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well hello there..., SWEET SIXTEENTH, yay

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who is at the door now and what will happen when onyx finds out what her dad and his have planned for her sweet sixteen

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it’s not fair hold on was that the door I’ve not been ranting in my head for fifteen minutes maybe I had I started to walk to the door when my dad ran past me like a midget possessed “god, dad slow down it’s not a race hah ha” I laughed as he turned back to stick his tongue out at me then he opened the door to reveal some one who looked like wait no it couldn’t be hold on I was saying the other day that my dad couldn’t be frank Iero but he is so this must be “onyx this is Craig mabbitt, the…” I cut him off “the lead singer of escape the fate I know who he is dad I’m not thick” I blushed and Craig and my dad chuckled at me I didn’t see what was amusing until I just remembered that I had just started blushing “Craig this is my gorgeous ‘intelligent’ daughter Onyx Mortisha Iero” I was surprised that my dad had said his surname as mine but it was ok I guess better than ryte any day wait did he just use air quotes when he said intelligent oh he was so dead “nice to meet you Onyx” Craig said holding out his hand I was about shake it when I looked down and noticed my hoodie sleeve was rolled upon the wrong arm so I folded it back down and shook his hand “you too Craig” I giggled slightly and he chuckled “shall we go through guys oh and Craig I told you she looked as gorgeous as her dad” he stifled a laugh at the end of his sentence as Craig raised a eyebrow “okay if you say so Frankie” then chuckled my dad slapped him on the arm playfully I giggled they were all like big kids amazing “hey onyx, your dad and I and the rest of the guys have a awesome party planned for your sweet sixteen tonight you know” Craig stated and then winked at me I felt my cheeks heat up (ok confession time I have a mega crush on Craig Mabbitt help me someone hit me over the head with a frying pan he he I feel like a stupid little fan girl) “thanks guys you didn’t need to I was just gonna hang round here and listen to music and drink hah ha” I laughed when I saw my dad’s disgruntled face “I’m joking dad god get a grip of yourself old man hah ha” he sighed then laughed “oi I’m not that old” I giggled as I walked over to the fridge to get myself a cider as I cracked it open “hey can I have one of those?” his voice was behind me and I shot out of my skin but quickly grabbed a another cider and handed it to Craig “sure here you go” I said as I gave it to him I blushed slightly “you better get ready in minute we are leaving at 5 and it’s 3:30pm now and hopefully being the birthday party animal me and your father think you are you’ll wanna look awesome and by the way your dad told me not to but I did anyway, follow me” I looked at him shocked then he walked to the living room me following and looking surprised when I saw a large white box on the floor and a small grey one on top of that I then ran past Craig and straight to the two boxes on the floor skidding and hurting my knees I heard laughs and chuckles from around the room then I noticed my dad was playing with a strange little square thing “what you got there dad?” I asked curious “it’s a auto tuner for my guitar from Craig why don’t you open your presents off him?” he gave me a laboured smile and gave Craig a warning look that said ‘you hurt my daughter buddy you get hurt 10x worse’ I shook it off and was about to open the small box when Craig’s hand stopped me “open the big one first and this one open it at 5 when we are about to leave, ok” I just nodded staring at his hand on my wrist not the one with the scars luckily otherwise I would have screamed in pain his hand was so soft and gentle then it was gone and I snapped out of my daydream and opened the big box after moving the small one out of the way inside the big box lay a full outfit fit for a rocker black faded leather hooded jacket with onyx written in gems on the front and back purple belly top with the words stop staring or my dad will kick your ass (he’s a rock star you know) written on the front and a pair of black leggings with purple cheetah print on and a pair of black and purple denim short shorts and even black biker boots with purple chains on with high heels and a black razorblade necklace which had a long chain and a purple choker I looked up at Craig and smiled my dad gave him another warning look then Craig smiled back at me and kneeled down next to me and hugged me I hugged back then he whispered in my ear “go get changed and do whatever else you have to do and then we’ll get going and you can open your other present, ok” then pulled away and I got up taking the box with me running to my room while everyone laughed at how childish I must have looked when I ran with a box twice my size in my hands at high speed nearly tripping up the stairs-yes up-after I got changed I looked in the mirror I had never looked this good then I put my now wavy hair-I’d just got out of the shower-into a side ponytail then straitening my fringe then letting it dangle in front of my left eye as usual then put some black eye shadow one and purple eyeliner and purple lipstick then pulled my new boots on and ran downstairs everyone else was ready and it was now 4:59pm my dad ushered us all out of the door and as I ran to the door I grabbed the small box as I stepped outside I got told to open the box I did to find a key then Craig’s hand lifted it out and pressed the button on it making the headlights on the most gorgeous purple Volvo S60R you’d ever seen flash, it had black gem stickers on the doors and on the bonnet was a large sticker with my name on I knew I would never lose this car then Craig pressed a small key ring into my hand and whispered “something from the rest of the guys of escape the fate” the key ring had a picture of the band on and on the back had the words ‘happy 16th Onyx Mortisha Iero from escape the fate x’ I just laughed and attached the key ring to my car key and ran to it and got in and I was given a sat nav that’s destination had already been set so all I had to do was follow it, when we finally got there I didn’t want to get out of my new car lucky I had my provisional test last month it’s also lucky I looked sixteen then as well he he when I finally brought myself to leave my new car I got dragged blindfolded into a building but where was I ?
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