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Christa's concerns worry Anna.

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Bob was slowly pulled out of sleep when fingers lightly trailed across his chest. He opened one eye to see Claire smiling down at him.

“What time is it?” He croaked. When she told him he groaned. “Shit, the sound check ain’t for another hour.” After driving most of the night he still felt exhausted.

Claire giggled as she continued to tickle his chest with her fingernails.

He closed his eye again and stretched, “Woman, you better have a good reason for waking me up.”

“I am tired of watching you sleep.” She whispered.

His eyes opened, “You’ve been watching me sleep?”

“For hours.” She admitted.

He was confused, “Since we got here you haven’t left the RV?” He’d been sure she would have sought out the others while he napped.

“No, I have been here the whole time.” She rolled back over and stared at the ceiling.

“Okay, what’s wrong?” He asked rolling onto his side so he could watch her face.

Claire continued to stare at the ceiling, “Nothing is wrong.”

“Uh, don’t believe you.”

She sighed, “What could be wrong?”

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, “I dunno but it seems strange you didn’t go talk to Anna.”

Claire wished with all her heart she could explain to him that she was terribly worried about Anna but since there was no way she could explain why there was no point in telling him. “Anna told me she is feeling much better.”

“She and Gerard are a weird couple.” Bob muttered.


The last thing Bob wanted was to say something that would upset his wife. “I just mean I don’t get them sometimes. Like early this morning why did he go back to the bus then not even an hour latter call frantically asking me to pull over so he could come back?”

Claire knew they had had an argument but she knew if she said that he’d ask if she knew what it was about. So she shrugged, “I guess he just wanted to come back to the RV.”

Bob’s eyes narrowed, “Sometimes I think you must think I’m clueless. I could tell they’d had a fight. I mean it was obvious she’d been crying.”

Suddenly Claire wished she hadn’t woken him up early. She forced herself to put Anna out of her mind. “I did not wake you so we could discuss them.”

He could tell by the look on her face she was upset. “Okay, so why did you wake me up early?”

Claire rolled her head over on the pillow to look into his beautiful blue eyes. “I was hoping my husband would like to make love.”

“Oh, really?” he smiled. “And I’m hoping you’re sure we won’t be disturbed?”

“When they left Gerard told me to let you sleep until it was time for the sound check. He said no one would bother you until then.”

“Well obviously he was wrong.” Bob teased reaching out to stroke her arm; “Cause there is a beautiful woman disturbing me right now.”

Claire smiled and kidded him in return, “Well since that is the way you feel I will just leave.” As she started to get up Bob rolled over and pinned her body to the bed.

“Oh I don’t think so woman. I believe you were hoping for some loving.”

She giggled as his hand moved under her shirt, “Only if you want that also.”

His fingers quickly found the front clasp of her bra and a moment latter it was opened. When his fingers began to stroke her nipple he grinned, “I think I could be convinced.”

“Convinced?” Her breathing was becoming more rapid, “I must convince you?”

Before answering he pushed up her shirt and his lips lowered to swirl wound the nipple his fingers had been toying with. He smiled to himself when her soft moan hit his ears.

Claire closed her eyes enjoying the feeling, “You must stop.” She said breathlessly.

His head shot up, “Stop?”

Claire opened her eyes, “Yes, I must convince you. At this moment you are convincing me.”

Bob laughed, “Okay, woman.” He rolled on to his back. “Convince me.”

Claire sat up and quickly shed her shirt and bra. Next her jeans hit the floor.

A huge sigh of happiness came from deep within Bob when she moved to straddle his body. Slowly she raked her nails over his chest loving the feel of his body.

Bob closed his eyes in happiness. His wife was becoming more and more unafraid to take the lead in their lovemaking. As her fingers slipped under the elastic of his sweat pants he lifted his hips so she could pull them down then off his body.

“Oh shit, you’re gonna ravage me.” He smiled.

“Yes, I am.” Claire answered before moving her body down on the bed. Slowly she took his hardening dick into her mouth. Bob’s fingers intertwined in her soft curls as her tongue made love to him.

“Oh, Hun.” He ground out. “That feels so damn good.”

Claire continued to lick and suck until she felt Bob push his body up to lean on his elbows. “Stop.” He said urgently.

Her eyes met his.

