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It had only been a few weeks since Gerard had died. While everyone mourned his dad grew more and more angry. Why did he die? Why not Mikey or Frankie? His rage grew bigger and bigger till one day he fell back into his old ways!
“Mikey. Get here now?” he yelled at the top of his voice
Mikey did as he was told. Slowly plodding down the stairs he did not know what was to come.
“Stop please” he screamed.
But his father was deaf to what he said. His anger had taken over.
Days of, what seemed like endless, beating went .Mikey wanted to tell someone but no one would believe him. Everything seems worse once a loved one has died. It’s unfair, confusing. And any way his dad had changed! Hadn`t he?
Frank could tell something was up with him. But every time he questioned he was told it`s nothing or don`t worry. He still wasn`t convinced.
It was a nice morning for a walk. As he wanders he hears shouts. He turned arrowed. They were from Mikey’s house. Something must be up he thought. He walked back and pushed at the door. It was never locked. He ran in and his eyes filled with sights of horror. Mikey helplessly on the floor with his dad standing over him with a knife razed high above his head. Frank couldn`t stand to see another friend go
“Nooooooooo” he screamed
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