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More questions arise when Anna and Christa bond.

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Gerard slipped quietly out of the bunk then held his hand out to help Anna. They walked slowly down the dimly lit hallway towards the back of the bus.

Moving over to the sofa Gerard sat then pulled Anna down into his lap. She put her arms around his neck then laid her head on his shoulder.

“Should we try to wake her up?” He whispered.

“No, she will be here momentarily.” Anna answered with a sigh. “I can sense she is awake.”

“The bond you share with her is sorta strange isn’t it?” Gerard asked softly.

“While it can never be as deep as the bonds I have with you and Claire it is defiantly unique. There is something about Christa I do not understand. While we have deepened our bond she shows no real ill effects, no mood swings at all. With most humans there is at least a small amount of change in their behavior. I asked her and she told me that when we bond it makes her feel stronger and more sure of herself. While I am glad my blood has that effect on her I do not understand why those are the only emotions she feels.”

“Well not the only emotions." Christa said softly as she walked towards them. “Sorry I wasn’t trying to overhear your conversation.”

Anna smiled, “Sit next to us.” She waited until Christa was seated to speak, “You also feel a strong sexual desire when we bond.”

Christa looked away in embarrassment.

“Hey I understand the lust.” Gerard said.

“I don’t like to think of it as lust.” Christa whispered, “It’s more like strong desire formed from love.”

Anna reached over and took her hand, “That is a beautiful way to describe it. It is almost as if you view certain parts of the Healer world more clearly than I.”

“Anna, while I don’t know what happened in your past I think whatever it was has a lot to do with the way you look at things.” Christa said gently.

“Perhaps you are right.” Anna nodded, “Until very recently emotions from my past had still plagued me. Ultimately I believe that is why Healers should not continue to feel human emotions once they are turned. They cloud our judgment.”

“Maybe some emotions do but not all.” Gerard said stroking Anna’s face with his fingertips. He looked over at Christa and smiled, “Besides I’m sure Ray doesn’t mind the uh way you feel after you bond with Anna.”

Christa actually blushed, “No, he’s enjoyed the times after Anna and I have bonded. It’s like it makes my love for him stronger too.” She added softly, “It’s not just sex.”

“I am still wondering.” Anna said changing the subject, “How you knew I was testing you before?”

“Testing her?” Gerard asked in a confused tone.

Christa smiled, “Yeah, she wanted to talk to me alone but then she said she’d changed her mind and wanted to wait for us to bond. I just knew she was doing it to see how I’d react.”

Gerard looked into Anna’s eyes, “You did that?”

Anna nodded, “Yes, I wanted to make sure she could control her desire for my blood.” Anna admitted. “I do not want this bond to interfere with her life.”

“Anna, if I didn’t have this feeling I wouldn’t have even brought bonding again up to you but..” she searched for words to explain, “I just somehow know it is important that we deepen our bond. I mean I hope it all turns out that I’m wrong and there’s no reason for this.”

“While I do not understand your feeling about this I believe I should honor your request.”

Christa smiled, “Thanks for not just thinking I’m having some flaky feelings that don’t mean anything.”

“I would never think that.” Anna told her honestly, “I realize there is something very unique about you.”

“Uh so should I stand over in the doorway in case someone would wake up?” Gerard asked feeling slightly ashamed that the thought of watching the two women bond was sexually exciting the hell out of him.

“That would be wise.” Anna said slipping off his lap. “When the bond is being preformed it is hard for me to sense anything else around me.”

Gerard moved over and stood in the doorway but made sure he was facing them.

Anna sat down then took Christa’s hands in hers, “If it is what you want we can exchange more blood than we have in the past. It will deepen the bond more than before however you will also feel the effects more.”

“Yes.” Christa whispered, “I think we should.”

Anna smiled sadly, “Just remember the promise you made to me.”

Christa understood she was speaking about the promise never to endanger her life. “I promise.”

Gently Anna reached up to brush back Christa’s hair over her shoulder. As she did her eyes changed. She heard Christa’s breathing quicken. Lifting her arm she bit into the flesh just above her wrist. Using both hands Christa held Anna’s arm to her mouth then lowered her lips. As soon as Anna’s blood touched her tongue she moaned softly. So many intense feelings flooded her body she unintentionally tightened her grip on Anna’s arm.

Anna watched a moment then leaned over and bit into the soft skin of Christa’s neck. They had never exchanged blood at the same time before and doing so only intensified her hunger. Christa’s blood was sweet as she gently sucked from the wound.

As Gerard watched them his breathing increased and he felt desire surge through his body. It took every ounce of willpower not to join them on the sofa.

