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laser tag and drunk mistakes

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where have they brought her to...laser tag oh yay but after getting drunk afterwards what will happen between Onyx and Craig

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“you ready, onyx?” chuckled Craig wait has he got his hands round my waist no he can’t have my dad would have killed him by now unless he couldn’t see him “yeah I guess where am I Craig?” then the blindfold was removed to reveal the laser tag centre “laser tag, really?” I was shocked “I’m 16 not 6” Craig laughed and guided me in and I saw that it had been repainted there was no longer any silly monsters on the walls but skeletons and vampires and werewolves and graveyards and gravestones “ok I’m happy now” I giggled and I heard the others chuckle and giggle but they had disappeared “what the where is everyone?” Craig laughed from behind me “their hiding you better get geared up” he said passing me a laser gun and a laser vest with a number on ‘16’ “very funny Craig” he chuckled and ran to grab his vest and gun then when he came back he said “we are going round in pairs there’s Gee and Frankie, Amber and Bob, Alicia and Mikey, Ray and Dale, and me and you let’s go” so soon as he finished a blue laser beam shot passed my head missing ever so slightly “shit who was that?” I screamed “sorry onyx I was aiming for Craig so he would keep his distance” frank poked his head round the corner I blushed why is frank doing this to me “come on onyx, I just saw Alicia over there” Craig pointed at where he’d just seen Alicia’s shadow running for cover from coloured beams of light “ok one sec Craig I’ve got a target in my sight of my own at the moment” I said before I shot frank with a lilac coloured beam of light I laughed and ran in Craig’s direction and he pushed me forward and into a corner for cover from the flying beams of light “look onyx she’s over there watch out for mikey though” he whispered I looked over to where he was looking and saw Alicia facing away from us “ok one sec what are all the different colours for?” he chuckled “to tell the teams apart me and you have lilac because it’s your favourite colour, mikey and Alicia have green because that’s their favourite colour, Amber and bob have red because of ambers hair colour, ray and dale have orange because it’s ray’s favourite fruit and Gee and Frankie have blue because it’s frank’s second favourite colour after Purple but we got that so he settled for blue” I just laughed a little then turned to look at Alicia and she was now aware that we were there I quickly took my gun out and shot her but she fired at the same time and hit Craig “damn it” I said as we ran for cover then I noticed I was being followed it wasn’t Craig he was in front of me I turned ready to shoot on sight when I turned round I saw my uncle Bob armed and ready like I was he grabbed my gun and he pressed his to my vest but before he could shoot me a blue beam hit him on the back and a lilac one on the front I checked his gun he had one life left he took his hand away from my gun and I shot him on the arm sending him out of the game and leaving amber unprotected I ran back to Craig and gave him a high five then checked my gun I still had all my lives (6) and my gun was still fully charged then I realised my dad or uncle Gee were right behind us I turned and Gerard was standing 2 metres away I fired and missed I fired again and missed Craig had climbed up on the walk way above Gerard he shot downwards and hit him on the head I ran towards Gerard and looked at his gun the life counter flipped over to zero which meant he was out of the game as well leaving my dad unprotected I told Craig and he laughed he helped me climb on to the walk way as I got shot in the leg by mikey “bastard” he just laughed I looked at my gun it flipped over to 5 me and Craig both have 5 lives Bob has none same as Gerard but I didn’t know how many the others had until amber came charging at us firing non stop missing us each time Craig fired hitting her on the arm we ran over to her he life counted flipped over to zero when she walked out the announcer came over the speakers “red team decimated green team have 4 lives between them blue team have 2 orange have 3 between them and lilac team have 10 lives between them” I laughed me and Craig were obviously going to win as we reached the bottom of the ramp ray was looking in the other direction so Craig shot him in the back we went over to check his gun it flipped to zero then the announcer came over the speakers again “blue team have 1 life left, orange have 1 life left and green have 2 and lilac still have 10 lives left” I ran towards dale and shot at him missing twice and then hitting him in the privates then a blue laser went over my head and hit Craig on the arm I shot back and missed mikey shot at Craig and missed I shot at mikey and missed mikey shot at me and hit me on the neck I shot back hitting him on the nose sending him out of the game and once again leaving another person undefended then the announcer came over the speakers once again “orange team decimated blue team still has 1 life green now only have 1 left as well and lilac have 8 lives left” I was laughing when I got hit twice once by a green beam of light which Craig replaced with a lilac one in her stomach and I also got hit by a blue beam coming from my dad which I returned but missed frank fired 7 lasers 4 hit Craig sending him out of the game then the 3 that were left 2 hit me and the last one only just missed my head it was now a father daughter death match my dad had one life left and I had 2 another shot of blue came towards me and hit me on the arm I now have only 1 life left the announcer came over the speakers “green team decimated blue team have 1 life left as does lilac it is now a father daughter death match also it’s both their birthdays but who will win the 16 year old or the 20 something year old!” I laughed when I saw my dad’s jaw drop I took my chance and shot at him but missed he did the same and missed I fired 3 times hoping one would hit 2 of them did one right between the eyes the other in the privates “Woo I win yeah go lilac team Woo yeah in your face dad Woo hoo” I just kept giggling and laughing while we walked out and started driving to the nearest bar after we got drunk and off our faces not me I’m driving ok so I’m a tiny bit tipsy it’s no big deal and it wasn’t we all got home safe and sound without any of us being stopped by the cops when we got home Craig asked me “is it ok if I stay here tonight please because I had to drive your car down here and a taxi home is gonna be expensive” I just giggled and nodded then realised that there was no more room in the spare room sure there was another air mattress but no room to put it except my room it was the second largest room in the apartment “it’s ok I’ll just go put the air mattress in my room because otherwise there’s no room because the living rooms tiny and the spare room is full and,” I got cut off by Craig’s lips crashing down on mine it took a few moments but I soon melted into the kiss then remembered that we were both drunk and pulled away and ran to put the air mattress in my room in the far corner away from my bed then got changed into my PJ’s when there was a knock on my door “onyx can I come please we need to talk” his voice made me shudder but I let him in,

A/N ohh what's gonna happen what will Craig have to say for himself will onyx tell him how she feels maybe maybe not it's up to me mu hahaha lol thanks for reading this far keep going R&R plz thanks Amy Beth Gardiner x
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