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You're my summer wine.

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FRERARD. that's all you need to know ;)

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HEY HO, LET’S GO, HEY HO.. ‘STFU, you stupid alarm...’ Gaaah. I really don’t want to wake up. But, there’s one good thing about my alarm: every morning, the Ramones wake me up, and not my stupid mom. ‘Hey, are you awake?’. LynZ broke in my room. She’s my stepsister and my best friend so far. My parents divorced when I was 3 and my dad committed suicide this summer, so I moved to my mom. Belleville, New Jersey. It’s not a really nice or clean city, but I like it here. Even though I liked it more in LA. Anyway, it’s the first day of school. I wasn’t excited, cause I don’t know anybody. Except LynZ. But she’s not in the same class. ‘I am now.’ LynZ rolled her eyes. ‘Let me check your...’. ‘NO, LynZ, not today. It’s my first day in the new school, please don’t ruin it.’ She suspiciously looked at me. ‘I swear, I wasn’t cutting yesterday.’ Yes, I have problems. And LynZ is the only one who knows that I’ve been self harming for years now. I think she wants to help me, but she gets really annoying sometimes. ‘Okay. Not today.’ She smiled at me. Woow, I thought. She really trusts me. ‘GIRLS, COME DOWN, I MADE YOU SOME TOASTS AND CHEESE!’. My mom sounded angry. I looked at the clock again. ‘CRAP!’ it was 7:30 already. I quickly put my Iron Maiden shirt on, my Nirvana hoodie and grey jeans. I ran into the bathroom and do my makeup, spiked up my hair and ran downstairs. After I ate my toast, I kissed my mom on the cheek, put my converses on and grabbed my bag. It last less than 5 minutes. While running to school, I bumped in a boy with Misfits hoodie and black hair. His hazel eyes were gorgeous. I really wanted to say hello or something, but I was late. And it was my first day. After 3 minutes, I was there. I walked in. the corridor was full of girls in colorful clothes, and boys with short hair. Everyone were staring at me. Two Barbie girls were whispering. ‘Look at her clothes.’. ‘Yeah, I know. She’s probably like that creep Gerard.’. I looked down at the floor. Nice start, Tinkara, I said to myself. When I was walking to my classroom, I saw this guy I bumped in earlier. He was on the floor, writhing from pain. There was a group of popular kids around him. The short one was kicking him in the stomach. I really wanted to help him, but I didn’t know, how.

1st September. The day me and Gerard both hate, it’s not because of the school, the thing is, that Gee gets beat up every single day. So, as usual, I helped him. When he stood up, he said: ‘Do you see that girl over there?’. He pointed to the new kid. She was staring at us, and I think she was worried. ‘Yes.’. ‘Well, you should go there and say hi to her, cause she’s just like me. I hope she won’t get beat up.’. I walked against her. When she saw me, she blushed. ‘Umm. Hi, I’m Mikey... Emmm. Thet’s my brother Gerard over there.’. ‘Umm. I’m Tinkara, the new one. Is he gonna be alright?’. Tinkara. I wondered where is she from, she has such a strange name. ‘Yes, I hope so... you know, you don’t wanna be late on your first day...’. ‘Uh, yeah. Well, bye.’ She walked away to the English classroom. I walked after her, into the same classroom
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