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The Life Of a Teenage Monster: Grim Reaper's Daughter

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A/N i do not own any of MCR i wish i did but i don't plz don't sue and sashia and her other friends other than the MCR boys are based on me and my friends so plz R&R amy beth xx

Chapter 1
First day at a new school

Dear diary,
Today’s my first day at my new school, gyle’s high school for ghouls and monsters when I got there everyone started staring at me, I thought to myself “I need to check my notebook in free period” then someone walked towards me it was the principal “hello, you must me sashia” she held her hand out to me I was about shake her hand when I noticed that my hands were bare I immediately pulled my hand back and said “yes and sorry I know school policy says no gloves on in school but I may need to break that one teensy rule, is that ok miss” I was so shamed and she replied “ok, and I can release that one rule for you” I just nodded and dove into my bag and put my gloves on and the principal gave me a slip and a note explaining the gloves. last lesson, biology I walked in with my new friend, Alice and her boyfriend Vlad, we sat down and then when a boy werewolf walked in Alice called him over “hey, vlad do I see the cuddliest werewolf ever” and started laughing and fang mumbles “says the cutest BLOOD sucker ever” then Alice just faints and I giggle then Vlad shouts at fang “what the hell why say that word” then fang replied “what word would that be vlad ?” then Alice was just waking up when vlad said “BLOOD” and all Alice could mutter was “bastard” before she fainted again by then I was laughing hysterically at how these vampires were getting on like best buds with their natural enemy a werewolf then Alice woke up again and fang walked over and sat down next to vlad then Alice introduced fang to me and she winked at me-in my first lesson with Alice she had asked about the thing with always wearing gloves and I told her about what I was and that I could kill people with my right hand and bring people back to life with my left one then she said “sashia do you have biology last lesson,” I nodded “well I kinda have this friend who’s pain in the arse so, can you do your killy thing then bring him back to life, please I’ll be your bestest friend forever” then giggled and I just nodded-fang held out his hand to me and I took my right glove off and shook his hand and he fell to the floor violently shaking like he’d been electrocuted as Alice and vlad were laughing at fang I took my left glove off and put the right one back on and helped fang to his feet and he was fine then Alice said “ha hah that’s so funny fang as if you couldn’t get anymore funny ha hah” then fang just muttered “shut up Alice” then that’s when I saw him while I was putting my glove back on then Alice starting laughing as she saw what or who I was looking at “oh sashia you’ve got no chance if you wanna go out with,” she sighed “gerard “death defying” way” and I replied “really death defying is he well we’ll see about that” pulling my right glove off I finally felt my heart beat even though grim reaper’s aren’t supposed to have hearts then I realised it was him tapping me on the shoulder I turned round sliding my glove back on Alice was giggling at the “death” threat I’d just made that’s when he spoke his voice so smooth and velvety “hi, I’m gerard way but I guess the school gossip Alice probably already told you that” Alice gave him the “school gossip, my arse” look and I replied saying “yes, but she included your nick name as well, what was it oh yes “death defying” care to test your theory gerard” I said the last part louder so the rest of the class could here me then I wiggled my fingers on my right hand playfully he looked shocked at the challenge “go on then give it your best shot” he held his arms up in the air and waved his hands in confidence I gave a lopsided smug smile as I removed my right glove and placed my hand on his forehead I waited for his reaction then all of sudden he fell to the ground without a sound or shaky movement I was disappointed but I kept to the rules of my family because if I left him to die my father would find out because it would come up in his notebook telling him where, when, HOW and who died and WHO killed them and I would be in big trouble so I pulled off my left glove and placed my hand on his arm he got up and said “told you I was death defying” whilst looking round and chuckling as if I was a infant that had said that she could draw a better pony than him and he’d won, I was getting angry my black and purple hair turned into fire, my bone white skin and flesh disappeared and what got left behind was a pure white skeleton my violet eyes turned black I shrieked as he made me look like a fool in front of everyone then the principal walked in and my dad walked in behind her “sashia fire gem reaper, what the hell do you think your doing leave the boy alone he is not destined to die let him be, NOW!” I spoke from the bottom of my endless unforgiving non existent soul “But he mocks our family’s power father he must be destroyed” my voice had turned from a sweet innocent girl’s to one a shrieking murderous banshee would be proud of as I spoke my hand reached towards gerard this vampire would be lucky if my father later had mercy on him “Sashia let him go now” my dad inched towards where I was as he did I moved my hand closer to Gerard’s neck “NO!” I screamed “he mocked me he called himself death defying he laughed in the face of death” a smile appeared on my now bony face as he finally looked scared “please, I beg of you let me be and I will never mock you or you family’s power again and I will change my nick name back to what it was before now please let me be” I trembled as I saw the pleading in his blood red ruby eyes my bony fingers curled into fists as I started to calm down I changed back to my human form long black and purple hair landed and draped down my shoulders and back and in front of one of my now onyx black eyes, my white flesh and skin lighter than any of the vampires in this school returned and my onyx black eyes changed back to violet then I sat back in my seat not looking at Gerard nodding at my father as he stared at me for reassurance that I had myself under control then he left the room with the principal “Sashia are you ok,” Alice said I nodded then she started giggling “remind me not to get you angry” I just nodded at her again and I felt a tap at my shoulder but I ignored it and Alice looked up at the vampire that was tapping me and snarled “haven’t you done enough, Gerard” He sighed and walked off to his seat muttering “sorry” I just ignored him and stared angrily at the board.
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