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Anna learns about Gerard's plan.

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It was ten minutes before the band was scheduled to go on and most of the members were backstage. Gerard smiled when Anna walked into the room and headed in his direction.

"I was afraid I wasn’t gonna see you before I had to go on.” He said as she took a seat next to him on the sofa.

Anna sighed, “I called Jacob.”


“Since I was unable to speak to him before I thought it only right I call him back.” She grinned, “You know he could not speak to me because he was on the phone with someone else.”

Gerard laughed, “Oh yeah, I sorta remember that.” He teased. “So what did he say?”

“He has spoken to Hudson.” She added no more because several band members were nearby.

“And?’ Gerard asked softly.

Anna noticed that Alicia was glancing over at them, “I will tell you later.” She said softly.

Alicia walked over and sat down across from them. “So Mikey says you guys are going to Vermont after tomorrow nights show.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna visit Anna’s uncle.” Gerard answered.

Alicia smiled, “So you nervous?”

Inwardly Gerard groaned, he had told Mikey about his plan to talk to Jacob about marrying Anna and obviously his brother had blabbed that information to his wife.

Anna felt Gerard’s body tense, “Why would he be nervous?” She asked.

Alicia laughed, “Hell if I know. I mean it’s not like you have to have your uncle’s permission to get married or anything.”

Gerard stood quickly, “Hey I’m gonna grab a soda. Either of you want one?” He was sure Anna was not going to be happy about his plan.

Anna looked over at him with her eyes narrowed, “No, thank you.”

He knew by that look she was indeed upset.

“Yeah, I’ll take one.” Alicia answered unaware of the tension between them.

Quickly Gerard walked away.

“So think your uncle will like Gee?” Alicia asked turning her attention to Anna.

Anna reminded herself to smile, “I am sure he will.”

“Well just make sure you two don’t sneak off and get married without Mikey and me.” Alicia said.

“Oh do not worry about that.” Anna answered her eyes glaring at Gerard across the room.

Gerard saw the look, smiled then turned his back.

“So Mikey told me you guys are gonna visit Donna during the break, too. Maybe we’ll see you there.”

“You and Mikey are going back to New York?” Anna asked.

Alicia nodded, “Yeah, we’re gonna go home and chill during the break. We talked about going out to LA for a few days and visiting friends but decided we should rest up before leaving for Europe.” She glanced around then added softly, “So I was talking to Claire and she’s really nervous about going to Chicago.”

“I can understand that.” Anna answered, “I am sure Bob’s family will be shocked by the news of the baby.”

“Yeah, but I heard Bob reminding her how much his mom loved her when they met.”

“Still I am sure it will be a shock to them.”

Alicia shrugged, “Yeah, I suppose so.” She turned her head when Mikey called out her name. “Catch you in a few.” She said to Anna before standing and walked over to where Mikey stood talking to Ray and Frank.

Anna watched Gerard hand Alicia her soda. Slowly he made his way back over.

“Uh, so I guess you’re pissed.”

“So you have told people your plan is to speak to my uncle about marrying me?” Anna asked.

He sighed, “I only told my brother who of course told his wife.”

Anna shook her head sadly, “Gee, I thought I explained to you that there would be no way we could marry without the consent of the council.”

“You did.” He said quickly.

“And that as long as our bond is still fresh such a thing would not even be considered.”

He shrugged, “Yeah you said that but I just thought that since I’m doing so much better controlling my moods that they might make an exception.”

“An exception.” Anna repeated. Suddenly she felt like crying, “You just do not understand. To the council you are simply another mortal. Believe me they do not care a lick about rewarding your good behavior.”

Gerard suddenly smiled.

“You find something good about this?” Anna asked trying to control her sudden temper.

“No, that’s not it. I just like the way you said what you said.” He saw that Anna was still frowning so he added, “You said ‘a lick’ I like it when you talk like a real person.” As soon as the words left his mouth he realized he should have just shut up.

“A real person?” Anna began to drum her fingers on the arm of the sofa. “So what am I the rest of the time?” She didn’t wait for him to answer, “Oh that is right, I speak unlike everyone else. Thank you so much for pointing that out once again.”

“Anna, calm down.” Gerard said softly, “I didn’t mean it like that and you know it.”

“I do not know anything.” Anna said standing up suddenly. “No, wait that is not true.” She glared at him, “What I do know is that you refuse to understand that which you do not like.”

Gerard noticed that several people were glancing over at them.

“Fine.” Anna said losing the battle to control her temper, “Be a jackass, refuse to understand, it will not matter. Things are what they are and no matter now good you are…it ain’t gonna change shit.” With that she turned and headed for the exit.

Gerard caught up with her just as the call came for the band to get ready.

“Sugar, stop.” He pleaded, “I don’t want us to fight.”

Anna stared at him a moment then pushed open the door.

As much as Gerard wanted to go after her he knew there wasn’t time.

“Come on, Gee.” Mikey yelled.

