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surprised yet and oh, that was a big mistake

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onyx and amber go to meet onyx's dad and his friend's that are going to stay over but were they expecting who will turn up or not? and why is onyx doing this to herself

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My cell buzzed waking me up it was a text from my dad “hey hope your ready oh and I keep forgetting to ask who’s your favourite band love you can’t wait to see you again love you baby girl, dad x” as I got up I texted him back yeah, I’m just putting a bit of make up on and my favourite band is My Chemical Romance see you in a bit dad love you, onyx x looking at the time 12:30pm crap only one and half hours and the drive to star bucks from here was half an hour so I quickly got changed into my new jeans and my misfits t shirt I also put on my old and battered murder dolls fingerless gloves and my, my chemical romance hoodie then I slipped my new converse on and did my make up purple eye shadow, neon pink eyeliner, black lipstick then tied my hair in two buns at the sides of my head leaving my fringe to drop over my left eye like I’d been hit in the eye by a wall of purple then I ran down stairs luckily amber was ready and drinking coffee “why didn’t you wake me?” she giggled at me “I’ve only just woken up myself I was about to come up and get you” I laughed I grabbed a soda out of the fridge and we jumped in the car I checked the time 1:10pm we had 50 minutes bags of time when we got there we had 15 minutes to spare when I checked my phone there was another text we are just round the corner from star bucks now look out for us I think you’ll be surprised, love dad x I giggled then all of a sudden round the corner walked My Chemical Romance no surely not my dad isn’t in my favourite band is he? No! Wait, maybe he is as I looked over at them I saw Mikey carrying a guitar case with a giant purple bow on it then I looked at Gerard he smiled then shook his head he wasn’t my dad ok I could live with that, I looked at Bob he shook his head no. not him either ok, ray. no. mikey. No., No my dad isn’t is he my dad’s FRANK IERO he walked over to us but before he said anything my cell phone went off it was a text from him, my dad, surprised yet =D x I had been texting Frank Iero and Gerard way the whole time oh my god, my jaw dropped then he walked closer to my gauging my reaction towards him holding his arms out I practically leaped into them like a five year old “whoa, calm down, onyx I’ve missed you too that doesn’t mean you can break me” I laughed I was slightly taller than him, (result). I started to cry I was so happy that I’d found my dad I didn’t really care if he was a rock star or that he must have got my mom pregnant quite young because he’s known as the youngest in the band I just stood there hugging him when I let go he took a long look at me then said “loving the outfit, especially the hoodie and t shirt, gloves ain’t to bad either, oh and guys can you stop staring at my daughter please I know she’s as beautiful as me but just stop it,” he said sarcastically I hadn’t noticed my new found uncles staring at me “I’m thinking I’m in full protective dad mode and me likes it he he” then he hugged me again and pulled back “do I look a lot like you then dad because I can’t see it” my dad didn’t speak Gerard did “trust me onyx you look so much like Frankie it’s scary” then chuckled I giggled “thanks uncle Gee” I giggled again a warm smile crossed his face he held his arms open Frank stepped out of the way to let my newly found uncle hug me I giggled then remembered the others “oh, this is my friend amber but me and my friend dale call her ginger nutty loops” I giggled and dodged her trying to hit the back of my head “oi, watch the hair” I laughed as did my dad and my new uncles “GROUP HUG” my dad declared I got sandwiched between my uncle mikey and my uncle Gee with my dad holding me firmly round the waist so he didn’t get squished (poor dad he he) “can’t… breathe” I laughed and coughed at the same time they let go and laughed at me “onyx your just as hilarious as your nut ball father here” Mikey said fussing Franks hair he frowned I already knew what he was gonna say “watch the hair, motherfucker” I laughed I knew it was coming then we climbed into our cars and my dad and uncle Gee rode with me and amber and the rest of my uncles rode in uncle Ray’s car when we got home I showed my dad and my uncles where they would be staying I’d found a couple of old bed frames as well I’d put them in the large room, I showed them where the bathroom was then left them to do what they wanted then when I’d only just got to the kitchen talking to my dad for the first time in years Mikey and Gerard came skidding into the kitchen like mad men “Ok who gave them coffee” frank screamed I just giggled as we saw a afro appear “sorry frank they snatched it off me we tried to stop them” ray said me and amber started laughing when gerard and mikey finally came down from their caffeine high “do you have any beer, onyx” my dad stared at Bob for asking he started to moan at him “Bob, I don’t think a 15 year old girl is gonna have-” I cut him off by handing him, Ray, Gerard, Mikey and finally Bob a can of lager each frank started tapping his foot like a angry dad whose daughter just got knocked up by her boyfriend while everyone else opened their cans and gave me a muttered ‘thanks’ “why do you have alcohol?” I nodded in amber’s direction he understood until I went to the fridge and pulled out my purple wkd and poured out a glass for amber and myself but he didn’t say anything we had dinner it was curry night Quorn for me amber and my dad but normal chicken curry for my uncles then when amber went to bed my dad wanted me to stay up with them so we could talk I agreed but I wanted to get changed first so he let me go to my room and change then there was a knock at my door “onyx, I came up because I wanted to see your room, are you descent?” I giggled at my dad’s insecurity “yeah come in” I sat on my bed wearing nightmare before Christmas jogger bottoms and my murder dolls t shirt and my unzipped MCR hoodie and I had wiped all my make up off “wow your room is big sweet heart loving the colour” he smiled when he saw the dark purple and black walls which amber had let me paint when I moved in I hugged him then we went back downstairs where Bob had helped himself to a can of cider I wasn’t bothered I’d bought it for them anyway as my dad sat down I grabbed myself another glass of purple wkd,