Christa hungrily continued to drink Anna’s blood. At this moment nothing else mattered. She shifted her body so that she was closer to Anna. Using her right hand to hold Anna’s arm to her mouth her other hand reached out and gently stroked Anna’s face.

Anna was fighting the urge to completely lose herself in the feeling that was taking over. She reached out and settled her arm around Christa’s waist pulling her closer.

Gerard heard both women softly moaning. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other trying to ignore his hardening dick. Without thinking his hand reached down to stoke his engorged member.

Anna took one last deep swallow then forced herself to sit back. She saw Christa still drinking, “You must stop now.” She whispered stroking Christa’s hair gently.

Christa released Anna’s arm slowly. As before Anna lifted her arm and licked the wound to stop the bleeding. A moment later her arm looked as it had before with no mark of any kind.

She smiled at Christa then leaned over to do the same to her neck. When Anna’s tongue darted out to lick the wound Christa could not stop herself, before Anna could sit back she kissed her lips.

Anna pulled Christa to her then returned the kiss. It was sweet and gentle but as Christa tried to shift even closer she heard Anna whisper, “Go now to Ray.”

“Yes.” Christa nodded this time feeling no embarrassment about what had just happened. She stood and brushed past Gerard without glancing at him.

Through the semidarkness Anna smiled over at Gerard, “Come.” She beckoned holding out her hand.

Feeling guilty about his actions he slid her hand from inside his sweatpants then slowly moved over to the sofa.

As soon as he was standing before her Anna pulled the pants down his legs. Gerard bit his tongue to keep from moaning when she placed her hands on his buttock and pushed his throbbing cock to her mouth.

“Oh, Anna.” He whispered brokenly as his fingers intertwined in her hair.

Anna’s mouth made love to him. Her tongue swirled around his dick several times before she sucked it completely in her mouth. He could feel his release coming and tried to pull out of her mouth but her hands held him in place. A moment later his release came hard and quick. Anna did not release him until it was over.

Gerard fell to the sofa then pulled her into his arm. “Shit, Sugar that was intense.” He said still trying to catch his breath.

Anna put her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

When he could finally breathe normally again he whispered, “But what about you?”

“Not tonight.” Anna whispered in return, “I just long for you to take me back to the bunk and hold me tightly.”

He looked into her eyes which were once again icy blue, “Are you sure?”

“Very sure.”

Gerard stood slowly and extended his hand to her. Together they walked back to their bunk. This time Gerard slipped in first then held up the light blanket so Anna could join him. Soon their bodies were molded together.

“Anna.” Gerard whispered into her ear, “I gotta admit I’m kinda worried about this feeling Christa has. It’s like she thinks something bad is gonna happen to you and you’ll need her, isn’t it?”

Anna sighed, “I am not sure. I am going to speak to Jacob about her when the opportunity arises. There is something very different about Christa. Tonight when we bonded I was more aware of it than ever.”

Gerard shifted slightly trying to get comfortable, “What do you mean?”

“There is something about her blood that I have never encountered before. When we bonded in the past I did not notice it but tonight…”

“What was different?”

Anna thought a moment, “Tonight I noticed it was very sweet.”


Anna smiled, “I can not explain it better than that.”

“So what are you thinking?”

“I am not sure and do not feel ready to hazard a guess. I will speak to Jacob about it.”

Gerard frowned, “It ain’t something bad, is it? I mean I can tell this all is something very important to her. I’d hate to think he’d tell you that you shouldn’t let her be bound to you.”

“No, I do not believe it is a bad thing. And you are correct this is important to her, I understand that. I would never simply abandon Christa unless I had to do so for her own safety.”

Gerard closed his eyes, “Tomorrow night at his time we’ll be on our way to Vermont.”

“Yes.” Anna said softly, “But you have one more concert so you need to sleep.”

“I am pretty tired.” He yawned, “Goodnight, Sugar.”

“Goodnight, Gee.” Anna closed her eyes trying to fight the growing fear she could not explain.

Bob rolled off Claire but kept his arms under her so that now she was laying on top of him. “Shit, woman.” He said trying to catch his breath, “I love you.”

Claire giggled, “You feel you must say that.” She teased.

“You know that ain’t the truth. I loved you before we ever even kissed.”

“Did you really?” She asked snuggling against his chest.

“Sure did.” Bob answered stroking her back. “I remember the first time I saw you. You were walking along behind Anna and I thought to myself who the hell is that gorgeous woman?”

“Gorgeous?” Claire laughed, “I did not realize you needed glasses.”

Bob rolled his eyes, “Still having trouble taking compliments, I see.”

Claire grinned, “Maybe but do not let that stop you from giving them.”

“I’ll give them to you every damn day for the rest of our lives.” Bob whispered growing serious. “And I’m already storing them up for the baby.”