“Your turn.” He sat up and pulled her body up and his. With one swift movement he rolled her off him then he moved down her body leaving a trail of hot, wet kisses.

Claire moaned in response.

A sudden knock on the door caused them both to still.

“Damn.” Claire said sitting up. She got up, grabbed her robe then moved into the main room. Behind her she heard Bob utter a curse.

As soon as Claire opened the door Anna walked in. She came to a standstill when she took a good look at Claire’s face. Suddenly Bob appeared at the bedroom door only wearing his sweat pants.

“Oh” Anna whispered realizing what she’d interrupted, “Oh shit, sorry.”

Bob’s laughter filled the RV. “Shit? Anna did you just say shit?”

Embarrassment covered her face, “I am sorry.” She stuttered, “I did not mean to interrupt.”

Claire smiled at her husband happy to see he was not upset with Anna.

Anna took several steps backward, “I will talk to you later.” She said glancing at Claire.

“Do you need to speak to me now?” Claire asked softly.

“Oh, no.” Anna’s hand was on the door.

Bob took pity on her, “Hey Anna, it’s okay.”

“I am sorry.” Anna muttered. “Uh, sorry.” She turned and all but bolted out of the RV.

Once she was gone Claire locked the door again. When she turned Bob’s heart dropped. A frown was on her face as she brushed past him to move to the bedroom. He was sure she was going to dress and go in search of Anna.

Sighing he turned to walk back into the bedroom but came to a halt when he saw Claire. She was lying on the bed completely nude with her legs spread apart.

“I hope you remember what you were doing when we were interrupted.”

Bob laughed, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I remember what I was doing.” He quickly shed his clothing then returned to his former spot on the bed. As his tongue darted out to flick her nub he head Claire’s soft sigh,.

“Oh yes, you do remember.”

Anna walked across the lot spotting a small retaining wall shaded by trees. She had spent most of the day at Gee’s side but now he was with Ray and Frank working on a new song so she had decided to go back to the RV to get her laptop. That had obviously been a bad idea.

“Hey.” Christa said walking up and taking a seat on the wall. “What’s wrong?” She couldn’t identify the look on Anna’s face.

Anna shook her head, “Oh, nothing.”


“I went to the RV to get my laptop but uh I am afraid interrupted Bob and Claire. It was obvious by the look on Claire’s face.” Anna said lowering her head.

Christa laughed, “Oh shit. Hey, that’s just life on the road. Hell once I actually walked in on Frank and Jamia. I didn’t realize they’d snuck back to the bus. Now that was embarrassing.”

Anna felt slightly better, “That would be embarrassing.”

Christa was happy to get the chance to talk to Anna alone, “I was so worried about you last night.” She said softly. “And even more worried when Gee showed up on the bus this morning.” She waited up Anna remained silent. “I was glad when he had the bus stop so he could go back to the RV.”

“We had an argument.” Anna said softly knowing Christa was confused by Gerard’s actions.”

“Are you still mad he called Jacob?”

“No” Anna answered slowly, “I understand why he did. It is just hard for me at times to allow anyone to handle situations.” She sighed, “That is the Healer blood in me.”

“Well I understand you have to always seem to be in control. I think that’s hard for guys sometimes.”

“He said I need to let him be the man sometimes.”

Christa laughed, “Oh yeah well I guess he probably does feel like that at times. So was Jacob any help?”

“After tomorrow nights show we are going to fly to Vermont to see him.”

“Oh” Christa said softly, “So I won’t see you for a few weeks.”

Anna sighed, “We probably will not see each other until we leave for Europe.”

Christa sat back letting her thoughts collect, “Anna I want us to bond one more time before we part.”

The request completely caught Anna off guard, “Why?”

Christa turned to look into her eyes, “I’m not sure but for some reason I just have this weird feeling that it is important.”

“I do not understand.” Anna said looking deeply into Christa’s eyes. “It is not necessary.”

“I think it is.” Christa said, “I mean I know I won’t be with you so you won’t need me but I just have this feeling I can’t explain. Like even though I won’t be with you that you might need me.” She sighed, “I know that sounds stupid but that’s how I feel.”

Anna watched several emotions play over Christa’s face. “I do not want you to worry. Gee and I will be very safe when we are with Jacob.”

Christa nodded, “That’s good and I hope he can help you guys figure out who’s behind what is going on.”

