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I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter ;D review? this is the first sex scene i've ever written aswell so sorry if it's crap

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Promise me

Gerard's P.O.V(I really hate writing as Gee)
His eyes looked scared. I would be too. Every other time i'd spoke to him in front of the whole school i'd hurt him. I suspect he thought it was no different this time. He was wrong. I was going to do something, that would set up my life forever. I squeezed his arm and Frankie flinched, he was pterified. I looked into the gym and saw everyone looking at me. Even Mikey, Ray and Bob looked curious. Suddenly I felt vunerable, like I would break at the slightest touch. The DJ handed me the microphone. This was it.
"Welll ummm, your probable all erm wondering why erm i'm up here ummm well erm I want to say a few things i'm well i'm gay." the whoel room errupted in gasps and whispers. Frank looked at me, his eyes were full of love and still confusion. There was no going back now.
"Yes i'm gay and." I turned to Frank and I was tearing up already. "Frank is the boy i love. I know you guys hate him but he's truely an amazing person and I just want to be with him." I took a step forward and with my free hand I cupped his cheek. "It's me and you baby." I kissed him and thenn done something i'd been preparing myself to do. I got down on one knee.
"Look I know i'm only 17 and you're 18 and i'm not asking you to marry me but can I give you this promise ring? So I at least know i'm promised to you?" I looked up at Frank who was tearing up and he nodded. I got up and hugged him. Frankie was promised to me. The boy I loved with every bone in my body.

"Faggots, faggots, faggots." I blocked out the chanting from the hall in the background and looked at Frankie. He knew what I had goven up my life everything. It was just me and him now. Hopefully the band aswell. I looked at him and then the gym door, it was too the side so we should be able to get out without trouble. Not only that Mikey, Ray and Bob had just escaped through it.
"C'mon Frankie let's go." I dropped the microphone on the floor and it made a high pitched squeal which made everyone cringe. It gave me and Frankie enough time to get outside though and run underneath the tree, on the back field.

"Gee I just, I just ummm I fucking love you." With that our lips collided and Frank had smacked me up against the tree. Every inch of my body craved for him, but I couldn't let my hormones rule me. His tongue licked my lower lip and I immediately granted him entrace. Our tongues danced together and I finally felt complete. Frankie's hand balled up in a fist in my hair and I pulled him closer, by his waist. He was so small and felt smaller than before. I really have put him through hell. I deepened the kiss and Frankie moaned. It was a sound that was just so hot. It sent chills right through my body. I could feel my trousers getting tighter, so I pulled Frankie in quick and our crotches collided. I let out a moan and so did Frankie. I done it again and I left him there this time. I could feel a bulge forming in his trousers, and that turned me on even more. Frank might be small but he was strong. The next thing I knew his hands were pinning mine against the tree, and he was kissing my collarbone. It felt amazing. Every now and again I would let out a small moan and frank would bite down on the bit he was kissing.

"Gee I love you." My heart started sprinting and I couldn't help but smile.
"I love you too baby." Frank looked at me before moving his nads down my body. I relaxed under his touch and each touch was a hot mark on my skin. Frank's hands worked down to my hips and I moaned a little. He had to go further now. I was so turned on by him, but Frank was a tease. His hands went down the side of my trousers and boxers with just his thumb out and I gasped. It felt good and he wasn't even doing anything. Frank wriggled down my trousers and boxers and let them drop to the floor. I blushed I knew he wouldn't be able to see in this lighting though which I thanked fuck for. He started stroking my member and I let out a sigh of pleasure and let my head go back a bit. He giggled and this time licked from the base to the tip. Fuck that boy was a tease. I let out more moans and suddenly he took me in his mouth. It was warm and wet and wow. Frankie started bobbing his head trying to find a good rhythm, it didn't take him long. My knees felt weak and all that was keeping me up was the tree. Frankie started to speed up his rhythm and I started moaning loudly. Fuck this was amazing. I don't thing i'd ever to be able to jerk myself off again without thinking how good this felt. A funny feeling started forming in my belly and I knew I was close.
"Frankie i'm gonna cum." I let out one last moan and cummed in his mouth. He swallowed it without effort and pulled my trousers back up before kissing me. I was still a bit out of breath and when he pulled me into a kiss, I could taste myself on him.
"You don't need to pay me back baby. You done enough tonight." he whispered the words and it sent chills down my body.

I heard footsteps and looked over Franks shoulder's. I think I must've tensed because Frank started rubbing soothing circles on my back.
"You guys finally finished?" Mikey laughed and so did Ray and Bob. I blushed and I heard Frank give an inaudiable giggle. They had seen everything.
"Ow my eyes. Please guys kkeep it PG when other people are around." Bob winked at me and Frank turned round. He gave them the finger and then turned round and kissed me.
"Me and you forever promise?" I had to say it. I don't nwo why but it was a question that had to be answered.
"To the end baby." He pulled me down into another kiss and I was finally happy, for the first time in forever.
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