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Blades,Hugs And Tears Over Spilled Blood!

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will frank be able to help onyx? why is Gerard always yelling? what has Craig done now?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-08-17 - Updated: 2011-08-17 - 962 words

“ONYX, No not this again please sweetheart no” my dad shouted with tears in his eyes running over to me grabbing the blade out of my hand after raising it from my wrist I broke down crying and curled up on my bed “oh onyx it’s ok shh it’s ok, come here” he said holding his arms out to me I shuffled into his arms “Gerard, come here please NOW!” he shouted suddenly a frightened Gerard Arthur Way burst through my bedroom door “Frankie what’s...oh onyx” he started to ask when my dad held up the blade, he ran over to me and enveloped me in a giant hug “don’t do this your mother isn’t worth it and it’s upsetting me and your father and if the others knew it would upset them too” he said hushing me when I started crying and rocking me back and forth as he still had me in his strong grasp “it’s okay it’s all going to be okay don’t you worry is there anyone you want up here specifically sweetheart?” uncle Gee asked I nodded and whispered Craig’s name in his ear knowing my dad probably would tear Craig’s arsehole outta him if I said his name out loud he just nodded and let go of me after handing me to my dad who pulled me close as I continued crying then I heard shouting downstairs “Craig get out of this house now if you know what’s good for you!” why was uncle Gee telling Craig to leave when he knows I want to see him “I don’t care if it was a mistake my niece cares a fucking lot about you and she has been through a hell of a lot more shit than you Mabbitt now fuck off before I get Frank or even worse make you explain to Onyx yourself and then you’ll get worse from her possibly than you might from frank don’t spout me anymore of your Shit just get Out of here and Amber your supposed to be Onyx’s Friend but no your just a Fucking slut so just keep your fucking distance from us until we move out and Onyx is coming with us now both of you Assholes get the FUCK OUTTA MY FUCKING SIGHT!” I struggled out of my dad’s strong and protective grip on me and started walking on the landing and leaned out over the banister “what the fuck is going on?” I shouted they all looked up and gasped did I really look that bad I turned to the mirror my hair had sorted itself out sort of and my make up had run and my eyes were visibly sore, red and puffy and I had tear stains on my cheeks “I don’t fucking care what I look like just tell me what the fuck is going on before I come down there and kick the shit outta all of ya until you tell me what I wanna know is that fucking clear?” they all nodded so I started my interrogation just as my dad walked out of my room he scowled at Craig so I started with My uncle Gee who had just screamed at Craig and Amber “Gerard tell me what the fuck is going on from your side of the story so far?” I said looking directly at my uncle Gee he glared at Craig who had apologetic look on his face which sent a violent spark throughout my body “well when you told me to come and get Craig so you could talk to him I found him down here snogging the face off of Amber” Amber’s face had the same apologetic look Craig’s had but all I felt when I looked at her was sadness, anger and Betrayal mostly anger and Betrayal she was supposed to be my best friend but she goes and snogs my boyfriend I made a run for my room not wanting to hear anymore, I locked the door on the inside then I looked round my room just as I heard my dad shout “SHIT, ONYX MORTISHA IERO DON’T YOU DARE” I didn’t understand what my dad was saying until I saw the small piece of glinting sliver metal on my bedside table and as I walked well more like ran towards it I started crying again when I picked it up I walked back over to the door unlocked it half way so they still couldn’t get in really and put my head against the door and whispered whilst crying “I’m sob Sorry sniffle Daddy loud broken hearted sobs I really sob am” then moved away from the door and slid down the wall next to it then pressed the blade to my wrist and sliced all the way down to my elbow the blue vein grew thicker as I travelled down my arm and when the blade reached my elbow the vein exploded painfully “ahhhhh” I screeched I looked down at my arm and it was bright crimson red with blood then the darkness started swaying over my head dragging me under but before it could I quickly dragged a pen and some paper off my desk and scrawled a untidy note addressed to my dad it read ‘Dad,
I’m really sorry I love u and I always will, kick Craig’s ass for me will ya I was too weak Onyx .M. Iero xxx’
I folded the note and tried my best to slide it fully under the door then I felt my self falling then the I finally let the darkness consume me.
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