As soon as he came off the stage Gerard looked for Anna but she still hadn’t returned. He had tried unsuccessfully to see if she’d been on the side stage during the concert but the lighting had made it impossible. Now he realized she hadn’t been there and she wasn’t here now.

“Hey, where’s Anna?” He asked spotting Claire who was watching Bob walking towards her.

“She is in the RV.” Claire answered, “Fuming.”

“Fuck.” Gerard muttered. “I gotta talk to her.”

As he started to walk across the lot he received a text.

“Shit.” He said reading Anna’s words.

“What’s up?” Bob asked when he and Claire reached the spot where Gerard stood looking at his phone.

Gerard was upset Anna was angry yet his own anger suddenly kicked in, “Nothing.” He said. “I’m gonna head back over to the venue and shower.”

Bob nodded, “Yeah, okay. Guess I’ll use the shower in the RV then.”

“Whatever.” Gerard said walking away.

“Okay, what was that all about?” Bob whispered to Claire as soon as Gerard was out of earshot.

“He and Anna had a disagreement earlier.” Claire explained. She had gone to the RV and spoken to Anna during the concert. “I believe they are still arguing.”

Bob sighed, “Oh so what’s the plan then? Is he gonna travel on the bus tonight?”

“You are so tired.” Claire said softly.

“Hey, it’s no big deal.” Bob shrugged, “Let’s go. You talk to Anna while I shower.”

Gerard showered then left the venue. He thought the others had already returned to the bus so he hurried his steps. When he walked out he was surprised to see Christa and Ray sitting there obviously waiting for him.

“Hey, why aren’t you on the bus?” He asked.

Ray shrugged, “Christa thought we should wait for you.”

Gerard cast a quick glance in Christa’s direction knowing she had suggested waiting because she was keeping an eye on him. While he understood why it still made him feel like a child who needed a babysitter. “You guys didn’t have to wait for me.”

Christa smiled, “No problem. Uh, I guess you’re riding on the bus because the RV already took off.”

Gerard nodded, “Yeah.” He brushed past them and headed towards the bus silently fuming. If that is what Anna wanted that was fine with him. Maybe a night away from her would be a good idea.

“Dude, about time.” Mikey said seeing his brother enter the bus followed by Ray and Christa.

Gerard ignored him. He tossed down his stuff then fell on to the sofa. Around him the others were all talking and laughing but he was lost in thought. He replayed the conversation he and Anna had spoken before the show. Part of him realized that while had hadn’t meant to he’d hurt her feelings. Still he reminded himself angrily she treated him like he was an idiot, always reminding him about the rules of the Healers.

“Earth to Gee.”

Gerard glanced up realizing Frank must have been speaking to him. “What?”

Frank laughed, “Oh nothing. You tired?”

“Yeah.” Gerard nodded, “Exhausted.”

“But it was a great show.”

Sadly Gerard realized the show hadn’t been great to him, Anna hadn’t been there to see it. Slowly he took out his phone.

GERARD: I’m sorry

He wanted to say more but didn’t know where to begin.

ANNA: I am sorry I snapped at you.

GERARD: I understand. I love you so much I forget the obstacles

ANNA: I know

Gerard frowned at his phone. She could have a least said I love you too, he thought.

GERARD: When we stop for gas can I catch a ride?


“Shit.” He muttered. He knew they needed to talk but obviously she was still pissed.

GERARD: Why not?

ANNA: Bob and Claire need some time alone.

GERARD: Okay so I’ll drive and they can have the bedroom.

He figured that made sense.

ANNA: They already have the bedroom.

Gerard read the text twice. Who the hell was driving the RV?

“What’s up?” Mikey asked talking a seat next to his brother. He glanced down at Gerard’s phone wondering who he was texting.

Gerard was still trying to figure out what was going on. “Uh, who’s driving the RV tonight?”

“Tom.” Mikey answered naming one of their crew members. “Why?”

“I was just wondering.” Gerard said frowning, “I thought Bob was gonna drive.”

“I think he was going to but Anna arranged for someone else to do it because it’s such a long drive to the venue. I heard her saying that Bob really needed to get some sleep.” Mikey laughed, “Course not sure how much actual sleep he’ll get being alone with Claire.”
Gerard was about to make a remark when he phone vibrated. He glanced down at the screen.

ANNA: Are you still angry?

Yeah he was feeling angry.

GERARD: You and Tom have a nice night.

He couldn’t help it, the idea of Anna traveling to the next venue keeping Tom who was at the wheel company bothered the hell out of him.

ANNA: Jackass

Mikey was watching Gerard read the text. “Gee, what’s wrong?"

“Anna just called me a jackass.” He muttered.

“You two are texting each other?” Mikey asked clearly confused.

“Yeah, so?" Gerard asked looking over at him.

“Uh, why don’t you just go talk to her?”

“How the hell can I do that?” Gerard answered.

Mikey laughed, “Uh, why couldn’t you? I mean she’s in your bunk. It’s really not all that far for you to walk.”

Gerard stared at his brother. “She’s in my bunk?”

Mikey nodded, “Yeah, you didn’t know that?”

