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new texts , special guitars and alcohol problems

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a text of her dad's best friend and a offer of a cool guuitar what will onyx's reply be... R&R plz and i'm sorry if some of them are short

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My cell phone buzzed to wake me up I had a text from my dad’s friend (I wish I knew his name so I could stop calling him my dad’s friend); hey onyx, your dad never stops talking about you now you know I can’t wait to meet you maybe we could do some singing together and you and your dad could jam on your guitars as well, oh yeah he told me to ask if you have a guitar or do you want him to buy you one, he’s a really generous guy he was thinking about getting you a purple Stratocaster with Onyx written on and black onyx gem stones on the fret board, any way can’t wait to meet you text back see you and your friend amber is it tomorrow, “oh my god, amber, amber my dad wants to buy me a purple Stratocaster with my name on and onyx gems in the fret board” she laughed then I realised I had just tackled her when I’d ran from my bedroom to the kitchen “you gonna let him buy it for you then” I nodded and pulled out my cell phone and text my dad’s friend hey ok, and I don’t have one so go ahead and tell my dad he can buy me one if he wants, I don’t wanna be cheeky I hardly know him after all, onyx then looked for his number and sent it then when I told her I’d sent it I sounded like a murderer “the deed is done” then I giggled then we went to the super market to buy so things in, in case my dad and his friend were staying longer than a few hours we wandered down to the alcohol when I was 10 I had I big problem with alcohol but I was better now I still drink but just not as much but seen as my dad was coming we thought buying alcohol in wasn’t a bad idea we bought a couple of cases of lager and couple cases of cider then I saw the wkds I was gonna get blue or red when amber showed me something better a new limited edition wkd PURPLE yay finally my idea caught on but what would it taste like “amber can I get a couple of bottles I’ll buy you some sours when I have the money, please” I was acting like a little kid and she giggled then nodded as I picked up 3 big bottles “oi, you said a couple put one back” then giggled “only kidding” when we left the store we got in the car and I turned the radio on rock fm of course “hey and welcome to rock fm we as promised have the guys from my chem today but no Frank or Gerard, so we are blessed with just Mr Mikey Way and Mr Ray Toro and last but not least Mr Bob Bryar how are you guys,” “yeah we’re good, yeah I second that, same here” I laughed at their awkwardness then i just listened until we got home then I checked my cell 2 new texts one from dad and one from mom I read the one from my mom first; honey, please come home we can talk about this please, mom x, then my dad’s ;hey sweet heart I got that guitar for you I’ll bring it with me tomorrow hope you’ll like it I’ll even teach you some of my bands songs if you like, hope your ready for us would it be ok with your friend if me and my friends stayed over only I just dumped my girlfriend and she took the house in Newark and we all kinda lived there if it’s a problem it doesn’t matter, anyway let you get on with what ever your doing knowing only the tiny pieces of info you’ve told me your possibly listening to your favourite bands on the radio and have just been shopping if not you’ve become unpredictable and that probably isn’t my daughter hah ha see you tomorrow sweet heart love dad x, I jumped with joy that I was getting a purple guitar with my name and birth stone on yay I was also shocked that he knew exactly what I was doing and what I had done well maybe I am predictable that’s not a bad thing is it some times maybe others not so much,

when I went into the kitchen amber had her head stuck in the freezer possibly putting some of the shopping away “hey amber,” I must have spooked her because this happened “ouch, onyx don’t do that” I giggled “sorry but amber would my dad and a couple of his friends be able to stay here I don’t know for how long but my dad’s well his ex now I think has took his house in Newark” she’d pulled her head out of the freezer while I explained then just nodded “but how many of them are coming now then” I didn’t know I signalled to her that I’d be back in a minute I opened my contacts and selected the one I needed it rang twice “hey sweet heart what’s up?” I giggled “hey dad, erm… quick question how many of you are coming tomorrow?” he chuckled “5 but if it’s a problem it doesn’t matter we can stay at a hotel?” I giggled “one sec, be right back” I listened intently to the phone as I walked back to the kitchen “ok, sweet heart” I smiled “hey, amber there are gonna be five of them” she just nodded she a large spare room and she had 2 air beds and 3 old mattresses in her basement “yeah dad that’s fine with amber you guys can stay here” I giggled with glee he just laughed “thanks sweet heart, if that’s all I need to go one last day of promotional things then we’re off for a week or so” I was happy that after all these years I’d finally have some time with my dad “ok dad I’ll let you go see you tomorrow bye love you dad” he chuckled “love you too sweet heart” then hung up “YAY” I screamed when I came off the phone me and amber had pasta for dinner watch some TV then went to bed we had a long day tomorrow.
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