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Help i'm surrounded by boys

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after a phone call with alice sashia is confused and upset and vlad knows why, texts from alice as well

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A/N hey guys thanks for reading is all i wanna say if you like is one you might like my other story Who's My daddy? thanks R&R amy beth

Chapter 3
HELP, I’m surrounded by boys

Dear diary, Alice was texting me all night saying “vlad told me about your conversation” “so, you lied when you said you didn’t like Gerard then, but you also like Frankie tough break, girl” “just assess who likes you the most” I was almost crying again because I didn’t no what to do then there was a final text before I fell asleep “sorry, didn’t mean to make you cry (vlad told me) ” then I was dreaming I was in biology and gerard was walking in with Frankie they were talking then Vlad whispered to me “they’re talking about you” then all of a sudden they were fighting shouting things like “you always get the girl just let me have this one please, Gerard” “no, I need to make up with her because I made her angry last lesson” I turned away then there was a loud snapping sound then a low thud as turned back I saw both of their bloody corpses lying on the classroom floor that’s when I woke up I started talking to myself “I should be used to the nightmares and bad dreams by now because I am one, ha hah” then I turned to look at my clock and it was 6am so I decided to get a shower and then I straightened my hair and did my make up then when I was brushing my hair I looked at the clock again it was 7:30am so I figured Alice would be up by now so I looked on my phone and sure enough there was a text saying “ring me please Vlad just told me something shocking” so looked for her number and rang her it rang 3 times before she picked up “hey, sashia” “hey Alice, what did you wanna tell me” and she told me that Vlad had told her that “he went to school early this morning because gerard is one of his friends right but any way gerard rang Vlad to go to school early because he needed to talk to him and Gerard told him that he was mad at himself for making you angry because as soon as he saw you all he wanted was you to notice him or even like him and also he told him that when he saw you his still heart started beating, but I think he’s just being over dramatic he is a singer after all, ha hah” “well I’m not supposed to have a heart but finding that out has made it beat…wait did you say singer and Frankie’s a guitar player and they are friends, they don’t happen to have a band do they ?” “yeah, but they don’t have a drummer so they can’t go on stage or do any gigs” this had given me an idea because when I was little my father made me take up another hobby apart from killing then bringing the cat back to life so I took up drumming “Alice I’ve had an awesome idea I play drums quite well so I’m gonna try out then I’ll be able to see what attention I get then what do you think” “sashia you’re a genius that’s a awesome idea, sash it’s eight come on I’m waiting outside for you ha hah I just drove round to your house so get your arse out here now we’re gonna be late” “okay, I’m coming now bye” then I ran out the door grabbing my drum sticks and lip balm on the way “ok, let’s do this thing” I said as I got into Alice’s car as we pulled into the parking lot at school Gerard and Vlad were waiting there for someone then when we got out I realised that they were waiting for us or at least Vlad was waiting for Alice as Gerard noticed that Alice had brought me with her, he walked off after whispering in Vlad’s ear, as Vlad met us he whispered in Alice’s ear “what’s with all the whispers all of a sudden” I said starting to feel like people were talking about me behind my back then Alice said “it’s nothing just what gerard told Vlad before he left for home room, but seen as your not that into gerard you wouldn’t be interested” then giggled I slowly started to remove my right glove and she soon told me what it was “ok, ok sash calm down it’s just that gerard really wants to make things up to you so he asked vlad to come to school early for advise and with the other things I told you this morning then when vlad heard in your mind that you could play drums he told gerard to take his mind off you he should audition for a drummer for his band then he could write songs for you because you liked original and unique things not copies or re-releases or covers or any crap like that and all gerard said to vlad just now was “I still need her in my life, vlad, even if it takes forever I will try because I have forever and I have a unlimited imagination, she likes original things well, I love unique girls and she is very unique” I was shocked at how much passion gerard had crammed into those little words I knew how passion there was because Alice had tried to mimic his voice and the passion that sliced through it, I almost broke down in tears but before I could someone tapped me on the shoulder I spun round to see a unfamiliar vampire standing in front of me “hey, I’m Frankie you must be…sashia am I right gerard told me all about how gorgeous you were but I thought he was exaggerating a bit but I guess not, sorry I haven’t stopped talking have I ?” I just giggled at the strange vampire he smiled when he saw me smile “I don’t think that’s how she feels right at this moment Frankie she probably just sees you as the class clown you are” vlad said from behind me having him being able to read his mind was a good thing then Frankie spoke up again “gerard just told me that we’re having a audition for a drummer for our band and I saw you had drumsticks in your bag so I thought I’d ask if you wanted to audition for our band it’s just me, gerard, his brother mikey and ray at the moment we did have a drummer but he moved schools so he couldn’t play anymore his name was bob so you gonna audition then” he sounded really enthusiastic whilst he told me about the band and the drummer auditions that he had only just been told about “yeah sure, what time” I asked I was not gonna back out now I needed to do this “2:30pm, okay” “sure, see you then” then turned back to Alice and vlad pushing them slightly making them move towards the door then Alice being Alice said giggling “what did Frankie want, sash” I sighed and said “he asked if I was going to the drummer auditions because he saw my drumsticks in my bag, ok” she just giggled as we walked to first lesson.
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