“Fuck.” Gerard got up quickly almost knocking into the bowl of popcorn Frank and Jamia were sharing.

“Hey, watch it.” Frank yelled.

Gerard ignored him continuing to make his way towards the hall. In moments he was pushing back the curtain of his bunk. There he saw Anna stretched out with her eyes closed.

“I didn’t know you were on the bus.” He said squatting down so he could be at eye level with her.

“Obviously.” She answered but did not open her eyes.

Gerard grabbed his sweats and went to change in the bathroom. When he returned he saw that Anna hadn’t moved.

“So you wanna move over?” She was laying in the middle of the bunk.

“Depends.” She answered.

Gerard frowned, “Depends on what?”

“Are you still being a jackass?”

He tried not to smile, “I didn’t know I was being one.”

“Of course you knew.” Anna said with a sigh, “I told you.”

Gerard waited until Ray and Christa walked by him on the way to their bunks before speaking, “Uh, so just cause you said it that means it’s true?”

She nodded slightly.

“Okay I admit it I was jealous. I thought you had gone in the RV and I didn’t like the idea of Bob and Claire being in the back which would have meant you were up front with Tom.”

“But you wished us a good night.” Anna responded.

Gerard saw her lips twitch as she tried not to smile, “Woman, either move over towards the wall or let me get in first.” He was surprised when she moved her body over. He lowered himself into the bunk. “Sure you don’t want the outside?”

“This is fine for now.” Anna whispered, “When the others are asleep I plan on getting up.”

Gerard snaked his arm under her pillow then pulled her close, “How come?”

“I need to speak to Christa.” She answered.

“She and Ray just went to bed.”

“I know.” Anna answered, “But she will seek me out.”

Gerard rolled his head over and looked at her face, “So what’s up with that?”

Anna opened her eyes, “She wishes to bond again.”

“Oh.” He was surprised, “Uh, why?”

In whispers Anna told him about the conversation she’d had with Christa earlier in the day.

When she was through Gerard closed his eyes and thought several minutes before saying, “It sorta makes me nervous that she feels like it’s something she should do, you know?”

Anna nodded.

Trying to keep a positive attitude Gerard said, “Hey, I’m sure it’s nothing. We’re gonna be fine but I do have to admit I’m fuckin’ nervous about meeting Jacob.”

Anna smiled, “I understand. I am a bit nervous too.”

“Look about earlier…” he wanted to clear the air but Anna reached up and placed her fingertip on his lips.

“I understand, Gee. Please believe me I would love to marry you. I wish I could with all my heart but I just do not believe the council will allow it. If we married it would just draw more attention to us and with the bond so fresh that would not be good.”

“Yeah, I know.” He said softly “But you don’t know for sure. Hudson seemed to think it was a good idea.”

Anna shot up forgetting the size of the bunk and struck her head with a resounding thud. “Shit.” She cried out.

“Anna, such language.” Frank, who was passing by the bunk, giggled.

“Are you okay?” Gerard said when she fell back down on the pillow.

“You spoke to Hudson about this?” Anna whispered.

Gerard looked sheepish, “Well yeah. He called me while I was on the bus working on song lyrics.”

“What did he want?”

“He just wanted to see how I was doing. He said Jacob had called him and told him about the water bottle incident.”

“Oh, hell.” Anna said rubbing her head.

“Anna, I don’t see why you’re upset. When I told him I was planning on talking to Jacob about us getting married he said he thought it was a good idea.”

“He said that?” By her tone it was obvious she didn’t believe it.

“Yeah, he did.”

Anna covered her face with her hands. “Why would he say that?” She muttered.

“I dunno but I think it’s a good sign. I mean he’s a Pure and he thinks it’s a good idea so maybe the council will too.”

“Stupid man.” Anna muttered.

“Me or him?” Gerard asked narrowing his eyes.

“Both.” She answered but quickly added, “I am sorry. I do not mean that. I am just having a very hard time controlling my emotions.”

“It’s okay, Sugar.” He said pulling her into a tight embrace. Absently his fingers stroked her arm.

“Please stop.” Anna whispered but when she saw the hurt look on his face she opened her mouth so he would understand.

“Oh” Gerard said gazing at her fangs, “Sorry.”

“As I said I am having trouble controlling my emotions and you touching me is making it much harder.”

He wanted to lighten the mood, “What can I say I’m irresistible.”

Anna did smile, “Go to sleep Gee.”

“Hey, when you get up to talk to Christa I wanna go too, okay?”

“You enjoy watching.” Anna said looking into his eyes.

He knew there was no point in lying. “Yeah.”

“I will awaken you.” Anna promised.

Soon Gerard had drifted off to sleep and the bus grew quiet. Anna lay staring at his face feeling so many emotions she was overwhelmed. She had never imagined being with Gerard would cause so many problems. The fact that some one had tried to harm him was still foremost on her mind. No matter what she would never let anyone to hurt him.

An hour later she leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Let us go to the back lounge.” Her hunger had grown unbearable.
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