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Who's My Daddy?

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Onyx Mortisha Ryte is 15 and her dad left her and her mother 14 years ago what will happen when she goes on a search to find out who he is escaoe the fate mentioned

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“What so your just gonna leave me and your daughter?” I could hear my mother screaming at my daddy he didn’t answer her I was 1 and I was now in tears why was mom yelling at my daddy where was daddy going I ran into the living room to find my daddy zipping a bag up and throwing over his shoulder “daddy where are you going?”, No answer “answer your fucking daughter if you have any heart you’ll tell her where the fuck your going and why?”, No answer. “Fine just leave and never come back you fucking scumbag” end of flashback.

I’m 15 now that happened 14 years ago and I haven’t seen my father since I can barely remember what he looks like and my mom when I dared to ask about him just screams at me “why fuck do wanna know what piece of shit looked like, he never cared about us” and I would run to my room and cry then about half a hour later my mom would come in apologizing “Onyx, sweetheart I’m sorry hearing you ask about your dad I just,” this time I wasn’t gonna just sit and listen I held my hand up cutting her off my other hand balled into a tight fist “you just what mom, can’t stand to tell your only 15 year old emo daughter what her dad was like seen as it was you who made dad leave all those years ago you don’t even answer me when I ask if I look like he does I’m sick and tired of you screaming at me every time I mention him I don’t even remember my own father’s name because you never told me it and neither did he when I was 1 if he did I probably forgot it from not being reminded, if either of you two loved me I guess not,” I was in full blown rant mode now even though it looked like my mom was gonna cry I carried on I knew what I was doing “you know what mom,” I waited for her to answer me she didn’t she just shook her head “I’m glad I still remember one thing about my dad that you didn’t like,” she looked me in the eyes “what?” her voice was croaky like something was stuck in her throat “that he gave me a cell phone at the age of 1 and left his and his best friends numbers on it for emergencies, yeah I know before you say a word I don’t know his name or for that matter who his best friend is but it’ll be on here” I said showing her the black and purple flippy cell phone I flipped it open and went straight to my contacts only 5 never had many real friends or even fake ones long enough to give my number out because of my anger problems I stared at the list “Amber, Dale, Daddy, Daddy’s best friend, mommy” I read my contacts list out to my mother she winced when I said the last two before I read her name she got mad again “so what now Onyx, you just gonna leave like your father did 14 years ago without a word or explanation” I sighed “I’ve gave you a whole fucking speech about why and where I’m fucking going what else do you want” I nearly screamed as I packed a couple of bags as soon as I left the house I would ring amber or dale to see if I could stay with them while I tried to track down my father or his best friend when I finished I tried to push passed my mom but she grabbed my arm “please don’t go your all I have left I do love you, it’s just you look so much like your father I couldn’t help but feel angry every time you asked about him” as she finished she let go of my arm and played with my black hair which was the reason I had been named onyx In the first place but now I had a vibrant purple slab in my side fringe that falls gently over my left eye when I realised she no longer held my arm I walked past to the door I turned back “one last thing, I’ve been cutting for years because of your neglect I hope your fucking happy you’ve brought up a razor happy, self harming 15 year old teenage emo girl, and yeah I know my father was probably the main cause but at least I didn’t have to face his disappointment as well as yours all of these years” then left wiping away the single tear from my cheek I pulled my, My Chemical Romance hoodie out of my backpack and slipped it on not bothering to zip it up then pulled my cell phone out of my pocket when I flipped it open I saw my phone wallpaper a picture of me and my friends Dale and Amber then opened my contacts and selected the highlighted option after typing one letter in it rung twice “hello, Onyx you little demon of the night what’s up” I giggled “hey, Dale you horny arsed midget, oh nothing much massive fight with my mom and I’m now practically homeless unless I can track down my dad, how are you?” I stated sarcastically he’s so dumb sometimes “yeah I’m fine, and I would say you could stay with me but my parents aren’t too keen on you after my 17th birthday” I was shocked “hey, that was not my fault I was drunk and hyper at the same time someone spiked my drink” he just chuckled “okay will talk later dale, I’m gonna ring amber” he chuckled again “okay, onyx tell ginger nutty loops I said hi” I just laughed “okay I will bye dale” “bye onyx” then I hung up and quickly dialled ambers number it took another 2 rings for her to pick up “hey little demon with purple hair, What’s up… hang on Dale the horny midget is texting me… okay I know why your calling now and yes onyx you can stay with me till you track down your dad” I sighed ‘thank you dale’ “oh dale told me to say hi ginger nutty loops” I giggled she just laughed “where are you now I’ll pick you up I’m at my cousin’s” I giggled “I’m outside my former home with my psychopathic mother watching me from the window waiting for my plan to live with a friend and find my dad that walked out when I was 1 to fail” we both sighed then we said our goodbyes and amber told me the death threats she was gonna make to dale for calling her ginger nutty loops
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