The sound of cars and people chattering was the only sound between me and Gee. I needed to hear his voice.

"Frankie, please support me?" I nodded and we walked into school. Everywhere I looked people had stopped what they were doing just to look at us. Some were smiling and others were gossiping, probably soon to be rumors.
"Gee I don't like this." he looked at me and his eyes showed what I was feeling. He might not cry but his eyes certainly gave away a lot about him.

"Gee what you doing with the emo fag." Gee looked at his 'friends' then back at me. I started to walk away but Gee grabbed my arm and gave me a pleading look as to not go anywhere.
"Oh you want us to deal with him? Okay." the dicks(they will be reffered to that from now onwards) came up to me and Matt tackled me too the floor. I hit it with a thud and suddenly everyone on the front yard was around us.
"Matt get off him." I could just hear Gee in the background over everyone chanting fight. I don't know if it was the adrenaline or what but I pushed Matt off me and started running for my life.

I ran to my locker and had too stop. I had a stitch and it fucking killed like a bitch.
"Iero you won't feel a thing. Your used to pain right?" his smile sickened me. I got slammed against my locker and Matt pulled his fit back. I closed my eyes and the impacrt of his fist on my cheek hurt.
"Oi leave him alone." it was mIkey he couldn't get hurt. I opened my eyes and Matt was still facing me.
"Oh and what you goi..." he stopped once he saw it was Mikey and that he wasn't alone. I guessed he was intimidated by Bob. I know I would be. It was a lie when they smiled and said you won't feel a thing, sprang to my head. It was a line out of disenchented the song Gee had written. Bob had picked me up and he was talking to Mikey and Ray about taking me to the school nurse's office. That would be better then here.

"Where's Gee?" I needed him.
"He went to class Frank, he said something about coming to see you lster." I nodded and started singing Early Sunsets Over Monroeville in my head. It was such a beautiful song even though Gee had writtien it, and everything he did was beautiful this song was just, wow.
"Early Sunsets by anychance Frank?" I laughed at Mikey and gave him the finger. Bob was still carrying me.
"Bob put me down and I think i'll go to next lesson" I smiled.
"Okay how about we all skip and go round to the tree that's on the back field?" I knew where they went. No one went there and I knew it would be safe.
"Okay guys lets go." It was that afro kid Ray. I know i'd only been with them 5 minutes, but I suddenly didn't feel like such an outcast.
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