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drunken nights and love and confessions to daddy

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he had a sad look on his face he sat on the air mattress he was supposed to be sleeping on “look onyx I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do that I-I think it’s best if one of the others sleep in here rather than me” I just stood there waiting for the voice in my head to tell me what to do, comfort him or kiss him I moved towards him and sat next to him I opened my arms to him “you wanna hug” then giggled slightly as he swung his arms right round me and held me tight this made me feel safe just then he slowly pushed me backwards and down I wrapped my arms around his neck and we started to kiss and then it got heated but before it could go any further there was a knock on the door “yeah, who is it?” I choked out “Onyx, it’s me your dad can you let me in honey please we need to talk” I mentally screamed ‘shit’ as I pushed Craig off me and ran for the door I swung it open after sorting my hair out “hey dad what’s up” I said then there was a low thud I spun around to see Craig lying on the floor I giggled slightly “hey, yeah I was just coming up coz I saw Craig following you up here and I knows you two are still drunk so I was just checking that nothing weird was going on” my dad explained whilst wobbling all over the place then started chuckling and making sexual gestures with his hands as he started toppling backwards I just laughed when my dad finally fell on his arse I then heard chuckling coming from behind me so I shut the door on my dad and walked back over to a chuckling Craig “what the fuck is up with you, you drunken twat” then I started giggling at myself as Craig attempted to get up but fell back onto his arse “does little Craigy want sexy time?” I said giggling he nodded his head vigorously I bent down to help him up and he pulled me on top of him I stopped him and got back up and went to the door and locked it then went back over to Craig who had sobered up slightly so I thought he had forgotten about what I had said so I repeated my question now that I was slightly more sober as well “does ikle Craigy still want sexy time?” he again nodded vigorously and attempted to get up and managed to get to his knees so I helped him on to his feet and we walked the short distance from his spot on the floor to my double bed he suddenly started kissing me again bending over me sending me backwards over the bed causing me to lie down he ran his tongue across my bottom lip growling through the kiss begging for entrance which within seconds I granted him his tongue swept round my mouth then he dragged my tongue into his mouth and we lay there our tongues fighting for dominance which he was winning but I didn’t care my hands moved up to his hair and weaved themselves in pulling him closer making the kiss deeper he growled again as he tried to pull my shirt up I let go of him keeping my arms raised so he could slip it off then I tugged at his shirt when I did to my surprise the poppers came undone all at once and he slipped it off behind him as I grabbed his head back into my hands our lips not coming apart while this happened he pulled my shorts off with ease then hoisted my legs around his naked slender waist before unzipping his own jeans and slipping them off and kicking them into the corner he pulled me closer causing me to moan as he pressed our bodies together he put his hands on my arse and squeezed causing me to moan and growl in pleasure he moved his lips from mine to my neck down to the top of my breasts he moved his hands from my arse to my bra and swiftly unclasped it I let go of his hair again to slip it off letting my breasts free I felt a shiver down my body but also going through Craig’s whose head was nestled on my shoulder awaiting what had happened and kissed my neck again then down my shoulder then on my collarbone to the top of my left breast before kissing it he lay me down on the bed unwrapping my legs from around his hips and straddling me then resumed kissing me starting with the top of my left breast moving across the tops of them to my right one then kissed down again this time opening his mouth and gently biting down on the soft flesh I moaned then had to hold my breath and put my hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming he moved away when he realised my hands had let go of his hair “sorry am I hurting you if I am just tell me and I’ll stop, by the way I love you” he said breathlessly “don’t be silly I’m enjoying myself I just don’t want my dad or my uncles to hear us and do you really mean that or are you still drunk coz I’ve sobered up completely now” he chuckled “ok and I’m not drunk anymore at least not on alcohol anyway and yes I really meant it” I giggled “then how are u drunk if not from alcohol?” I questioned him folding my arms over my bare chest “I’m love drunk I’m drunk on my love for you Onyx it’s you and only you” I giggled wrapping my arms round his head again “in that case I love you too and I must be drunk as well because my love for you is so fucking overpowering my mind can’t not think of you even when I’m not with you or there is even nothing relating to you around” he smiled causing me to blush like a idiot “shall we continue then I think I’m gonna explode with out your touch Onyx” I nodded as he ducked back to my breasts repeating what he did to the right one to the left then moving down to my stomach making my body shudder with excitement when he reached the bottom of my stomach he ran his tongue along the top of my knickers releasing a moan from me and a growl of need from him he looked up with pleading in his eyes my eyes fell shut trying to