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the cold hearted figure lowered the knife then slowly plodded over to frank. Our hero felt the cold harsh blade tear right through the skin of chest. All that he could remember was the sound of screaming and sirens as he fell to the ground in pain.
When he awoke he found himself in a white room
“am I dead?” Frank said.
Every one laughed. He smiled. Pretending he knew what was going on.
“Of cause not, silly. You’re in the hospital, you’re lucky to be alive.”
“Where is Mikey?”
“Outside, we`ll bring him in know!”
When Mikey entered his ever so pale face seemed to light up. It was clear he was relieved to see frank
“your alive” he grinned he was so happy he couldn`t find any words.
“Well yes I am” as Mikey pulled him into a hug.
“I missed you. And I’m so sorry. If I had told you this would never have happened. I should have known that I could trust you”
within seconds of saying that Mikey collapsed.
“Mikey nice joke you can get up now. Mikey, MIKEY!”
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