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I Smile Because I Think Of You

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Frank's P.O.V
Please just let me die. Everyone was looking at me, I was just staring at the wall blankly. I needed Gee, I wanted to scream out for him. I was biting on my tongue so much that I could taste the blood. Love hurts. I knew that was true now.
"Frank!" I knew that voice and the next thing Mikey's arms were around me. I started crying again and just hugged back. It wasn't as comforting as Gee's arms would be, but Mikey is the next best thing. He started to rub my back and it was so comforting. I needed Gee though.
"Emo faggot, Mikey your no better then him." me and Mikey both whipped our heads around to Gee. I knew that he didn't mean it as his eyes were full of sorrow. I really hated him when he got like this. Mikey reached into his bag and got out his PE top. I knew it would be too big, but it was better then nothing. I hugged him tightly quick and let go. I put the top on and Mikey looked like he was about to cry.
"Frank why did you leave?" he was crying now and I threw my arms around him again. He really was like my little brother. It was like he is the only family i've got left now, that's why he means a lot too me.
"I had too Mikes, I-I kissed your brother....and he hates me." A few tears fell down my cheeks.
"He doesn't hate you Frank, he lo...." he broke off and gasped. He didn't hate me?
"Mikey he what?" Mikey pulled back and looked me in the eyes.
"Don't tell him." I nodded.
"He loves you Frank. He's going out with Beth to try and get over you. He thought you didn't like the kiss, that you regretted it." I gulped. Gerard Way loved me? No Mikey had to be wrong.
"Okay Mikes thanks but I better get into the gym, and you better get back to class. On friday, you want to hang around the dance with me?"
"Yes Frank sure, meet you at my house on Friday." This was going to be a long week.

I walked out of the changing room and into the gym everyone looked at me. If looks could kill, well i'd be dead by now. I looked over at Gee, his hair was covering most of his face. He looked like a concrete angel, frozen forever. I loved him, I thought about going up to him and wiping th hair from his face and tenderly kissing him.
"Iero, IERO." I came out of my fantasy and Mr.Aubin was looking at me. Shit! how long had I been day dreaming?
"Your up first." I was always first to go on the trampoline. I was able to do flips, back drops etc so that's why. I jumped and got on. I knew no one would be looking out for me, so I guess i'd have to take things as they come. I started to bounce and got my height up before going over. I loved the thrill of doing it, it just sent off something in my body. I done a few front flips and a few back flips. I looked at Gee while I was bouncing and went over. The next thing I knew I was on the floor. That fucking hurt.
"You okay Iero?" I nodded and got up everything was double vision. There was two Gee's, maybe I could have one. I started to walk and a wave of nausea came over me. I quickly shut my eyes and sat down. Why the fuck was I crying? I can't show everyone i'm weak.
"Gerard, take him to the nurses office, as you are apparantly 'friends'." Mr.Aubin snickered and I could hear footsteps approaching me.
"Iero get the fuck up you fag." I opened my eyes and say Gee's looking right at me. They were beautiful. But they were full of sorrow.

I got up and stumbled Gee caught me and a few of the jocks were saying that he should've just dropped me. He should've i'd rather be out cold then him be like this towards me. Gee put his arm around me and we started walking as soon as we were out of the hall, he hugged me. Shit I felt so fucking glad to be back here again.I hugged him back and started crying. I was such a pussy.
"I'm so s-s-sorry F-frankie." his words caught in his throat and I knew he was crying. I hugged him tightly and took in his scent. It was beautiful and one I would never forget.
"It's okay but if you're going to treat me like this in school, I don't think we should be friends at all." It hurt me to say this and as soon as I did he pulled back and looked at me.
"If that's what you want Frankie." suddenly his lips collided with mine and I was frozen. Too soon he pulled away.
"See you around then I guess." he walked back to the gym. I ran to the changing room grabbed my stuff, put my converse on and left.

I ran across the schools front yard tears blinding my vision. I ran all the way home and my lungs felt like they were on fire. Darkness.

Mikey's P.O.V

1 new message. I opened it thinking it would be from Ray or someone, we were still going ahead with the band, it would just be awkward because of the tension between Frank and Gee.
Franks not been in any lessons since this morning. G x
Shit. I raised my hand. I had to go and find him, if I was honest Frank wasn't in the best place at the moment and it was half my brother's fault.
Okay going to head home now and pop round his, too see if he's there. M x
"Yes Michael?" God I hated it when teachers called me that, but I guess it was my real name.
"I need to go something important has popped up." she nodded. All the teachers knew that my parents are, nearly always away on buissness trips, and Gee looks after me. So when we say something's up they let us go.

I picked up my bag and walked swiftly out of the classroom. I prayed that he would be at his house. If not maybe his parents would be. I cared a lot for Frank, in a way he was like another Gee, so another big brother. He was a bit cooler though, he didn't care what people thought of him. I admired him for that. He is also an awesome guitar player, and can write fucking good lyrics. Gee can too, but with Frank there's just a special twist. No I don't like him i'm straight.

I called Frank's phone and there was no answer. That's not good. I rang another 4 times. I started runnign, if he was capable of slashing his chest, he was capable of a lot more. Why couldn't my brother just be with him. They were both in love with eachother. I found it rather childish. I suppose popularity meant a lot to Gee though. I sprinted the last 5 metres and saw Frank there laying down. Shit. I went over and started to violently shake him. He needed to wake up I couldn't lose him. I took my phone out of my pocket with shaking hands and rang up Gee he answered after 3 rings.
"Gee, Frank's out cold on his doorstep what do I.." he'd hung up before I could finish my sentence. I shook Frank again and he groaned. Well at least he had some fucking life in him. It was freezing out and I didn't want to move him, I knew he'd hit his head earlier Gee had told me.

"Frankie, I think you might have concussion. You want me to call your parents?" his eyes shot open and I could see tears starting to form.
"Don't tell Gee but my parents are never coming back, they've abandoned me." he managed to whisper out before crying. Oh crap. I couldn't leave him now.
"Frank where are your keys?"
"My bag." I got his bag and sure enough his keys were in there amongst other things. I opened the door and threw the keys inside before turning to Frank and picking him up. Since Christmas he'd lost a lot of weight it was horrible. I laid him down on the couch and soon enough he drifted off to sleep. I thought Gee would be here but he isn't. I needed to find away to get them together. There just had to be some way.

Frank's P.O.V
"Gee don't go I need you." I was crying and the tears wouldn't stop.
"I have to Frank you're just not what I want in a person." this hurt
"Oh and that little slut is." Gerard lunged at my throat.
"I will kill you Iero if it's the last thing I do." he was blocking my windpipe and each breath I tookk was closer to my last.
"I love you." I gasped one last time

I sat up and looked around Gee was sitting at the end of my couch. I could hear Mikey playing his bass somewhere in the house aswell.
"How long have I been out?" I don't know where I managed to get my voice from.
"15 hours, we were going to wait a day and then call an ambulance. I'm glad we didn't now." I nodded and laid back down. Gee was here and all I wanted to do was hug him.
"Gee I dreamt about you."
"I know you did Frankie, you were just screaming." I didn't know I had been talking does that mean he'd heard me when I said I love you? My eyelids were getting heavy and I soon succumbed to the sleep.
"I love you too Frankie." I felt some lips brush mine and I fell asleep, thinking of him with a smile on my face. He's the reason I smile. The only reason I haven't taken my life.
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