stop myself from Cumming “may I?” he asked I nodded knowing one of two things was about to happen he slid my knickers off swiftly and pressed his hand down on me and started rubbing causing me to moan loudly he swiftly stopped remembering about my dad and uncles in the room below then said “are you sure?” I nodded trying my hardest not to moan at his touch he pulled my legs apart the stuck a finger inside me causing me to moan in pleasure and grip the black silk sheets then he pushed in deeper while I was trying my best not to scream then he added another finger causing me to gasp and growl with pleasure “urgh Craig I want…No I need you inside me Now!” I heard him chuckle “I’m serious Craig Mabbitt I need you inside me Now!” I looked at his face he nodded and he got off his knees and pulled his boxers off freeing his fully erect member I shifted till I reached the pillows so we would have more room he straddled me pressing his firm member on top of me he kissed up from my stomach through the middle of my breasts up the right side of my neck to my right cheek then the left and finally my lips leaving his on mine as a seal to stop me from screaming as he finally pushed himself into me I moaned, screamed and growled into the kiss he held my hips as he pushed in and out of me never letting his lips slip from mine I wrapped my arms firmly around his waist pulling him down to my naked body and deeper inside me as he pushed inside he finally hit my special spot I pulled my lips from his and pressed them to his ear and breathlessly whispered “you found my spot hit it again please it felt so fucking good…argh…I fucking love you Craig” he smiled and hit my spot again and again until “Onyx…” I nodded “I think I’m gonna…shit sorry” I felt him cum inside me but I didn’t care because I was so close to doing the same “Craig I don’t care it’s fine coz I’m so fucking close…urgh” I finally came and Craig collapsed beside me hugging my naked form to him by my waist then there was a knock at the door “that’s fucking lucky” Craig whispered in my ear before I got up to put my PJ’s back on and tossed Craig his boxers and told him to pretend to be asleep on the airbed he gave me a army salute and tugged on his boxers and climbed on the air bed as I opened my door it was Amber “yes ginger nutty loops what do you want?” she laughed “Onyx it’s morning wake Craig up and come down for breakfast” I looked at the clock 7:30AM shit “okay we’ll be right down” she nodded and left I closed the door behind her and Craig automatically sprang to my side “woops I guess we got home mega late and we must have started in the early hours of the morning” he chuckled and kissed my fore head “you know what I’m gonna sell my house and come and live with you” I was shocked “wait what Craig why…,” he cut me off by kissing me “no buts or wait what’s or what abouts, I can’t be without you Onyx please don’t turn me away” he gave me puppy dog eyes which I replied to by knocking him onto the bed and kissing him deeply “so you really do love me back…amazing, I thought…you were just using me for sex” I stopped “I would never do that to you ever I love you too much” he chuckled “okay, okay come on we better go get breakfast then we can tell amber that I’m moving in” I laughed then grabbed his jeans for him and chucked them at him “hey watch it” I giggled “sorry I was aiming for your dick but I couldn’t see it hah ha” I laughed as he slipped his jeans on “what was that” I giggled again “nothing” he raised a eyebrow at me the dived at me knocking me to the floor and straddling my hips and started tickling them “sorry onyx I didn’t hear what you said about my dick what was it again it’s bigger than your head” I just kept giggling “nah snigger it’s smaller giggle than my laugh pinkie finger snigger” he stopped and acted shocked putting his hand over his mouth “I’m sincerely hurt” he pouted the burst out laughing then got off me and pulled me up to my feet picking his shirt off the floor as well then chucked me over his shoulders into a fireman’s lift “argh…Craig put me down…argh” he just laughed walking towards the door to make his way down to breakfast so my top half being bent over his shoulder meant I had a good view of his arse he looked in the mirror on the way to the stairs “enjoying the view are we?” he chuckled I giggled then slapped his arse “very you got such a tight arse” I started laughing as he jumped 5 foot in the air still holding me on his shoulder “right that’s it” I stopped laughing my eyes bugged out of my head when I caught a glimpse in the mirror that he had raised his hand that wasn’t holding my legs I started thrashing around to stop him from getting his own back “please Craig don’t I’m sorry please my arse is delicate too be spanked please Noooo” I cried then went limp because I was tired out from thrashing around so much and Craig took the advantage and slapped me hard across the arse “ouch…Grrr I’m gonna get you back for that Craig…Humph” he just laughed as we reached the kitchen he finally put me down and sat next to Gerard for his breakfast and I sat next to my dad who was rubbing his head “morning dad” I said as I kissed him on the temple “morning onyx if I did or said anything last night I’m sorry I get really silly when I’m drunk” I just laughed and shook my head “your not the one that had drinking problems when you were ten and had a mom that didn’t care and when she was drunk would even ask if I wanted her to buy me any alcohol” I stated and my dad just held his arms out and I crashed my face into his shoulder crying "shush honey it's okay" he crushed me to him pulling me on to his lap then rocking me back and forth then there was a knock at the door,

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