Then I made one mistake when I sat down was taking my hoodie off and sitting next to my now over protective father ‘crap’ I thought to myself as I tried to put my hoodie back on quickly My uncle Gerard was sat on the other side of me and saw me trying to put it back on then noticed the faint marred scars on my arms and grabbed my wrist but just dragged me up and whispered in my ear “just come and talk to me now and I won’t make a fuss in front of Frank, ok onyx” I nodded it was better that my dad didn’t no we walked out of the living room and into my room “what the hell onyx?” I started crying he pulled me into a hug “I-I-I just… My mom… she’d go out and not even speak to me when she got back she never told me she loved me and now Frank’s back in the picture she’s trying to get me to move back in with her” I just stood there sobbing into my uncle/idol’s shoulder “it’s going to be ok when Frank gets a new house, well I’m guessing he’s gonna get a massive one knowing your dad hah ha… hmm then how would you like to move in with us, your friends as well of course…hmm” Gerard said trying to make me feel better his Greeny hazel eyes trying to make contact with my golden brown eyes which were now red and puffy from crying then I nodded and when I sorted myself out we walked back Gerard said “do want me to tell Frank because in my opinion he has a right to know, but do you want me to tell him or not?” I nodded no matter how much I didn’t want him to know I knew I was gonna end up making another mistake like tonight, accidentally showing my arms and then my dad would get annoyed and maybe even fall out with Gerard because he already knew “ok, but I think you should be with me when I tell him, ok onyx” I just nodded again we were back in the living room when he said that “tell me what?” my dad asked with a impish grin on his face it turned to a frown when he saw my red puffy eyes and Gerard’s ‘this is serious Frankie’ face my dad got up and walked with us out of the room “onyx, show your dad what I saw” he said understandingly not trying to force me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable doing I nodded and rolled my sleeves up on my hoodie and looked down then turned away I couldn’t look at the marred scars on my wrists they brought back to many memories of neglect when my dad followed my short gaze and saw the scars he took my wrists gently trying not to hurt me “sweet heart…why…was this my fault ?”he said choking on his own words trying not to cry I tried to open my mouth to speak but I just cried then Gerard told him what happened and why I did it and I got attacked with a rib crushing bear hug off my dad while he spoke in between tears “when I get a new house for me and the guys, sweet heart I want you to move in with us because I was gonna ask you when you got back before but now seems like you need to get away so what do you say and a couple of your friends can move in as well” he said then kissed me on the forehead I cried even more “dad, I only have two friends anyway and I would love to move in with you but mom won’t give up custody of me that easily” he released me and grabbed his cell and dialled a number
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