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living with ginger nutty loops

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what will happen while onyx is living with amber will she find her dad and who is he and what is happening in that interview

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ten minutes later to my mother’s upset my friend amber picked me up and took me back to her apartment the ride was short and quiet until amber put the radio on “welcome rock fm we have here with us none other than Gerard and Mikey Way and Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance,” I screeched at the top of my lungs I loved MCR as me and nearly every other MCR fan out there would call them “hey guys how are you,” then the angelic voice of Gerard Way came over the radio as did Mikey’s and Frank’s “Yeah, I’m good, I’m good ,I’m ok bit upset with myself in fact,” I frowned and wondered why frank was upset with himself “Frankie we’ll talk it over later ok, yeah thanks Gee,” Gerard was trying to stop him from babbling on about his problems on the radio good idea Gerard “so guys how long have you been best friends,” Gerard chuckled “I think I would say that all of us are more than just best friends, we’re more like brothers, you know” Mikey and Frank chuckled in agreement Frank’s chuckle slightly more laboured when we got to Amber’s apartment she turned the radio off and help with my bags when I got inside there was a text on my cell from my mum it read; Onyx, I texted your dad telling him that you’d moved out and that you are looking for him, please come home sweet heart, mom x, she was able to contact him all these years but because of her own hatred for my father stopped her from doing what was right for her daughter then my cell buzzed again interrupting my anger another text, I looked at the screen my eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets “Amber, Amber come quickly please I need a second opinion here” all of a sudden she was in the room and then flat on her arse I told her not to get laminate flooring if she was gonna wander round in her socks all day every day she got up and rubbed her sore behind “what is it my little demon with purple-,” I cut her off by showing her my cell with the alert of a new text on the screen “onyx, open it” the alert on the screen read; 1 new message, from DADDY, I was shocked then when I’d calmed down I opened the text; hey onyx, I’m sorry I left all those years ago your mom accused me of having a affair and I got annoyed,flashback “liza, I did no such thing, look now your making Onyx cry please don’t make me leave my daughter” no answer “well liza, two can fucking play that fucking game” no answer with sobs end of flashback I hope you can forgive me I would say we could meet up but I’ve got loads of promotional things going on, oh yeah sorry daddy’s in a band sweetie just like he dreamed you may have heard of us I don’t know but when I get some free time me or my best friend will ring you or text you sweet heart, I hope you like rock music I would love to know if you can play any instruments or if you have a gorgeous singing voice well I’ll wait for you to text me back to see what you say, love you Onyx, I’m really sorry love Dad x, amber read the text over my shoulder “what you waiting for text him or his best friend I’m going to put the radio on to catch the end of that interview” I just said ok and she went to the kitchen and I clicked the text shut and opened the new text screen and started typing away “hey dad, I forgive you mom’s been a bitch to me all these years then today after nearly fifty times of asking she finally told me that I look a lot like you and I adore rock music I’m glad you achieved your dream dad I play drums and I play rhythm guitar and my friend amber said I sound like a angel of death in a good way when I sing because I love singing screamo and I love singing along with my favourite band and ok dad I can’t wait to hear from you I’m 15 now and well I suppose you already know my birthday but just in case it’s the 31st of October well I can’t wait to get another text from you I thought it was gonna be difficult to get a hold of you love you too dad you are completely forgiven (by me anyway) love Onyx Mortisha ryte x” then I selected my dad’s number and sent the text then ran through to the kitchen screaming I sent it I sent it all amber said was that’s good then on the radio there was low tune playing it sounded like a cell phone going off “we’ll be back after this, one of the guys cell phones is going off” then a MCR song came on the radio “strange how as soon as I text my dad one of the 3 MCR members being interviewed gets a text well my dad said he was in a band that I may have heard of, oh well the plot thickens ha hah” she just giggled I jumped suddenly as my cell started vibrating again it was a text from my dad “well sweetie I’m sorry your mom has been a bitch and I can’t wait to see if you really do look a lot like me and thank you I’m glad I made it as well maybe we could jam some time when we meet up my friend will love that you like screamo and that you love singing and I like the fact that I have a musically multi-talented 15 year old Halloween born hell raising daughter got to go sweet heart more promotional stuff for the band loving the middle name by the way I think it was me that choose it because when I was your age I was obsessed with the Adam’s family any way love you baby girl, dad x.

I jumped with excitement that I would soon see my rock star dad who thinks I’m a hell raiser with today’s events I would say that’s pretty true I giggled out of context then amber showed me to my room as I texted my dad “well when do you wanna meet up because I’m living in Belleville, new jersey at the moment with my best friend amber and good choice on my name, I’m a little hyper my favourite band are on the radio well hope your promotional stuff goes ok dad love you too, Onyx x” then I sent it when I got to my room I put the radio on and turned it to rock fm “hey, and we’re back with my chemical romance,” then the same low tune from before started playing I was getting suspicious but I let it go “okay, I think we are gonna reschedule because one of your phones keeps going off, so next time we will have these guys back in so we can talk to them properly say goodbye guys, Good bye thanks to everyone for listening to our music, Yeah guys it means a lot to us, Yeah and I promise I will be a lot happier in the next interview guys” gerard spoke first then mikey then Frankie chuckled then the others joined in then it cut to welcome to the black parade.
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