“That is my hope also.”

Christa suddenly had a thought, “Are you nervous about them meeting?”

Anna sighed, “I suppose in a way I am. It is very important to me that Jacob likes Gee.”

“Kinda like talking your boyfriend home to meet your dad?”

“Yes.” Anna smiled, “I suppose you could look at it like that.”

They both noticed Gerard walked across the lot towards them. When he arrived Christa stood.

“Uh about what I asked?”

Gerard looked puzzled but remained silent.

Anna nodded slightly. “I respect these feeling you have.”

“Good.” Christa smiled, “Okay catch up with you later.”

As she walked away Gerard sat down on the wall, “So what was that about?”

For some reason Anna did not want to explain it to him, it just didn’t seem right. “Nothing really. She is slightly saddened we are going to Vermont.”

Gerard nodded, “She’s gonna miss you.”

“Yes.” Anna sighed, “The bond.”

He reached over and took her hand, “No, Sugar not the bond. Christa feels friendship for you and she’s gonna miss you.”

Anna hoped that was true.

“So I was thinking.” Gerard said pulling out a cigarette, “Uh I know I need to be on my best behavior around Jacob so I’ll try to watch my filthy mouth.”

Anna laughed, “I love your filthy mouth.”

He grinned, “Oh do you?”

She nodded.

“Yeah well pretty sure Jacob won’t.” He worried.

“Just be yourself, Gee.” Anna said softly, “You are the man I love and I want Jacob to see that man.”

Still he couldn’t help but be nervous, “So, does he live alone?” he wanted to know what he’d be walking into.

“No, he has several employees with him at all times. They are however bound to him. Still you must never speak of the fact that I am wrong in front of anyone but Jacob,”

He frowned, “I just hate that.”

“That you can not speak of it?”

“No, Sugar. That they think you are wrong. There ain’t a fuckin’ thing wrong about you.”

Anna smiled sadly, “I am glad you feel that way but honestly there are many things wrong with me.”

He shook his head, “Nope, nothing.”

“You are blinded to the facts.”

Taking her hand in his he spoke softly, “They do say love can blind you but I don’t believe that.”

Anna sighed, “So I thought you were working on lyrics with the guys.”

“I totally nailed the lyrics.” He laughed, “The song is fuckin’ awesome.”

“So when do I get to hear this awesome song?” She teased.

“Soon but not yet.” He took a drag off his cigarette. “Mom called right before I came out here.”

“How is she?” Anna asked.

He laughed, “Sorta pissed off. She’s been hearing about her son who’s engaged to a beautiful best selling author.”

“That upsets her?” Anna asked nervously.

“No, that part she likes. Hell, Mom said she knew when she met you that you’d be perfect for me. She’s pissed I hadn’t told her we were together.”

“Oh.” Anna said beginning to understand. “I am sure that is upsetting to her.”

“Sugar you have no idea how upset she can get about shit. She demanded we visit her before we leave for Europe. I told her first we’re gonna go visit your uh..uncle.”

“Uncle Jacob.” Anna laughed, “He was highly amused when he first heard he was my uncle.”

“Why did you call him your uncle?” Gerard asked.

“Well it was important to me that you knew about him and describing him as a relative seemed the best.”

Gerard thought a moment, “You did try to tell me a lot of truths when we first met.”

“I hated that I had to lie to you at all.” Anna admitted. “The first time we text each other I told you things that even Claire did not know.”

“About your family?” He guessed.

“Yes, I had never told anyone about my life in Colorado. You know things about my past that even Jacob does not know.”

Gerard leaned over and hugged her, “Thank you.”

“Break it up you two.” Bob’s voice said as he and Claire drew nearer.

Anna sat back and smiled.

“Go away.” Gerard teased.

“Seems only fair I get to interrupt you two.” Bob said looking at Anna with a grin.

She surprised everyone by sticking her tongue out at him.

“I think I missed something.” Gerard said looking confused.

Bob smiled but offered no explanation. “Hey, we gotta get over to the sound check.”

Gerard tossed away the cigarette butt then stood, “Yeah, okay.” He turned to Anna. “Coming?”

“I will be over in a few minutes.”

He nodded.

“Me too.” Claire said looking at her husband.

As the men walked away Claire sat down, “Did you need to speak to me earlier?”

