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you're my summer wine, ch.2

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frerad. :P

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Parody - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-03-08 - Updated: 2011-03-11 - 671 words

The new kid sits with me. That was obvious, cause I’m the only one that sits alone. The rest of the classes went nice, but we didn’t talk much. It was lunchtime and I went in the canteen to get some food. ‘Hey Mikes!’. I turned around. It was LynZ, my best friend. She was holding her girlfriend’s, Theresa, arm. ‘’sup. LynZ?’. ‘Nothing interesting. So, have you met my sis yet?’. ‘The new one? She’s your sis?’. ‘Yes, I suppose so.’. She giggled and kissed Theresa on cheek. ‘Well, we sit together in a few classes. And she cares about...’. I spotted Frank with a corner of my eye. ‘About what?’. LynZ was staring at me. ‘Ah, never mind.’. She looked me in the eyes and realized that I don’t wanna talk about it. ‘Okay then, Mikes. See you later!’. I couldn’t even say bye, she walked away so fast. Theresa smiled at me. She’s so shy. But I like them both, even if they’re lesbians. I don’t judge people. I don’t wanna be like Frank.

Dear diary,
The scool started today, and so did my pretending. You know, I never wanted to baet this poor kid Gerard up. I feel kinda sorry for him. It isn’t his fault that he dresses and behaves as himself. I think I kicked him five times. Five more cuts on my upper arm. Anyway, I walked in the school, took a deep breath and started pretending. ‘Hi, dude. ‘sup?’. Ray. He’s my friend since we were little kids. I smiled. ‘Nothing, just afew new kids to be beaten up. Where are Jaeda and Rach?’. ‘I’ve told, you Frank, you don’t need to be popular. It’s a bullshit.’. ‘Yeah, whatev... OW!’. Someone jumped on me. I turned around and saw Rach. ‘Hi, baby, how’re you?’.’Great, thanks for asking, hun.’. she kissed me. ‘Hey, Jaeda, how’re you? I haven’t seen you in ages!’. ‘I’m super great. Should we go now?’. She took Ray’s hand and they walked away. ‘C’mon baby, we don’t wanna be late.’. We walked to the locks, holding our hands. i hoped that I won’t see Gerard anywhere, cause I really didn’t want to do it on the first day of school. But we saw it. I was tensed and Rach felt it. She held my hang stronger. ‘No, Frank, not now. Please.’. I relaxed, she’s like a sedative for me. And she really cares about. Rach is not one of those people that ‘like’ me just because they want to be popular. No, she’s the only one that completely understands me. And Teresa, of course. But nobody knows that me and Theresa are friends. Anyway, Rach went into the class and I saw Jack, Josh and Mark walking against me. They’re my friends. FAKE friends. ‘Hey man, have you seen the creep today?’. ‘Hey, Josh. Yes, I have. He’s sitting right over there.’. I pointed to the other side of the corridor. They laughed ang walked to him. Jack threw him on the floor. ‘Hey, Frank, where are you? I think he needs someone with good kicking skills!’. They laughed. I had no choice. I walked to them and kicked Gerard once. Twice. I saw the new kid. She was walking down the corridor and string at us. I quickly kicked him three more times and then we walked away. I turned around and saw his little brother helping him. Sometimes I wish I’d have someone like Mikey. After classes I found Rach and we went to our house. My mom was home, so we wached some stupid TV shows and then she left. Now, I’m sitting here on my bed and writing this. Maybe I’ll write more later. But now, I must do it. Five cuts. I wanted to feel the pain, it helps me a lot.
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