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unwanted visitor!

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who is at the door why is gerard shouting?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2011-06-01 - Updated: 2011-06-01 - 753 words

gerard got up and answered the door “what the fuck do you want?” we heard gerard shout then mikey went to see what the problem was “get lost your not wanted here” he shouted when he reached the door then the rest of MCR apart from my dad went to the door “piss off you whore you’ve already done enough to wreck peoples lives for the rest of your miserable life” came from a pissed off ray Toro I did not know he had that in him “Yeah Liza you’ve already fucked up Onyx and Franks lives enough so crawl under a land mine and die” bob shouted wait did he say Liza, my mother right I’ve had enough I jumped off my dad’s lap and marched towards the door “what is frank coming now wow this is gonna be a nice welcome isn’t it?” I heard my mum say when she heard someone else walking towards the door unfortunately for her it wasn’t my dad it was me her angry emo daughter when I came round the corner with a angry face and wrecked eyeliner dripping down my face in my PJ’s my hair a mess “oh look it’s my 16 year old self harming emo BASTERD daughter” she said empathizing the word basterd (meaning a child with out a father) I lunged for her but was restrained by Craig who must have followed me “oh look and her little lap dog boyfriend” that got me even more annoyed “I’m not a basterd child, get the fuck out of my sight before I rip your eyes out” I screamed at her she just smirked at me “you wouldn’t do that when your fag headed gay friend over there let go of you you’d just pull out a razor blade and cut your wrists” she laughed at me and Craig I jumped out of Craig’s arms and ran towards her screaming bloody murder my hand connected with her nose with a loud snap, leaving her cringing in pain “fucking bitch how dare you I’m your mother” she hissed loudly “well you never acted like one did you liza” I turned to see my dad standing behind me next to Craig “fuck you frank” my mum, sorry liza spat “it’s fucking true though liza you neglectful cow” Craig growled at her grabbing at my arms as I went to lunge at her again “Craig just one more punch then the bitch will know how it feels” I hissed Craig let go of me reluctantly “go on you weak piece of shit give it your best shot” liza yelled at me and put myself in a boxing stance bob had recently taught me then kicked out my leg with full force colliding my foot with her nose breaking it even more as I kicked again I let out a cry of anguish, releasing all of the rage that had been locked up for 14 years then my uncle bob and Craig were pulling me back “come on onyx that’s enough” Craig warned, “oh and good use of the skills me and ray showed you” bob commented I just let out a growl and a laboured dark chuckle “what the fuck do you want anyway liza?” my dad asked starting to get pissed off “to see my daughter it was her birthday yesterday after all” she said her nose bleeding continuously, "well i don't want you here so fuck off" i yelled at her and she retreeted out the door and out of my life hopefully i fell to the floor crying "shh honey it's ok i found a house and we're gonna move in ASAP,ok" my dad hushed and reasured me the wrapped my in his arms and brushed his fingers through my messy black and purple hair i pulled away "ok dad i'm just gonna get some rest, ok see you guys in a bit" i said before i ran upstairs and into my room and dove under my covers only to come from under them and run to the bathroom and grab one of my uncle bobs razors and smashed it against the sink until the plastic broke and i grabbed the cleanest one and threw the rest in the bin and run back to my room with the blade in my pocket i sat on my bed holding the blade to my wrist when the door flew open,
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