Anna sighed “I really am sorry about that. I was only going to grab my laptop.”

Claire grinned, “Do not worry about what happened. Bob did think it was funny you said shit.”

Anna groaned, “Everyone thinks I am so proper.”

“We are proper.” Claire laughed, “But I suggest you try to watch the colorful language around Jacob.”

“You know we are going to see him?”

“Christa told me.”

Anna thought back to her earlier conversation with Christa. “Where is she?”

“When we were walking over here I saw her getting on the bus. Why do you need to speak with her again?”

Anna did not want to worry Claire so she did not explain about Christa’s feelings that Anna could possibly need her. “Yes, there are a few things I would like to discuss with her."

Claire tried not to feel hurt but the fact that Anna now seemed closer to Christa did bother her. “I will get her.” She stood, “Would you like to speak to her hear or in the RV?”

Anna saw the hurt in her eyes, “Claire I can get her myself. You do not need to act on my behalf anymore.”

“Right.” Claire said quickly, “I forget you do not need me anymore.”

Anna bolted to her feet and surprised Claire by hugging her tightly, “I will always need you. You are a part of me, Claire. Please do not let my actions or words make you feel differently.”

Claire hugged her back, “I am sorry but there are times I feel that I have abandoned you.”

Anna understood, “I know that is not the truth. I know that you will always be there for me but I also know you must first be there for your husband and child.”

Claire took a step back and smiled, “Yes.”

“Come in.” Anna called out when Christa knocked on the door to the RV several minutes later.

“Are you busy at the moment?” Anna asked.

Christa took several steps inside, “No, the guys are over at the sound check, what’s up?”

“It is about what you asked earlier.”

“Oh” Christa smiled, “Now?”

“If that is what you wish.” Anna answered.

Christa locked the door then moved to sit on the sofa next to Anna.

“I still do not understand why you feel this is important.” Anna said softly. “Can you explain this feeling at all?”

Christa sighed, “I wish I could but I just can’t put it into words. Does my feeling worry you?”

“Slightly.” Anna admitted. “I can not imagine there being a problem as long as Gee and I are with Jacob and under his protection.”

Christa shrugged.

Anna looked into her eyes, “I must ask you something and I need an honest answer. Has being bonded to me caused any problems in your normal life?”

“No.” Christa answered quickly, “Not at all. When we bond it just makes me feel stronger and more sure of myself.” She grinned, “Uh and Ray really likes that.”

“You must promise me never to do anything that could be considered dangerous where my welfare is concerned."

“I don’t understand.”

“Right now being bonded with me is not ideal. You know what happened to Gee. I am sure they have tried to use him because of the knowledge we are a couple and engaged. His bond to me is very deep.”

Christa nodded.

Anna sighed, “Please just promise to always put your own well being and that of your loved ones first.”

“I promise.” Christa answered. She wanted to ask Anna some questions but wasn’t sure the time was right.

Anna smiled, “You may ask me anything.”

“How did you know I wanted to ask you questions?” Claire asked clearly surprised.

“I can just sense when your mind is not calm.”

“Oh.” Christa sat back and got comfortable, “So it’s really okay if I ask questions about Healers?”

Anna nodded.

Christa thought a moment, “Okay, I understand that your blood has extraordinary powers to heal mortals but what I’m wondering is how do you know if healing someone is right?”

Anna sighed, “That is a question I am afraid I can not answer. I believe that in the beginning when mortals and Healers were created just like mortals the Healer were very different. I have spoke about this with Jacob and he believes that at one time Healers simply knew when to use the healing powers our blood possess. But over the centuries when ignorance and fear by mortals caused Healers to hide in the shadows what we were changed.”

“You don’t speak of yourself as a Healer often.” Christa said softly.

Anna realized she had indeed just used the word “we”. “I suppose that is true. I fear I often try to reject what I have become.”

“But why?” Christa asked, “You have a wonderful and unique power, it’s a gift. I just don’t understand why.”

“Part of it is because I was turned wrong.” Anna said softly, “It is hard to be a part of a world that looks at one like me as a mistake.”

“So you don’t really feel like you’re a part of either world, mortal or immortal.” Christa said sadly.

Anna nodded.

“But you need to remember no matter what the Healer believe you have taken what you became and turned it into something wonderful. You saved Claire’s life and Gerard’s.”

