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deep trouble

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what will happen to sashia when she gets home

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Chapter 2 Deep trouble

Dear diary, As soon as I get home I’m met by a very scary figure, my farther, great I’m done for “what, the hell was all that about” he yelled “it doesn’t matter anymore dad” then just ran to my room and turned on my TV as my phone rang it rang twice before I answered it “hello” “hey, it’s only me, Alice” I sighed “oh, hey Alice” “who’s made you mad now?” “no one am just tired of having anger problems” she sighed and said “your no different to anyone else at school apart from the fact that you can kill people,” she paused then said “oh well see your not that different oh by the way there’s a few boys at school that like you” I sighed and said “I’m not ready for a boyfriend, Alice” “oh sure you are just listen to who likes you, I’ll give you names and species, ok” I just sighed and let her get on with it “ok, there’s Duncan he’s a zombie” “No” “ok calm down ok next one Harry he’s a werewolf” “No” “ok by the way Harry is fang’s half brother,” “still No” “Billie he’s a vampire” “erm, Alice I really don’t think am ready for a boyfriend” “oh come on, Sashia please just give one of these guys a chance ,ok” “fine but I choose” “yay, well there’s two others left but first your decision on Billie is…” “No” “ok” “so who are the last two” “well first I only know these guys like you because vlad, kinda read their minds” “ALICE” “what, any way the last two are both vampires one is Frankie “the hunter” Iero and before I tell you the last one promise me you won’t get mad and also your decision on Frankie is…” “Maybe” “Oh yay, well do you seriously wanna know who the last guy is” “yes I do now just tell me” “Gerard “the destroyer” way” “what the hell… HELL NO” “so you’ll go out with Frankie then…one sec…thanks vlad” “wait Vlad’s with you” “ah ha…why got anything to hide” I started to blush even though I knew she couldn’t see me, I heard vlad whisper in the background that he wanted to speak to me, Alice passed him the phone “hey, Sashia” he said with a ounce of the “I don’t want to have to read your mind as well so please don’t lie to me” feeling in his voice “Sashia, I know how you really feel about gerard I heard it in your mind when you started that fight with him in class and just now when you shouted hell no down the phone at Alice, so this is me asking not Alice who will make you feel awkward after telling her who you like do you wanna go out with gerard or not or do you wanna go out with Frankie both of them are cool and I read in Gerard’s mind that he really likes you and that he was devastated that he’d pushed you away and over the edge like that and Frankie was thinking that gerard always gets the gorgeous girls vampires, werewolves even zombies and that it isn’t fair this one is unique and what am I but a guitar playing vampire nothing special, so what you gonna do Sashia ?” I had started crying when vlad told me what both boys were thinking when they saw me and in Gerard’s case upset and maybe lost me for good “Sashia are you okay” “yeah I’m fine I- I just don’t know what to do” he sighed “we’ll give you some time to think but don’t be surprised if any of the guys that Alice told you about ask you out later in the week or so because I heard Duncan and Harry say in their mind that they were gonna ask you out on Friday and Billie said Thursday and Frankie said Tuesday and I’m sorry to tell you that is tomorrow so start thinking but I think…yeah Frankie will be okay if you need time to think about it, I’ll give yours ears a rest from Alice now and let you do what you were doing before she rang you okay,” “BYE, SASH” yelled Alice from her bathroom I guess because she echoed “Cya, Sashia” “bye Alice, bye vlad” I said with a tremor in my voice because I was paranoid about what was going to happen tomorrow then I heard the ringing tone in my ear which let me know that vlad had hung up but I knew he could still hear my thoughts.
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