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when i was a young boy...what the...

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phone call off her dad's best friend's phone what will she do

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“When I was a young boy, my father took me to city to see a marching band…” my phone sang they were my favourite band but they had woken me from my nap before dinner “urgh…oh holy crap” I noticed I now had a missed call from my dad’s best friend and a new voice mail I clicked the call button to find out what my dad’s best friend had wanted “hey this is your father I’m using my friend’s phone because mine has hardly any credit any way, I would love it if you could meet me and my best friend outside star bucks next week end, because next week end we’ve got a week off and I live in Newark so I think star bucks is in the middle between Newark and Belleville so star bucks about 2 or 2:30 anyway love you baby girl kisses ‘mwah’” I laughed at my dad’s last little attempt to be cute but the voice was strangely familiar but I dropped it and went down stairs for dinner “hey amber what’s for dinner?” I said as I walked into the kitchen “pizza” she said in a phoney Italian accent I laughed “oh and what you doing next week end?” she looked at me with wide deep blue eyes “nothing, why?” I giggled “well my dad rung but I missed the call but he left a message saying he wants me to meet him at star bucks next week end at 2, you wanna come with, he’s bringing his best friend so I wanna bring mine” I giggled trying to act innocent and twisting my leg back and forth like a 5 year old would if they really wanted something and batted my long feathery eyelashes “ok sure, your paying for my coffee though I’m broke” I laughed “fine and yay I’m gonna finally meet my dad yay” then we sat down and ate our pizza and went to bed the next day my cell was singing again this time I picked up “hello” they gasped “Onyx is that you” I raised a eyebrow “yeah who’s this?” they chuckled it sounded laboured like they were gonna cry “it’s me your dad” I gasped I felt like I was gonna cry “hey dad, what’s up why you calling sorry I’m a bit emotional at the moment” he chuckled again “it’s ok sweet heart I was calling because I wanted to know if you were gonna meet up with me next Saturday” I gasped “yeah of course but is it ok if I bring my friend amber” he chuckled again “yeah sure I’m bringing a friend as well any way, another reason I was calling is because my band are taking our week off a week early so how about this Saturday in stead?” I squealed “sorry about that I just… yeah that’s fine I’m gonna go and get some breakfast you should too dad” he chuckled “yeah I know and I’ll let you go then love you baby girl bye ‘mwah’” I giggled “bye dad love you, too ‘mwah’” then we hung up and I ran down stairs to amber “amber, amber I just spoke to my dad, amber, amber” she walked through the kitchen to the living room with a cup of coffee in her hand “that’s brilliant what did he say,” I giggled “I hope your not busy this week end either because in stead of meeting him next week I’m meeting him this Saturday because his band got off a week early” then I started jumping and laughing she just giggled at me “yeah sure that’s fine let’s go decide what to wear seen as now we’ve only got two days to prepare for meeting your dad rather than the original week and two days” she giggled as she we ran to our rooms and got dressed then we went shopping I knew my dad liked rock music and so do I so we were gonna get on great as long as he likes my chemical romance he he, I bought a misfits t shirt as well as a murder dolls one and then bought a new MCR hoodie -seen as the one I’ve got has paint all over it from when I tried to be myself in school not a good day hmm I don’t know at least they used purple paint- then we went to hot topic I bought a awesome pair of skinnies black with purple vertical stripes and a pair of purple skeleton hands on the back pockets and I bought hi-top dark purple converse and a pair of black and purple checker laces to go with them when amber had gotten what she wanted (green day hoodie, fall out boy t shirt, MCR t shirt, same jeans as mine but with red stripes and hands and a pair of hi topped blood red converse and red and black checker laces)we ran to the chemists to buy some new make up (black, purple and neon pink eyeliners and eye shadows and lipsticks for me and black, white and red eye shadows for amber) then we headed home and had something to eat and went to bed.
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