“I have used my blood to help others too.” Anna admitted.

Christa nodded, “Yeah you helped Alicia.”

“I have helped many humans over the course of my life as a Healer but always when I have done so I worry.”

Even though Anna had never told her she’d helped other Christa wasn’t surprised. “You helped them but they had no memory of the fact?”

“Yes. There was been times my blood has healed non-life threatening aliments. I have done so because I always believed it was my duty.”

Christa narrowed her eyes, “I don’t think you did it simply because it was your duty. I believe you have helped people because you are a good person.”

Anna smiled, “Perhaps that is true but you must always remember it is harder for me. I truly feel no emotions towards most mortals. I long to feel empathy but can not.”

“Anna tell me the truth, was one of the reasons you didn’t erase my memory after I saw you help Alicia because you felt something for me.”

Anna nodded, “You are like no other mortal I have ever encountered. There is something about you that is different.” She paused, “Actually I hope to speak to Jacob about this feeling.”

Christa smiled, “It makes me feel special to know that.”

“You are special.” Anna said softly.

“So since you don’t really know who you should heal how do you decide?”

Anna understood Christa was trying desperately to understand, “It is hard to decide. Always I wonder if I am doing the right thing by healing someone. What if I heal someone not worthy? What if I heal a man who goes out the next day and murders another?”

“Oh, shit.” Christa whispered, “I hadn’t thought about that.”

“I posed that question to Jacob once. He told me he believed the Supreme Being would not allow us to heal someone like that. He believes that destiny would never allow us to cross paths with someone we should not heal.”

“Maybe he’s right.” Christa said thinking it over.

Anna shrugged, “Perhaps.”

Christa glanced down at her watch, “Shit, the guys will be done soon.”

“Are you sure about this?” Anna asked again.

“Yes.” Christa answered nodding her head, “I’m very sure.”

Still Anna hesitated, “Perhaps it would be best to wait until tomorrow. The drug I took from Gee’s system should be completely naturalized now but I do not feel comfortable taking that chance.”

Christa was disappointed but she understood, “Okay, if you think we should wait that’s fine but just promise me it will happen before we go our separate ways.”

In truth Anna was positive the drug was out of her system but she had wanted to gauge Christa’s reaction to being denied her blood. The woman seemed to handle the bonding with no ill side effects and while Anna was pleased it did confuse her. “I promise.” Anna said, “But I still wonder why you feel it is so necessary.”

Christa sighed, “I wish I knew why. In some ways I’m sorta scared by this feeling. I worry that something bad is gonna happen.”

“Bad?” Anna repeated, “I can not see how deepening our blood bond could prevent something bad from happening.”

“I don’t know.” Christa said looking down, “But I will admit that while I’ve always had these feeling I can’t explain about things since we’ve bonded the feelings are stronger. I think your blood makes it easier to sense things.”

“That is something I will question Jacob about also.” Anna told her.

Christa forced herself to smile, “I hope one day I can meet him.”

“Perhaps you will.”

“Think he’s like me?” Christa asked.

Anna smiled, “I believe he would.”

“Well I have met one Pure and he seems rather amused by me.”

“Oh Hudson.” Anna laughed, “Yes, humans often amuse him.”

Once more Christa’s gaze dropped down.

“What has upset you now?” Anna asked reaching out to touch her arm.

“I’m not sure. When I thought of Hudson I suddenly had a weird feeling.”

Anna was surprised, “A weird feeling?”

Christa sighed, “Shit, I wish I could explain it but I can’t. It’s like suddenly my stomach dropped, kinda like when you’re on a roller coaster and you go over a hill and suddenly it feels like the bottom drops out.”

“I have never been on a roller coaster but I believe I understand the feeling you are describing but I am not sure why you would feel that way.”

“Me either.” Christa said sadly, “I really wish I knew why.” She stood, “Well better go see if the guys are done.” She walked to the door then paused. Looking back at Anna she smiled, “Oh, and I know you were testing me.”

Anna glanced over with a shocked look on her face, “Testing you?”

Christa nodded, “Yeah, you really aren’t worried about the drug still being in your system. You just wanted to see how I’d react to being denied your blood.”

‘How could you possibly know that?” Anna asked in surprise.

“I don’t know.” Christa shrugged, “I just do.”
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