“Bob what if your family is upset?” Clair asked letting her fears finally be spoken.

“Why would they be upset? Shit, mom will be ecstatic. I warn you though she will spoil our child.”

Claire closed her eyes, “I just fear they might think we rushed into things.”

“We did.” Bob said, “And I couldn’t be happier about that.”

“Me too.” Claire whispered. Still she couldn’t help but feel a small amount of nervousness at the prospect of going to Chicago during the break. And she couldn’t help but worry that since meeting Anna all those years ago they would be parted for more than a few days. It gave her some comfort to know that Anna and Gerard were going to see Jacob. The Pure would obviously protect them and yet there was a small nagging feeling she could not shake. She just prayed that nothing would happen because if Anna needed her and she couldn’t be at her side Claire knew she would never be able to live with the guilt.

Ray opened his eyes slowly then stretched out his body. A smiled came to his face when memories of last night filled his brain. His surprise when Christa had woke him up had quickly turned to pleasure when he’d found out why.

He got up and moved towards the smell of coffee.

“Good morning.” Christa greeted him with a kiss. She turned and walked over to pour him a cup of coffee.

“Thanks” he smiled as she handed it to him.

Frank, who was seated at the table with Jamia looked up when Gee and Anna both walked in. “Hey, lovebirds.”

Gerard ignored him walking quickly towards the coffee machine. He poured a cup for himself and Anna and they settled on one of the sofas.

Next Alicia wandered in slowly. “Shit, I’m tired.” She groaned. “I don’t know what it is with you people wandering around at all hours of the night.”

“Who was wandering around?” Ray asked before taking a sip of coffee.

Alicia poured herself a cup of the brew then turned “Shit, Gee, Anna, Christa.” She narrowed her eyes, “And if that wasn’t bad enough it sounded like a porn flick in a certain guitarist’s bunk.”

Ray actually blushed but Christa just laughed, “Sorry.”

Ray made his way over to one of the chairs and sat down. He looked back over at Christa, “How come you were wandering around?”

Alicia spoke before Christa answered, “She was in the back lounge with Anna and Gee.”

Christa shot a look towards Gerard and Anna then laughed, “Yeah we were talking cause none of us could sleep. Why didn’t you join us?”

“Too tired to move.” Alicia muttered.

Frank giggled, “Oh Gee, Anna and Christa were having a ménage a trois”

Gerard who was taking a sip of coffee starting coughing spitting out some of the hot beverage.

Anna recovered first, “Oh no, Frank has figured it all out.” She laughed.

Christa grinned at her husband, “Yeah well it’s in the open now, you don’t mind do you?”

Ray rolled his eyes, “No, no problem.”

“Can I watch next time?” Frank asked. Beside him Jamia rolled her eyes at her husband’s antics.

“You may run the video camera.” Anna answered.

Poor Gerard who had tried to take another drink of coffee broke into a fresh round of coughing. Laughing Anna patted him on the back.

“Thanks” he choked out.

“My pleasure.” She smiled knowingly.

“All right.” Alicia said as the bus came to a slow stop. “Breakfast time.”

As everyone prepared to depart the bus Gerard whispered to Anna, “Shit, I’m gonna strangle that gnome.”

Anna smiled, “Frank’s comment obviously caught you off guard. I believe it touched a little to close to home?”

Gerard looked down at his coffee cup, “Uh, yeah sorta, I guess. I’m sorry.”

Anna glanced around and saw that no one was paying any attention to them, “Gee, I understand how you felt last night. The desire to join Christa and I was strong was it not?”

“Fuck yeah.” He whispered.

Anna sighed, “She is your friends wife so doing so was something your brain would never allow. However, the Healer blood that runs through your veins is not controlled by you head. Now perhaps you can see why at times it is so difficult for me to deal with what I am.”

He nodded, “Yeah, I can.”

Anna took a sip of coffee then smiled when she saw Ray and Christa walking together with their arms linked. “I am glad she does seem much happier now.”

Gerard followed her gaze, “Yeah, she definitely seems more confident.”

“Hey, come on you two.” Mikey said looking over at Gerard and Anna. “We ain’t got much time.”
As they stood Bob suddenly appeared on the bus. “Hey, Claire and I already saved a table for you guys.”

Anna smiled, ‘How is Claire feeling this morning?”

Bob smiled, “Not sick a bit. But she’s hungry.”

As they all walked across the lot Gerard put his arm around Anna’s shoulder. He smiled realizing tonight was the last concert for a while. He needed a break and while he was still nervous about meeting Jacob he held out hope that the meeting would prove to be a good one. No matter what Anna believed he held the hope in his heart that soon she would be his wife.
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